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Dragon Professional 16 is the ultimate speech-to-text suite that you need. Create emails, documents, and surf the web using only the power of your voice. Train Dragon Professional to recognize your voice and achieve higher accuracy and work efficiency.

Dragon Professional 16 Download (ESD) Product Highlights:

  • Create well-written documents using accurate dictation.
  • Activate digital shortcuts using only your voice.
  • Easily personalize your speech recognition experience.
  • Gain access to speech-to-text features designed with businesses in mind.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PC.

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Free yourself from the limit of your fingers using Dragon Professional 16 Download. Use your voice to navigate your system and create documents. Let technology do the writing for you with word-per-word accuracy.

Buy Nuance Dragon Professional 16 Download from Softvire NZ at the best prices. With our great deals and discounts, you won’t find a better place online to get powerful speech-to-text software like Nuance Dragon than Softvire.

The Most Advanced Speech Recognition Technology

With Nuance, words you speak appear on the screen three times faster than typing. In addition, Nuance speeds the process further by learning your writing style. Other advanced features include the ability to remove necessary vocal tics such as “ahs” and “uhms” from your transcriptions.


Tutorial videos and interactive lessons prepare you to type using your voice like a pro in no time. In addition, advanced self-learning features allow Nuance to adapt a document to your specific needs and formats. With Nuance, there’s no need to backtrack and fix errors that you think you missed.

Full Command and Control

Control your mouse cursor and shortcut keys just with your voice. Surf the web without having to type a single word using Dragon Naturally Speaking-compatible web browsers. Create documents and emails using your voice with popular programs such as Microsoft Office.

Digital Shortcuts

Manage your schedule and calendar using only your voice. Search for files and information immediately using a voice prompt. In addition, open up windows and applications immediately by calling for them.

New Transcription and Mobile Dictation Features

Turn transcribed audio clips into documents using new premium features. In addition, dictate to your iOS or Android device to transcribe notes using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Customizable Accuracy and Usability

Dragon Professional captures and uses the acronyms, proper names, and other unique or business-specific phrases that you frequently use. In addition, import and export your custom word lists to ensure a personalized experience.

23 reviews for Dragon Professional 16 Download (ESD)

  1. Ivory Owens

    Well, when it works! It’s going well. I like the ability to create a custom command that is really important to my use. Much of the time, web surfing is pretty good! It’s also good to have the option to build custom commands for specialized applications.

  2. Lauren Price

    That voice dictation is great. For our customer support workers, we mainly use this product. It saves them too much time to use the same microphone to answer a call than to write an email response or a chat response. No matter how short the speech is, Dragon can keep up with the dictation and make minimal errors.

  3. Jaden Hobbs

    It’s a perfect time saver anytime you need to get a few letters out and a great way to open a word and get a template formatting. It’s a positive rating, and the offer is worth buying on offer. I used it to type the review.

  4. Zeolia Owens

    Dictation software works fairly well. It has a hard time learning some words, but it will get about 90% of what you say with time. It is faster than handwriting and has some great custom features. Overall it is the best.

  5. Bradly Stevenson

    I began using speech recognition three years ago because of the volume of research and writing that I do. The reviews for Dragon NaturallySpeaking compared to Windows speech recognition then seemed to concur that WSR was just as good as anything from Nuance. I have always found Windows speech recognition a tad frustrating in the number of errors in recognition results and the poor microphone volume control. The add-on macros are a nice addition to WSR. With the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15, I decided to try it to see if it would perform better than the built in Microsoft option. Got it from Softvire then.

  6. Marleigh Smith

    Dragon Naturally Speaking is a wonderful idea that saves me a lot of time when I compose long emails. It’s a lot faster than typing.

  7. Margaret Snider

    Dragon Professional software was purchased to prepare to teach notes when a mini-stroke seriously compromised my typing skills. It trains itself quickly to the user’s voice and offers many advanced user options. A quality microphone is a must. The program is amazingly fast in converting your speech to text.

  8. Ahmad Matisse

    A simple speech-to-text software. Simply hit record and it will transcribe everything you say. You don’t have to have good English or an American accent. Dragon Professional can understand almost everything your say. It gets rid of unnecessary words too, I like that. I use this to even dictate my schedules and emails.

  9. Gwyneth Harper

    So easy to use and convert my speech to text. Very accurate conversion and fewer errors. Now, I can easily manage my emails and documents. Totally hands-free!

  10. Paul Harmon

    If you need dictation software, Dragon really does work accurately. It can detect what you say and even keeps learning from its mistakes. I’m not sure if it supports other languages.

  11. Niko Cochran

    Dragon Pro has never disappointed. It still is the best dictation software I have ever tried. Very accurate no matter what accent you have. Also, thanks to the Softvire team for assisting me in installing this version. Great product, great service!

  12. Vernon Raymond

    very handy software to transcribe my dictation. I just hit the record and then it transfer my recording into a document where I check for errors, which surprisingly it’s not that much.

  13. Ayaan Calhoun

    When it’s running! It’s powerful. I like the ability to make custom commands, which is really useful for my needs. Much of the time, website browsing is excellent! It’s also useful to be able to write custom commands for specialized programs.

  14. Miriam Peterson

    An impressive software that can accurately translate your speech to text with minimal errors. I can easily personalize the interface based on my activities and needs.

  15. Aubrey Burns

    Accurate and quickly adapts to the way I speak.

  16. Josh Casey

    I work with multiple files daily and writing them down is not an option, it’s time-consuming. I appreciate Dragon Pro because of its ability to accurately convert my spoken words to text. I do some minute editing after transcribing it. It also works on emails and other ways like searching online or when setting a meeting. Really hands-free.

  17. Jolene Appleton

    It gets used to your speaking manner and has about a 95% accuracy rate. Perfect for taking down notes and writing emails.

  18. Greg Goddard

    I recommend Dragon Speech Recognition to anyone who needs to take dictation or who is responsible for taking notes on their work or class. It’s reliable software with almost 98% accurate. I don’t have to struggle writing own everything and worry if I can follow with the dictation.

  19. Emilie Monroe

    accurately transcribes every word I say. I can even use it like Cortana to command some tasks like writing an email or opening a calendar.

  20. Helena Grimes

    This voice recognition software learns as you use it daily. You can dictate anything in your device and translate it into text with 95% accuracy. I can even import a recording and transcribe it to text too. It’s nice too as it includes a smartphone app for your transcribing on the go.

  21. Ezekiel Stark

    very accurate transcription and catches up with what I say. Also, great when writing emails.

  22. Charity Lawson

    You can create shortcuts and make fewer edits.

  23. Jordan Stanislaw

    A great dictation software, fewer errors as it gets used to your words. You can even add shortcuts.

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