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Family Tree Heritage Gold v16

(25 customer reviews)

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Your family tree database comes with the new and improved Family Tree Heritage Gold version 16. It’s packed with incredible tools and features that’ll help in the creation of a colorful and stunning family tree for your lineage.

Family Tree Heritage Gold v16 Product Overview:

  • Over 14 billion records of documents, photos, and files.
  • Descendant view.
  • Traditional and non-traditional couple relationships.
  • Add a background image.
  • Support various languages.
  • This is a digital license product.
  • Compatible with Windows PCs.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital license product. No physical products included.

Family Tree Heritage Gold 16 is the latest family tree heritage line from Encore. The gold version allows users to build a family tree and share your story with your loved ones. The new features in this software create more excitement for users of Family Heritage software. It has Descendant View, sync with FamilySearch™ Family Tree, and more efficient ways to record your genealogical data.

Over Billions of Records, Photos, and Documents

Access for free (some requires a subscription fee) documents of your ancestor and other information. It is known to be the largest genealogy database with over 14 billion records, photos, and documents. Find all about your family’s history and discover all about the past with all the files you can browse online.

Descendant View

With the Descendant View, you can navigate through different tabs at the top of the program. Go through and browse on the tabs Pedigree, Family, Name List, Individual, and Timeline.

Includes Traditional and Non-traditional Couple Relationships

The type of relationship is now separated from the status of a relationship. One can either choose Married, Not married, Common Law, and defacto for the type of relationship. And, you can also indicate the status of a relationship if whether it is Divorced, Separated, Annuled, or ‘blank’ for ongoing.

Share Events in Your Database

Share events to your family directly from your database without the need to add events individually to your record.

Add or Remove Country Names

Include country names to your record or remove them if you don’t need one.

Add Background Images

You can add a background image to your database reports such as for your Ancestry, Descendants, line of Descents, Timeline, and more.

Enhanced Features

  • Tags
  • Multiple databases
  • MapIt
  • Family Search Syncing
  • Scrapbooks Items


TreeTips™ is a technology built-in the Family Tree Heritage software that will help users research what they need for their ancestry. It provides hints of records about your ancestors. With the help of FamilySearch, Findmypast,, and MyHeritage which have billions of o records in their databases, it would be easy for you to gather resources about your lineage.

Language Support

With the friendly user interface and language option, users from all around the globe will enjoy this software. Choose your language from English, Spanish to German.

Design Tools

You can customize your database with genealogical design tools to create colorful trees, heirloom-quality charts, and more. Share your work with your family, friends, or online.

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25 reviews for Family Tree Heritage Gold v16

  1. Rimsha Walton

    The manual is huge, but the index helps with figuring out what to do. Installing the software was simple and took less time than I thought it would. I really like the back document function because deleting can mean a disaster. This was a purchase I can recommend.

  2. Teegan Cardenas

    OMG. I did not realize I would have access to so much information from other genealogy sites and records. Now to find the time to put all of this info in. Loving it. Highly recommend it if you don’t want to pay money monthly.

  3. Mateo Beck

    I was able to import from the family search without issue. It loaded without a hiccup, and I am glad. I had been using family tree maker and my old computer offline, putting off the upgrade.

  4. Rudolf Gray

    Family Tree Heritage has some excellent research tools, and data management tools are good—an excellent tool for me.

  5. Hunter Chen

    This product is excellent. And I am using it on windows. I am learning how to navigate around it.

  6. Savannah Cohen

    Has so many documents, you have to look at them carefully because some are not actually related to your family. I like that it also suggests some information that you need. You can also personalize the members of your family tree.

  7. Wesley Burns

    I’d been using a family tree and my old computer offline, putting off the upgrade. I am happy with the upgrade. I wished I had done it long ago!

  8. Ashlee Smith

    Got so bored that I wanted to learn about my ancestors and build a family tree. This family tree heritage is amazing. It has plenty of documents and records. I was able to trace some of my roots I wasn’t aware of.

  9. Ryan Bayer

    I wanted to trace my family roots, but I was hesitant to use family trees software. I thought that it wouldn’t have all the information I needed. Family Tree Heritage is amazing. There are so many details I’ve discovered about my ancestors. It’s also easy to maneuver through its interface.

  10. Susie Blanchard

    Exciting software to pass time. Wonderful features that add additional information to each fam member. Plenty of documents to read through and might stumble upon. Sharing to the public or to your fam is possible.

  11. Josef Clayton

    Impressive family tree maker. There are loads of documents to search family files and tools to personalize each family member in the tree.

  12. Anna Mills

    It’s a fun software to learn about your ancestry but despite the thousands of information, I feel like it’s limited. I do enjoy the color coding and ways I can create a family and add details on each member.

  13. Frida Barton

    I Like that I have the option to add details on each family member. And whenever I get stuck, it suggests some documents or people that might be related to my family.

  14. Steve Baldwin

    Compact family tree maker with impressive features. You can personalize the way you want your design to look and add modern details to each content.

  15. Katie Lowrey

    It’s a fun tool to spend your time. I’m not sure if some documents are accurate but if they are it’s pretty impressive

  16. Ariel Adams

    You can easily add members and details, no issue when using the software and it is integrated with a huge database of records you can search for.

  17. Edward Tillman

    Wonderful and fun software. It’s a great way to find out about your family’s lineage and it’s even a great gift too.

  18. Mary Greer

    What great software to get to know your ancestry. It helps you organize all the details and provides some documents from a database they have. The color-coding system can make things look neat and organize. It’s quite fun though to make family trees and share them with your loved ones. You’ll find things about your lineage.

  19. Camille Holding

    Comprehensive data for research, simple, easy to use, but the interface looks old.

  20. Tangerine Parker

    What a great app to get to know your family tree and ancestor. It has thousands of files and documents and even gives you a hint for your to check if that person is related to you. You can arrange each member and add more details to them like profession, age, relationship status and so on.

  21. Lailani Holding

    It’s fun software to build your family tree. You can really search on their database for plenty of documents that might be from a family member. I also like the color coding and personalization included.

  22. Cassie Cervantes

    It has plenty of documents to choose from and you won’t even get stuck looking for files of your family, but you do have to look through the documents to make sure that it is related to your heritage,

  23. Toby Wisozk

    A fun way to build a family tree and share them with your loved ones. It has plenty of documents but you need to go through them to know that it’s legitimate. Not all suggestions are linked to your family.

  24. Marian Teegan

    Has a lot of documents on its database so you don’t hit a dead-end when working on your family tree.

  25. Iona Prentice

    Nice software to build your family tree. You can add personal information if you want or details about the person. It even has a color-coding system.

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