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Bitdefender Internet Security

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Have ultimate protection against online threats without negatively affecting your system’s performance with Bitdefender Internet Security. Prevent all manner of digital threats from invading your system with one of the top-rated protection software in the world.

Bitdefender Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Multiple layers of protection keep you safe online 24/7.
  • Never have hostage files with Ransomware Remediation.
  • Keep your family and devices safe both offline and online.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • This license is compatible with Windows PC only.
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Bitdefender Internet Security is the definitive online protection package you’ll need to protect you and your family. Keep your system at peak performance while fighting off the worst digital threats when you have Bitdefender installed on your devices.

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Multi-layered Protection

Using behavioral threat detection,  Bitdefender keeps a lookout for suspicious activity. In addition, its advanced security protocols make immediate action possible before digital threats can significantly harm your system.

Untouchable by Online Threats

Bitdefender Internet Security’s ransomware remediation feature is the ultimate safeguard against online threats. Secure your important files and system functions against malware that would try to take them hostage.

Advanced Windows Protection

Protect yourself with a system specifically designed to defend Windows devices. Never be vulnerable to any digital threat no matter how new with Bitdefender installed.

Parental Control at its Finest

Advanced Parental Control features help you keep an eye on your family’s online activities. In addition, know their location at critical moments using GPS tracking and block unwanted online content from accessing your devices.

No Traces of Deleted Files

When files are deleted, there are traces left behind. Therefore, valuable files can still be retrieved and stolen. However, with an Internet Security solution, your deleted files are removed permanently from the system using a file shredder. So, it will leave no trace at all.

Privacy on the Web

With 200 MB/ day of data, you get the privacy you need to search online. All your online activities are encrypted. No need to worry about privacy!

Password Security

Get a cyber-vault to keep your passwords, credit card information, and other vital data you have on a password manager. You can access them easily, and autofill forms online. It also recommends strong secure passwords for your accounts.

Ransomware Multi-layer Protection

Get the level of protection you need from ransomware threats. It has multi-layered ransomware protection that will secure all files such as documents, pictures, videos, and more. Together with the Advanced Threat Defense, it will prevent encryption from attacks.


The Autopilot serves as a Security Advisor by informing users of insights on their security status. In addition, it also recommends actions on security measures you should implement on your device.

Network Threat Prevention

Stop attacks before it deploys its actions. It can predict, prevent, and detect threats. This technology will identify any suspicious activities and block them immediately. It can even block sophisticated exploits, botnet-related URLs, and sophisticated exploits.

Safe Online Banking

With a dedicated browser, you can now bank and shop safely to prevent scams and fraudulent websites. Furthermore, Bitdefender Safepay can automatically fill out your credit card forms when billing.

Saves Battery Life

Save your laptop and tablet’s battery life with the Battery Mode seen in Internet Security software. It will temporarily disable some features to avoid draining your device’s power.

Scan Securely on the Cloud

Heavy scanning happens on the cloud so that it won’t affect the performance of your system. This means you get the protection you need and a fast working device. In addition, your scanned files are protected and not stored in the cloud.

Firewall Protection

Add a layer of protection to your network to protect the data that goes in and out of your network. This adds protection against hackers and data snoops.

Monitor Your Microphone

The Microphone Monitor allows users to see what apps have access to your device’s microphone.

Adapts to System’s Components

The Bitdefender Photon helps your hardware and software system by saving its resources, improving the speed, and bring a secure environment. You get a secure internet solution with better PC performance.

One-click Vulnerability Assessment

With just a single click, you can scan your device and search for vulnerabilities. It checks for outdated software, missing patches, and unsafe systems. Then, you’ll get ideas on how to manage the issues.

Webcam Protection

Get privacy from webcam leaks. The built-in protection will notify you when someone accesses your webcam. Furthermore, it automatically blocks unauthorized access.

Anti-phishing, Anti-Fraud, and Antispam

It blocks sites that pretend to be trustworthy. So you can freely log in to your accounts without worrying that your data would be stolen. In addition, the Anti-fraud features will warn users of websites that are a scam. Meanwhile, Antispam will filter messages irrelevant messages from your email.

Improved Real-time Protection

You get instant detection and removal of threats in real-time. Bitdefender Internet Security can detect viruses, ransomware, zero-day exploits, spyware, and even the most stubborn of online threats.

Game Mode

With the Game Mode of Bitdefender, you can continue working, watching, and playing without being bothered by popups or notification. It temporarily disables notifications and unimportant activities on your device, so you can concentrate on what you are doing.

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14 reviews for Bitdefender Internet Security

  1. Carson Grant

    The Bitdefender Internet Security 1 User secured my files and computer from external viruses and malware.

  2. Lilac Molly Harper

    I was on antivirus trial when I purchased the Bitdefender Internet Security for 1 Year. It gave my laptop security and protection against viruses. This is very helpful since I have work in remote places where file sharing is done via external hard drives or USBs.

  3. Jay Martin

    Where’s the scariest to be for PC users? the internet. But with a reliable antivirus, you should feel confident that you are protected from dangers like phishing and viruses. This Bitdefender blocks all that and other dangers like malware, ransomware and a lot moe. And fo 1 year protection, the pice is definitely worth it.

  4. Elwyn Rowe

    The product is amazing. It not only manages to find all viruses, but it also discovers malware, does quick and complete system checks. Includes cleaning up the computer to make it faster, and it also checks emails.

  5. Brandon Vargas

    I have been with Bitdfender for a few years now and they have resolved the few problems I had usually involved billing.

  6. Mitch Thomas

    Although a bit expensive, I am looking intently on the multiple layers of protection that Bitdefender provides. I feel secure with that level of protection given to me.

  7. Bettie Rees

    Great program. Easy to run and does not take up a lot of memory. It checks all email and attachments. The firewall blocks both incoming and outgoing traffic.

  8. Albert Robertson

    The product was easy to set up, it met my expectations. I haven’t noticed any slowdown on my device. It worked just as efficiently, and no threats have been found for over a month.

  9. Anya Woodard

    Excellent protection whenever I go online. It proactively protects my internet activities and also scans my device. When it runs in the background it does slow down my computer. However, when scanning, it somehow takes a while.

  10. Ellie Webb

    It’s excellent security protection. All my online activities are secured and there are no more annoying ads that keep on appearing on websites I visit.

  11. Allison Devin

    It’s great and effective security software that even provides a deep scanning option.

  12. Sherley Williamson

    Fast scanning. Best online, email, and desktop protection.

  13. Tricia McKenzie

    Its got everything you need to keep your online activities safe from spies and other threats. There are even no more annoying ads pop up on your browser when visiting a website as it automatically blocks them and other third-party apps. You can scan your entire device if you also need and proactively protects it as you can see that while you browse it blocks website and threats from your computer.

  14. Olive Romero

    Fast scanning and blocking of threats. It has additional features like filtering email inboxes, secure online shopping, and a limited VPN.

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