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ESET Mobile Security for Android

(28 customer reviews)

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ESET Mobile Security for Android is more than a simple antivirus app for your Android smartphone and other devices. It is a complete security suite, with a lot of different tools that were all designed to protect your mobile Android devices.
ESET Mobile Security for Android Product Highlights:
  • Protection from online and offline virus threats.
  • Increases the chance of retrieving your lost device.
  • Security for your sensitive data.
  • Anti-Phishing protection from fraud websites.
  • SMS, MMS & Call anti-spam.
  • This is a digital license.
  • Can support up to 1 Android Device only
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

ESET Mobile Security for Android is a must-have for anyone who owns an Android device. ESET Mobile Security provides protection and enhancements in Antivirus, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Theft, SMS & Call Filter, Usability Improvements, and Tablet Support.

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High-Tech Antivirus

You can have peace of mind while online with ESET Security. ESET’s proven NOD32 technology enables you to download apps that are safe and will discover potentially dangerous apps. The following Antivirus features are available with the free version of ESET.

Real-time Scanning & Quarantine

Mobile Security app can greatly enhance your smartphone’s or tablet’s security features. With real-time scanning, your installed apps and communication are scanned for malware threats. USSD features include web browsing, mobile-money service, and prepaid callback service.

On-Demand Scanning

You can take control of kicking off malware scans on your mobile device. When you run a scan, it takes place silently behind the scenes of everything else that is running on your device. Best of all, it does not disrupt any currently running processes. After the scan is complete, you can access logs and scan results to check if the scan detected threats on your mobile device.

Safe Web Browsing and Online Shopping

You can now explore the internet and shop online without worrying about hackers spying on your activities. It protects all the information and activities you have online. Together with online protection, it also has an anti-phishing property for personal data protection.

Locate Missing Device

If your device went missing ESET has the ability to locate it. In addition, its anti-theft feature takes a snapshot of someone who tries to access your phone or data. It sends the picture to my.eset.com. Aside from sending snapshots, it also locks your device to avoid gaining access to your device.

Block Unwanted Calls and Text

Gain control over your mobile phone by receiving texts and calls that you need are important to you. You can block annoying calls and text from groups and individuals by choosing the SMS and Call Filter.




Year Subscriptions

28 reviews for ESET Mobile Security for Android

  1. Laraine Fields

    The user interface has a beautiful design that is easy to use and understand. It also offers good anti-malware protection.

  2. Precious Petersen

    It helps me find my lost device and protects my valuable data. ESET is superb!

  3. Tena Grant

    I like the user interface, and this software is reliable because I used my computer’s security app before. I have trust in this software, and it has always been successful. 

  4. Saskia Grey

    Easy to use, not hard on resources. Price is easy on the wallet. Bought my mom a subscription, and she

  5. Anita Spencer

    Solid choice! I didn’t have any regrets when I purchased this antivirus for our Android phone at home. It gives reliable protection to our phone, even the tablet of my youngest daughter. Now, I am confident, and doubt open any websites that I want because it has malware protection and a massive array of anti-theft and privacy protection features.

  6. Norma Ford

    I can’t say anything about it that I really don’t like. It works well so far. I used all of these on my phone, and this one is the best.

  7. Bailey Cannon

    Most of us spend our lives more online than ever before. I purchased ESET with the mindset of getting protection in an online environment.

  8. Demi Bowden

    I use my mobile phone for a lot of my activities which include work and personal details. I appreciate the offer given. I feel safe whenever I am online because of the added layer of protection.

  9. Zander Mason

    Great android protection. Fast scanning, detection, and taking action to stop threats.

  10. Ashley Branford

    It has plenty of high-end protection for your Android device. It has a fast scanning option, you can filter the websites you enter, and you can block unnecessary calls.

  11. Keaton Williams

    Super efficient and straightforward antivirus, and it doesn’t consume battery at all. I think this is the fastest and lightweight antivirus at all. I had no bad experience with this because it’s so easy to use.

  12. Issac Allen

    I got the best antivirus software for my phone, Performs deep scans, and removes threats fast

  13. Eloise Gardner

    I like the simplicity of this antivirus software. When you open the app you see everything you need. Just click the scan button and you can check on the presence of a threat.

  14. Lizzie Morse

    I have been using it for two years. It is the best android antivirus I’ve ever tried. The software is so easy to use. Just install, set some security features, and it just runs in the background without even affecting your phone’s battery.

  15. Gael Jenkins

    It has lots of protection tools. It guides you on what to do to completely secure your phone and fix issues on your device.

  16. Jared Gill

    It has an excellent anti-theft feature, you can easily locate your device quickly.

  17. Savannah Johns

    It doesn’t take up too much space on my device. Instead, it runs smoothly, protecting my phone like what I expect of it.

  18. Pablo Bishop

    Click, scan, and protects my phone. Even text messages that are suspicious can be detected like malicious sites.

  19. Ollie Goodman

    A wonderful software that gives my phone excellent protection. It goes beyond scanning my device to providing ways to solve deep scan issues. Keeps my phone at its best performance all the time.

  20. Katherine Douglas

    Comprehensive antivirus software that’s perfectly compatible with Android users. It proactively protects the device without making it slow. Also, it shows if there are issues in your phone like too much storage and unprotected accounts.

  21. Marissa Duran

    Highly effective, great when antivirus software

  22. Kaie Clerkson

    I’ve been using ESET on my phone for almost 2 years, have no complaints. It does the basic thing like scanning and also provides solutions to issues detected.

  23. Xavier Wise

    easy to set up and use. no problem with its performance, but scanning takes time.

  24. Nadia Mannering

    I like this antivirus for my phone. It’s straightforward and you can easily understand how you can use the security features in the device.

  25. Robin Byod

    Scans and protect my phone without taking much space on my device. It shows the presence of a threat and even offers deep cleaning of my device to optimize for better performance.

  26. Beverly Pastrano

    great mobile security software as it protects my android device well. They should offer an ios version too.

  27. Jeyla Preston

    always my go-to security software. It’s so easy to use once it is installed on your phone. You can immediately scan for threats and work on other ways to secure your device by following the suggestions it indicates.

  28. Keira Montoya

    It’s so difficult to secure smartphones. Most antivirus I’ve tried are just scanning your device but with ESET it’s more than that. I get extra features and can make sure my online web activities, messages, and email are all safe.

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