Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 (ESD)

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Recover the family’s long lost files, or discovers your clan, tribe, or ancestors. You can build your family tree by finding your great grandparents or their descendants through the world’s largest Genealogy websites. While it helps you unleash the past, Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 also saves you time and money.

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Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 Product Highlights:

  • User-friendly software interface
  • Over 14 billion records
  • Collaboration with powerful Genealogy sites
  • This is a digital license product.
  • This product is compatible with macOS only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital license product. No physical component included.

Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 allows you to access every file you need about your family background, uncover your unknown ancestors, and discover your family history. With Heritage Family Tree’s latest version, you’ll have access to over 400 billion documents, stories, photos, and historical records. Family Tree Heritage offers easy access to the world’s largest genealogy database.

The best deal is exclusive through Softvire New Zealand only!

Easy Access to Genealogy Sites

Access reliable Genealogy sites such as FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage without getting a subscription. Therefore, effortlessly build your family tree and uncover the untold stories of your ancestors.

Effortless Data Management

Family Tree Heritage is integrated into FamilySearch records. So, you can now link photos and other files quickly.

Rich Timeline and Valuable Information

Find more relevant information and trace clues towards your family history. Clues or relevant information can also be recovered through event records such as wars and immigration. Through these event records, you will get valuable resources to learn more about your root in no time.

Memories Manager

This family tree maker allows you to link your heritage account to FamilySearch Records. So, you can now easily link your scrapbook items to the FamilySearch. It also allows you to share more information with others too.

TreeTips Hint Technology

With the built-in innovative technology of TreeTips, you can get hints of files or records that could possibly be related to your family or ancestors. The records generated are from,, and

Color Coding System

So you can identify your family members and each individual on your family tree, use the four-color filling system. You can add colors to the name of the person and easily identify them.

More Additives and Features 

  • Tag and assign up to 3 tags to individuals with a similar location, medical conditions, and more.
  • Choose your language.
  • You can design your family tree, reports, and charts.

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17 reviews for Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 (ESD)

  1. Khadija Bailey

    I always enjoyed the color-coding feature. It made it clearer for me to see the line of heritage for both sides of my family, which bodes well for a visual person like me. I could even add notes to each ancestor, which was a great way to link parallels through centuries. Overall, it’s straightforward to use. Ok, pleased with my order.

  2. Philippe Wolfe

    Very easy to install and use. No complicated features.

  3. Ahmed Romero

    A splendid program to gather precious memories and discover the roots of my family.

  4. Shane Tran

    I did not think much about my roots. But discovering my family tree has given me renewed passion on the potential that my family has reached and the accomplishment that previous generations have done.

  5. Charlotte Dunn

    I had an old version on my computer and purchased this to upgrade it. So far, it was good. I’m starting to like it compare to the old version.

  6. Sandra Patterson

    If you want to have some fun and educate yourself about your family history at the same time, Family tree heritage is one of the best family tree makers in the market. You’ll be provided with various files and documents, but you need to sort them out first before confirming that it belongs to your family. Enjoy the color coding and addition of details on each member of the family.

  7. Carol Reese

    I do have an idea of my family history but wanted to dive deeper into it so I tried this software. First, I like that it’s simple and easy to use. No beating around the bushes. Second, it did really show some of my family records which is amazing. And I got to add some details that I know for each person on my tree.

  8. Rudolph Mayer

    It’s a fun software where I get to build my family tree and even share it with them. I like that you can personalize it and add details for that specific member. You can browse a large database of documents to search for information about your family. But you need to be careful because not every detail means it is related to your family or heritage. You’ll have to do more research of course.

  9. January Brown

    It’s a bit overwhelming with thousands of documents to read. But I like that you can create a family tree, add details to the members, and share them or even print them.

  10. Jack Patterson

    What a fun tool to create a family tree and learn about your heritage. I’m not sure if the files or documents suggested are really about my relatives but they are close enough.

  11. Ishmael Ross

    I have fun learning about my family tree and unknown ancestors. It has so many documents that I never thought existed. I just have so much fun using it.

  12. Joey Mcpherson

    It has quite a lot of documents, which gives you more chances of finding one that belongs to your family. the interface is a bit complex, but eventually, you’ll get to understand it as you go along using the software. You can even personalize the details of each member.

  13. Libby Samson

    It’s packed with information and old documents but you have to confirm that it’s really related to your family, There’s also a suggestion feature whenever you get stuck.

  14. Marilyn Craig

    a fun tool to build and share a family tree. It’s easy to use and has plenty of documents to browse for information

  15. Karam Patterson

    Discover all about your family by building a family tree that you can share with them, You can even add details to each member, add some color coding, and gather as much information you need to build your family tree.

  16. Nola Nicholas

    You can search records from popular genealogy sites so you have like millions of records to sort through, but it doesn’t take much time because you can type the family name you are looking or the software will give you some hints on files that may be related to what you are looking for. It’s easy to understand the software and you can add some information on each member of your family tree.

  17. Eve Krause

    You can search for documents on other known genealogy sites, so you have plenty of options to look for the right file. You can personalize everything and each member you add to the tree.

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