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Bitdefender Total Security

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Bitdefender Total Security is the complete protection package for all digital threats. Consistently praised as one of the top device protection software, Bitdefender should be your brand of choice when dealing with online threats. Never compromise your system’s performance while you enjoy ironclad protection with Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Total Security Product Highlights:

  • Stops network attacks before they happen.
  • Optimized for different devices.
  • New parental control features.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Bitdefender Total Security is the complete protection software against all digital threats. With Bitdefender, you can enjoy ironclad protection without sacrificing your system’s performance.

Buy Bitdefender premium security keys from Softvire NZ at the best prices. Protect your system with the digital security package praised by Bitdefender Total Security reviews worldwide.

Comprehensive Protection

You get all the essential digital defense features with Total Security, so you won’t need other security software with Total Security’s coverage.

Cutting-edge Defenses

Protect your system even from emerging threats. In addition, never be vulnerable to zero-day malicious software.

Manage Everything with One Account

Protect all your devices with just one account. In addition, it keeps your login information secure from hackers and snoops.

Unbeatable Protection

Its multilayered protection will ensure to protect your devices from any threats, whether it’s existing or new ones.

New and Improved Real-time Data Protection and Threat Detection

The improved detection of Total security is efficient enough to work against online threats such as viruses, trojans, ransomware, zero-day threats, and spyware. With this kind of protection, you’ll get the privacy you need and your data secure.

Network Threat Prevention

Before the threat gets into your system, network, and devices, Total Security stops it immediately. With the new intelligent technology incorporated into the system, it will thoroughly analyze and identify any unusual activities and block them.

Ransomware Detection and Protection

Since ransomware is one of the biggest online threats to individual users and businesses, it is best to protect your data with Total Security. Furthermore, it has multi-layered protection from ransomware. Therefore, all your data, including your files, documents, photos, videos, and more are protected.

Rescue Environment

When sophisticated malware such as rootkit is detected, the system will have to remove the threat before it starts or open. Therefore, it will reboot the device and open it to clean it up on a window known as Rescue Environment.

Anti-phishing, Anti-fraud, and Antispam

You don’t have to worry about fake websites or spoof log in websites that could steal your credentials. Total Security will warn you if a website is safe or unsafe.

Bitdefender Photon

Aside from protecting your devices from online threats, your system is at its best. Photon technology will help Total Security to adapt to your system. It improves speed and performance while giving the ultimate protection your devices need.

Battery Mode

Save the battery life of your tablets and laptops with the built-in battery mode of Bitdefender. It will temporarily change the setting of your device.

Halts Pop-ups

Whenever you are playing, watching, or working, Total Security can detect your activities and it won’t send unnecessary pop-ups or requests. It will let you enjoy whatever you are doing.

Password Manager

Secure all your important information by adding them to Total Security’s password manager. You can store as much important information as you want and it won’t be stolen. Furthermore, it also has the option to autofill forms and provides or suggests strong passwords.

Safe Online Shopping and Banking

Get safe online banking and shopping with Total Security. It also will block fraudulent websites and have a dedicated browser for a more secure transaction.

Blocks Trackers

The anti-tracker extension can now block trackers that collect the data of users. Furthermore, it keeps your data private and manages the information seen by trackers. Get faster webpages too.

Improved VPN

Get 200 MB/ day of encrypted traffic for your devices, no matter what operating system you have. So now, you can browse online with the freedom of not worrying about hackers or spies. Get the internet security and privacy you need with Total Security’s new and improved VPN feature.

Parental Control

Give your children a safe space to browse online and also limit their online activities. You also can filter out content for better browsing.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

Check if your Wi-Fi network and router are safe to connect to.

Safe Social Network

Make sure that you are safe from malicious threats sent to you on your social media accounts. It blocks links that are suspicious even when it comes from someone you know.

Delete Files Permanently

If you don’t need your files anymore, you can permanently delete it, so it will be totally removed from your device. There will be no traces left.


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15 reviews for Bitdefender Total Security

  1. Carlos Garza

    I work for an international research agency and I often carry with me my Mac, Windows laptop, iPhone, and an extra Smartphone to store and process data. This is definitely my best buy! The Bitdefender instantly protects all of my hardware.

  2. Elle Young

    I have had this product installed for over two weeks. I replaced AVG Internet Security with Bitdefender Total Security, and I am very pleased. Installation went flawlessly, and support information answered all my questions. This product is rated highly within the Industry, and I highly recommend it.

  3. Courtney Ismail

    Bitdefender Total Security is the real deal. I have used several anti-virus programs over the years and have to say this one is up there with the best. The User interface is modern yet simple to use. It was an excellent product, indeed.

  4. Carley Jacobs

    It is straightforward to use and extremely fast full antivirus, preventing our computer from being blocked or missing an essential piece of information, thanks to its excellent results. All of this makes our knowledge absolutely safe on the Internet, including passwords, bank numbers, photos, or other personal data.

  5. Evangeline Wilson

    BitDefender Total Security works great and gets things done on my laptop. BitDefender’s price is fine as well. The only thing is that I encountered it slowed my laptop down. It’s fine, other than that.

  6. Olliana Ferguson

    Bitdefender total security is something more than an antivirus. Its state-of-the-art features will secure your computer from attack. It can even optimize the system’s efficiency, among others.

  7. Grover Carr

    For over two weeks, I’ve had this product installed. I’ve substituted Bitdefender Total Security and am thrilled. Installation went smoothly, and the help material answered all my questions. This product is highly regarded in the industry, and I strongly suggest it.

  8. Charlotte Smith

    I learned early on that I needed security software that would actively protect my device and actively counter an attack before it even starts. Total security is said to be able to detect malware before it even attacks. I need that so I decided to purchase it. At the moment, I am happy with my purchase. Thank you.

  9. Joey Ryan

    I got a great deal with Total Security. I’m happy with having a branded name to provide protection for me. I’ve got a 1-year subscription for 3 devices. And I am getting great feedback from the other 2 users.

  10. Benjamin Green

    The antivirus is superb! Very accurate and reliable plus its definitely stuffed with relevant bonus stack features.

  11. Naomi Benjamin

    excellent complete protection. It has never let me down, I have all the protection I need and it’s compatible with all of my devices.

  12. Kelley Blake

    The ultimate protection I only trust for me and my family. Everything I need to keep my kids and my device safe. I can control what they see online which gives me peace of mind that they are not seeing things inappropriate for their age. Also, PC performance is great since using Total security.

  13. Simone Blair

    Got to install my Bitdefender with no problem. The Softvire team was friendly enough to assist me. For the product, it took a while for it to scan my devices as it tries to get used to its content and system. On my second time to scan my device, it scans faster than before. I do a full scan once a week, it takes time but shows every detail of the issue if present.

  14. Mike Flores

    I like that it has a 3-year license so I don’t have to constantly renew my purchase every year. I’m a Bitdefender user since day one. I like the dedication of this software, You have every part protected, from your Wi-Fi, email accounts, and so on.

  15. Dolly Black

    An all-in-one protection software that can protect any OS. Really like that you get a VPN, password manager, and so on. If my phone goes missing I can even locate the device. I only don’t like that the VPN is limited though.

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