Bitdefender Family Pack

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Protect your Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices using the complete family security suite – Bitdefender Family Pack. Transact online safely while monitoring your family’s online activities. Always have peace of mind whenever you and your family go online.

Bitdefender Family Pack Product Highlights:

  • Keep your family safe from online dangers and predators using Advanced Parental Controls.
  • Rescue Mode secures your system against any threat no matter how catastrophic.
  • Scan and Warn against dangerous websites and links.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Supports up to 15 devices.
  • This software purchase is a digital license

Secure your household digitally using Bitdefender Family Pack – designed to protect your family and up to 15 devices. Bitdefender Family Pack provides security and privacy options right at your fingertips.

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Comprehensive Protection

You get all the essential digital defense features with Bitdefender Total Security. You won’t need other security software with Bitdefender Family Pack’s coverage.

Cutting-edge Defenses

Protect your system even from emerging threats. In addition, never be vulnerable to zero-day malicious software.

Improved Parental Controls

Bitdefender’s improved parental controls give you more options to monitor your family’s online activities. Manage how much time your children spend on the computer, and you can also limit access to inappropriate content.

Uninterrupted Experience

Bitdefender Autopilot works in the background without interrupting you with annoying notifications. In addition, Bitdefender Photon prevents performance issues affecting your system while you work or play.

Mobile Protection Where It Counts

Protect your mobile device as securely as you protect your PC. Use powerful application lock, anti-theft, and device scanning features that keep your data secure no matter where you go.

Real-time Protection

Protect your devices from all digital threats such as viruses, worms, and malware. Real-time detection can spot threats whenever it is about to enter the system.

Surf Anonymously

The improved Bitdefender VPN can protect your traffic when browsing online. It encrypts all incoming and outgoing data, and it also allows you to access content from another country. In addition, enjoy 200 MB per day of traffic to be secured.

OneClick Optimizer

Get improved performance and speed of your device using Family Pack’s OneClick Optimizer.

Safe Online Banking

With multiple layers of protection, you can shop and bank online without worrying about phishing sites and fraud. In addition, the Bitdefender Safepay will automatically fill out your credit card details when shopping or conducting any transaction online.

Save Battery Life

Besides protecting your devices, online activities, and data, Bitdefender also makes sure that your device’s battery and system performance are always at its best.

Year Subscriptions

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18 reviews for Bitdefender Family Pack

  1. Nancy Brent Wilson

    I am a millennial parent and I raise my kids in a tech-saturated home. The one-year subscription of the Bitdefender Family Pack 2018 covers unlimited devices and I could say that this makes smart parenting easier. I no longer need to hover on my kids’ screens to check or monitor their browsing. This is highly recommended for families with kids who have early web exposure.

  2. Sophia Jorge

    I had doubts about virtual parental control since it seemed impossible. I never thought I would be able to monitor and secure my children’s browsing with the Bitdefender Family Pack 2018. This package can serve as your trial, my family’s ready to upgrade for the two-year version.

  3. Lou Campbell

    For me, Bitdefender is the perfect antivirus software. It markets five levels of items in one-, two, or three-year subscriptions with separate multiple-device bundles.

  4. Senon Nagel

    One of the security suite that ensures all our devices at home. Really worth it. There’s no need to buy separate software for each device. It gives us total security, to Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. This pack secures every gadget that we have.

  5. Katey Hill

    We’ve been using Bitdefender for five years. We have never had any of our ten devices compromised, and it’s a real comforting feeling knowing we are safe from data invaders.

  6. Harold Ballard

    If you need security software for sharing with your family, Bitdefender is a great option. I like that it also has a parental control feature. I use it to monitor my kids when they go online, it blocks websites that are inappropriate and even ad popups.

  7. Felicia Atkinson

    All-in-one protection to keep your device and others safe. Whether you are online or offline, Bitdefender can run in the background checking for threats. You have various scanning options and it includes my phone too.

  8. Winona Coles

    Bitdefender Family pack with unlimited devices not only can save you a lot of money while you get antivirus protection at the same time for your Windows, Mac, and Android. You may also provide a single, powerful protection suite to secure your devices. So, it’s up to you if you will go to Bitdefender or not.

  9. Wilbert Simmons

    Kudos to Bitdefender Family Pack! It has been a real help. The best part is that I saved a lot of money by buying this pack that takes care of all my devices, so I don’t need to invest them separately.

  10. Mae Braun

    My first impression is its very expensive. But when I factor in that the package can cover all the devices that we use at home, it became a sensible investment for our family. Due to the pandemic, my children are continuing their studies online. With Bitdefender’s advanced parental controls, I am assured of a safe environment for my children’s online learning experience.

  11. Isla Taylor

    I have 3 conditions that I need to meet before deciding on purchasing security software. It must be able to protect my device as I work online, protect my children from malicious intent online, and be able to protect multiple devices. I found it in Bitdefender’s family pack. It has the tools and features to protect my work and communication online, has an intuitive parental control to guard my kids against malicious websites and programs, and has an unlimited device license.

  12. Xander Thomas

    I am very impressed with Bitdefender Family Pack because it has an unlimited number of protected devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Very useful for us. Worth the price!

  13. Joshua Hahn

    The best protection for my entire family. I like that parental control allows me to track where my kids are to keep me at ease and to see what they are viewing online. it scans fast and proactively restricts threats.

  14. Imogen Riddle

    The best protection for my family. We get all the security features needed plus I can even keep track of my children’s activities and keep them away from inappropriate content or hackers.

  15. Marco Barker

    If you need to protect multiple devices, this is an excellent choice. It’s like their Total protection but with multiple devices. You get a VPN but limited in a day, the scanning and detection of threats are working, and it doesn’t even take much space on my devices.

  16. Carl Saunders

    It’s easy to manage and navigate through the interface and comes with a single-click scanning button. You can protect multiple devices at once, so it doesn’t matter what your OS is. It has all the protective features like a password manager, parental control, email scanning, and so on.

  17. Hugh Hill

    I like that it allows the protection of multiple devices. Great software with amazing protection

  18. Rebecca Moyer

    It’s packed with so many features, they seem overwhelming at first, but it’s really great that the software is affordable buy has a lot of protection you can use for your device. You can save up with this family pack because it can secure multiple devices.

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