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FloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro w/ Lightworks

(13 customer reviews)

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Impress your clients with a digital blueprint in 2D or 3D presentation and seal the deal.

FloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe w/ Lightworks provides simple drag-and-drop design and automated features for easy home and landscape design. Planning all phases of your home from custom roof, foundation, walls, windows, HVAC, electrical,  and doors is now accessible anytime anywhere.

FloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe w/ Lightworks Product Overview:

  • QuickStart for a simple way to create custom home designs.
  • Floor Plan Trace to scan and trace your own floor plans.
  • Professional Designed Home Plan Templates.
  • Thousands of drag-and-drop symbols, materials, textures, and paint colors.
  • 2D/3D design with precise auto-dimensions.
  • Design Tools, Landscape Tools, Building Structure Tools.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Simulations and Fixtures.
  • Extensive 2D planning tools for annotation.
  • 360° Online Viewer.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • This product is compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

FloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro w/ Lightworks, an intelligent software, provides professional and quality home and landscape design solution for Windows Desktops.

The photorealistic 3D imagination has no limit. You can design and visualize your dream home project without professional experience. Furthermore, the drag and drop is an adaptable user interface where you can plan and design every part of your dream home project and outdoor living space with cost estimation tools. It also ensures quality and positive results.

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Easy Planning and Designing All Phases

Blueprints are manageable using the layers. Simply arrange it according to the phases of your home project – renovation or construction.

Flexible Home Design Tools

One of the powerful predesigned templates, which helps you get started, is found in the QuickStart™ tool. Furthermore, it performs as your tutor or assistant, the QuickStart™ tool has many to offer. Create your own specification and customize your home project or own home.

Wide-range of Decoration or Remodeling Furniture

Decorating or remodeling has thousand of possibilities with IMSI FloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro. You can choose from a product library consisting of prominent brand name materials and furniture. Furthermore, FloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro give you the luxury to experience having these materials or furniture prior to purchasing them. “Green” objects or materials are also available such as bamboo cabinets and flooring, and recycled glass counters to boot.

Adaptable Cabinet Designer

Again, simply drag-and-drop appliances and customize materials, drawers, handles and knobs, shelving, and cabinets. This tool is not only recommended for kitchen and bathroom remodels, but it is also a robust tool for remodeling garage organizations, hallway storage, and media centers.

Extensive 2D Planning

With the new and improved tools of FloorPlan, you can create excellent plans for your designs. It also works for floor plans, annotating plans, and plans that require proper construction and permits. Furthermore, it improves line and fills patterns to easily annotate drawings. New additions, Callout tools, Level Lines, Window and Door label, and Note Markers.

Stunning Visualization and Rendering Works

Start creating stunning rendering works with the help of the built-in LightWorks® Skylight, and customizable object lighting options. In addition, you can create photorealistic interior designs to impress clients and communicate design fast and clear to your builders, contractors, and more.

360° Online Viewer

View and share your 3D models on your browser or on any device. Moreover, export work to the FloorPlan Home & Landscape software and start viewing your projects at 360° view, so, it will give you more ideas on what to add, remove, or improve.

13 reviews for FloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro w/ Lightworks

  1. Nathalee Hall

    Nice software. I just started using turbo cad recently, and I figured it would be challenging, but after a few days, it wasn’t a challenge.

  2. Becca Wood

    This software is perfect for interior designers, but the rendering is not the best. It helps with a lot of the arithmetic and size of the space you like, but it really depends on the program skills.

  3. Precious Donovan

    It makes it easy to design my projects. It accesses professionally designed template drags and drop symbols, and much more, and it also has training videos to help the beginners.

  4. Chris Gilbert

    The drag and drop feature is what I enjoyed the most. It helps me create my floorplans so fast especially when I have plenty of projects

  5. Elizabeth Moore

    Simple, easy to use, and truly built for both amateurs and professionals. It stunned me when I can create designs that look real. The drag-and-drop nature of this software speeds up the process of designing a floorplan. It also impressed my clients, especially when they can view their dream home in 360 degrees.

  6. Rohan McNally

    You can create your floor plan manually and scan it to bring it to the software. You can make edits on the floor plan and even create 3D designs if you need one. When using the 3D feature, it’s very simple to use and fast.

  7. Liza Higgins

    Creating photorealistic home designs has never been this easy and fun with this amateur-friendly floorplan by TurboCAD. The drag and drop features keep thing simple and faster when creating designs. Very uncomplicated unlike other home design software.

  8. Conner Bowler

    Friendly. You can build realistic designs with simple-to-use tools. Haven’t encountered issues yet. Very impressive 3D tools and objects. I can create designs instantly with the drag-and-drop feature and templates available.

  9. Charles Frank

    The drag-and-drop way of adding elements into the design makes the process of designing easy and fast, you can view your design in many ways particularly on 360 view.

  10. Lillie Waller

    Creating 3D and realistic designs to allow your clients to visualize what they want is so easy with IMSI products. I like this version because I can even convert my 2D design to 3D and easily add the details I need with a drag-and-drop process.

  11. Lorenzo Carroll

    It creates beautiful 3D designs that you can take a virtual walkthrough of after creating. It’s easy to handle and you can build a design in less than an hour.

  12. Toby Emerson

    Designing with this software is so easy. There are templates available where you can change the content by dragging and dropping materials and furniture you want. And, it doesn’t freeze or slow down my device at all.

  13. Peter Harper

    A friendly software with easy-to-use tools. Just drag and drop your designs, make them look realistic or you can create 2D plans if needed.

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