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Add traditional fonts to your designs and projects in a modern way with Creative Fonts Traditional Collection. Create unique designs to impress your clients and stand out from others without looking boring.

Creative Fonts Traditional Collection Product Overview:

  • Collection of traditional fonts: Classic, cursive, creativity, designer, cool, and handwritten fonts
  • Licensed for commercial and personal use.
  • Compatible with any program.
  • OpenType font.
  • For Windows PC only.
  • This is a digital license product.

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Unleash your creativity and try on different professional fonts with Creative Fonts by SummitType. With the unique style of Creative Fonts Traditional Collection, you can create one-of-a-kind designs for your projects and impress your clients. The Traditional fonts in this collection are for personal and commercial use.

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Traditional Fonts and Designs

With the unique traditional fonts with modern styles added to it, you can include this collection in your font library.

  • Classic Fonts: Want to use classic fonts to create traditional work or design? Creative Fonts includes Classic Fonts on its traditional package. It’s perfect for creating professional newsletters, print ads, brochures, and more. Add a twist of classic fonts to your designs.
  • Cursive Fonts: Add sophistication to your work with the use of cursive fonts. Create stunning invitations for a wedding or any formal events.
  • Creativity Fonts: Enjoy artistic fonts to add on signs, logos, or informal invitations.
  • Designer Fonts: Create designs for branding, logos, or marketing images. Use fonts that graphic designers use to create eye-catching designs.
  • Cool Fonts: Add a twist to your traditional fonts with this modern take that’s clean, cool, and crisp. Add modern style to your websites to stay trendy.
  • Handwritten Fonts: Want to make your invitations or design look more personal? Use handwritten fonts to impress your clients or guests with projects that have a feel of personal touch.

Impressive Quality

No matter what size you want to use the fonts in or print it, it provides a sharp and clear look, since it is an OpenType font.

Works with Any Program

Take control of wherever you want to use Creative Fonts. You can use it on any program you wish to create your designs and projects.

35 reviews for Creative Fonts Traditional Collection

  1. Luanne Barnes

    With the Creative Fonts Traditional Collection’s exclusive styling, I can create one-of-a-kind templates for your projects and impress my clients.

  2. Dione Stuart

    I bought this for my niece because she’s a graphic artist. She liked it so much. It encouraged her to add a lot of colors and different font sizes to the graphics she made. Also, I ordered it online, but it actually came electronically via email, so she liked it as well.

  3. Code Stanley

    The font license is essentially royalty-free. Use the fonts pretty much however you want. The program crashed a few times, but it’s an essential program for me. It’s rather nice and easy to use, with a clear usage license.

  4. Connah Rodrigues

    I love the new fonts. They are different from all the rest I have.

  5. Hebe Newman

    For the price I paid, I wasn’t expecting much, but this program is great. This software actually rivals some of the more expensive illustration software I have. I would recommend this software to anyone needing to do any basic to intermediate graphics work. I used to have a similar package on my previous computer but never got around installing it. I’ve installed it but haven’t done much with it except to use it to preview fonts.

  6. Rafael Sims

    I bought this for my niece because she’s a graphic artist. She liked it so much. It encouraged her to add a lot of colors and different font sizes to the graphics she made. Also, I bought it online, but it actually came electronically via email, so she liked it as well.

  7. Thaddeus Merritt

    Simple fonts, it’s good for formal invitations or logos.

  8. Aaron Herrera

    Adding a classic touch to your designs with high-quality fonts.

  9. Adelyn Dixon

    I purchased these fonts to use while making worksheets, signs, and more for my classroom. Multiple teachers have complimented the fonts and wondered where to get them! They are student-friendly and work on a variety of various activities.

  10. Tamara Scotts

    Designing with fun fonts by Summitsoft is my new go-to tool. As an amateur graphic design, it helps me create designs that impress my clients.

  11. Apple Medina

    A wonderful addition to my design projects. Easily resizable and impressive.

  12. Theodore Underwood

    Simple fonts I use in my designs and logos, I like that’s an Open Type format so I can change the size without compromising the quality of it.

  13. Virginia Glass

    Such a helpful tool for designing banners and logos. It may have traditional fonts but they make my designs stand out.

  14. Misael Mendoza

    Beautiful fonts that you can use in making logos or banners. They can OpenType so you can easily edit them without affecting the quality.

  15. Dianna Beauchamp

    Wonderful old-school fonts to add to your design tools. OpenType gives you the ability to change the size of your font without compromising the quality of the font.

  16. Nicole Abbott

    Simple and classic fonts. I can resize them for logos or create invitations. It’s so clean and elegant to look at.

  17. Patsy Erickson

    Basic fonts. It’s not that much but at least it’s good enough for creating simple designs

  18. Zayn Bowden

    Like the simplicity of the letters. It gives a classic touch to some of my formal works or clients that require formal designs.

  19. Lavern Lindsey

    Simple typography but a great addition to your collection.

  20. Cillian Buckley

    Wonderful classic fonts to keep my designs simple but appealing. It’s a great option when creating invitations.

  21. Corin Clarkson

    An additional font I use for my designing business. It’s so beautiful, class, and powerful. It really adds great depth to your creations. OpenType font, so editing it is easy and quick.

  22. Selina Heath

    Great selection of fonts. Easily editable for different designs. Simple, Basic, but elegant

  23. Arlene Roberts

    I’m an amateur graphic designer, and I need affordable tools to help me in my field. Luckily, I found Creative Fonts. I get to used traditional and modern fonts to create my designs. My personal favorite is the handwritten fonts.

  24. Homer Sansom

    Simple and classic. Easy to use and adjustable in size with no issue with the graphics of the font.

  25. Elizabeth Wright

    Lovely fonts and very elegant. They are OpenType so they won’t lose their quality when you adjust the fonts.

  26. Tanya Vargas

    It’s a great addition to my font collection. It gives me more options to create for my designs and it even gives a simple and classic look. It can work in any size and it produces great quality on print and digitally.

  27. Fabian Merial

    They are mostly classic designs, so if you want to need elegant typography for your designs, this font offers to upgrade your work even with its simple fonts.

  28. Chester Hawkins

    A collection of simple, traditional, and playful fonts that I use for creating banners and logos for my clients. I can easily scroll through the software, nothing complicated. Price is good enough, and I can easily adjust the fonts to the size I desired without compromising the look of it.

  29. Martina Gilmore

    Beautiful fonts that you can adjust and not lose the quality of it.

  30. Marco Weaver

    traditional fonts that are elegant and work perfectly on any design and software.

  31. Mike Donald

    simple fonts that can transform your designs.

  32. Frankie Redfield

    I like how easy it is to edit the fonts in this package. It gives me more fonts for my projects.

  33. Sarah Landry

    Simple and elegant fonts. It’s best when creating a simple and classic logo or invitation design.

  34. Inez Santiago

    You get handwritten and all the classic fonts to create elegant or classic-looking designs for your logo or format invitations for your clients.

  35. Jefferson Patel

    I like the fonts, they’re really classy and elegant. They go with all my logo and card designs pretty well.

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