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Floorplan Home & Landscape Deluxe is a new and easy way to design your home. It is packed with ready-made templates, training tools, and simply drag and drop tools to enhance efficiency and productivity. You can now design your dream home and have an idea of what it’s going to look like it built.

Floorplan Home & Landscape Deluxe Product Overview:

  • QuickStart for a simple way to create custom home designs.
  • Floor Plan Trace to scan and trace your own floor plans.
  • Professional Designed Home Plan Templates.
  • Thousands of drag-and-drop symbols, materials, textures, and paint colors.
  • 2D/3D design with precise auto-dimensions.
  • Design Tools, Landscape Tools, Building Structure Tools.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Simulations and Fixtures.
  • Multiple ways to view your TurboFloorPlan Design.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • This product is compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Floorplan Home & Landscape Deluxe is a new and easy way to design your home. It is packed with ready-made templates, training tools, and simply drag and drop tools to enhance efficiency and productivity. 

You can picture how your home will look like with the built-in 2D and 3D design tools to create all the phases of your home. You can have an idea of how your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and every part of your how will feel and look. In addition, you can choose materials, lightings, color, etc. The landscape for your garden is also included in the design of your home.

Made for Everyone

Even if you are an amateur or a professional designer, there is no experience required to start creating your designs. You can start working with the tools right away as you desire. There are features that are built to assists and make every plan of your home as easy as possible.

  • Floor Plan Trace: scan and trace your designed floorplan.
  • Over 100 videos to enhance your skills.
  • Thousands of drag-and-drop tools and materials.
  • Professionally-made Home Plan templates.
  • QuickStart: Helps create customizable designs for your home.
  • Tips on how to use tools.

Save Time and Money

FloorPlan is designed to save you more time with tools that work efficiently and fast and avoids extra expenses. You can estimate the cost of your home, use energy-saving alternatives or go green, and more.

  • View your design in many ways.
  • Designing tips to build a green home.
  • Manages the interior and exterior lighting.
  • 2D/3D design with auto dimensions that are precise.
  • Cost estimator

Large Object Library

You’ll be amazed by how large the selection of materials is available on the built-in object library. You can choose from thousands of 2D and 3D objects, materials, furnishing, and more. In addition, this latest design software version works faster and easier than before when searching for objects needs when you plan all phases of your home.

Create 3D Designs

With the objects in the library or by building your own, you can create a photorealistic design by customizing the materials used, changing the color, using fabric, and so on. The 3D custom workshop gives you the feel of what your home will look like when it comes to life.

Create a Green Home

If you want to have a more green or environmentally-friendly home, it’s possible with Home and Landscape Design Deluxe. In a single click, all your materials and objects will turn to alternative green designs, and it would even give tips on what to use. There are excellent materials to choose from such as bamboo flooring, recycled materials, and energy-efficient appliances.


Change all the colors or materials used in your doors, walls, ceilings, floors, and so on, as quickly as possible with the SmartWand technology. In just a single click, it changes your entire home. No need to individually change the color or materials.

Intuitive Tips for Designing

There are numerous DIY and how-to tips made for experts and architectural annotation tools for professionals.

Extensive Detailing Tools

The new FloorPlan has tools made for annotating site plans, floor plans, and for proper construction and permits. It also has new tools included in the software which are Callout tools, Level lines, Window and Door label, and Note Marker. Even the line style and fill patterns are improved to provide a great annotation and call out regions for drawing. 

  • Line styles: Add labels
  • Fill patterns and library: New patterns added, the rotation patterns, and downloadable content.
  • Level lines: Best for creating construction documentation by adding labels on drawings.
  • Plan labels: Display the plan names by adding titles and customizing the alignment and font style.
  • Windows and Door labels: Add customizable labels.
  • Note markers: It allows the identification of buildings’ specifications like framing requirements.

2D to 3D Design Plan

Use your single or two-story home design by using it as a 2D tracing layer to view it as a 3D design. You can choose from over 250 plans.

Get 360° View Online

You can view your designs on your browser on any of your devices. It allows you to show your clients a 360° view of your designs for them to see even the smallest details included in your design. 

Measure Your Property and Use Topo Tools

Measure your property line by using the site-planner. Then, you can use the topography tools to trace over topo lines, cut, or add fill to your designs, and more.

Planting Library

Choose from a selection of various flowers, trees, and shrubs to add to your outdoor design. In addition, you can add your plant of choice to your library.

PlantFinder Tool

It searches plants based on your specified parameters, and other factors like climate, sunlight, and more. The plants shown would all be images of real-world plants and can be viewed from different angles.

Design Your Fence

Freely choose the design, material, color, and draw anything on your design.

Outdoor Space

Turn a plain backyard into your own entertainment space by adding a fireplace, kitchen, furniture, and more, You can choose from pre-made Deck and Patio templates and customize it to your desired style. Create your own pool by specifying the size and materials you want.

If you want to plan all phases of your dream home, why not get a copy of FloorPlan, either Home & Landscape Pro or Deluxe. Both versions are made for beginners and professional designers. Hence, you can design your own home without the need to hire a pro.

Our online store, Softvire, offers both FloorPlan software at the best prices. We also have other IMSI or CAD software you might want to check out too.

5 reviews for FloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe

  1. Derren Elliot

    The floorPlan is a full, professional home, and landscape design solution for Windows. Drag and drop to plan every phase of your dream home and outdoor living space, including cost estimation tools.

  2. Gregory McCullen

    I like that it comes with video guides to enhance your skill. In addition, there’s plenty of tools I can add to my design and I can just drag and drop the materials I need. That is why I get to finish creating floorplans faster. No need to individually click on the color or materials I need to add. Even has a cost estimator.

  3. Mildred Hanna

    A great tool to visualize the designs of your clients, share them, and easily make changes. You can either make 2D floor plans or go straight to making 3D designs. You can also give your clients the ability to walk through the design you created for them to know how it feels. The ready-made templates are the best part for me. Since I need to work on multiple projects. it helps me finish my designs without compromising the quality.

  4. Alfred Cooper

    Simple and easy-to-use home design software. I like that once you start the program you have a template available. That makes the designing process quick. Also, I can use the SmartWand to click on an object and change it all at once. When it comes to the tools available I think it’s enough. You have everything you need to create your design. Also, you can easily convert your 2D to 3D designs.

  5. Enrique Smith

    I like the tutorial option as it helps me get used to the software. The drag and drop and quick start were the reasons why I do enjoy using floorplan by IMSI, You can easily create designs in just a few hours.

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