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Gecata by Movavi is a software program designed to record game videos with high-quality results. With simple commands, you can launch and record your game and share them with your followers. No lagging, no need to leave your game to press play, and it’s all at an affordable price.

Gecata by Movavi Product Features:

  • Records game while playing.
  • Overlay webcam video to your game video.
  • Record sound effects of your game or you commenting on it
  • 4K quality and up to 120 FPS game recordings.
  • Monitor file size, bit count, and other metrics.
  • This is a digital license product only.
  • Designed for Windows PCs.

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Disclaimer: This is a Digital License product. No physical component is included.

Are you a gamer? Do you want to capture the best moments and share them online? With Gecata by Movavi, you can record the world of games with amazing headshots and epic moments. Get to capture your game using your PC in just a single click with no lags.

Gecata by Movavi has partnered with dozens of popular games like Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Roblox, World of Warcraft, and a lot more. Record your game smoothly with Gecata.

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Record and Play

Start recording your game while playing. No need to leave the game when you hit record. With simple hotkeys, you can start the recording as needed

Overlay a Video

You can share your game videos together with your reactions by overlaying a webcam video on the recorded game footage. Share your reaction while you play to your subscribers on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Record Sound Effects and More

Include sound effects, dialogues, and music to your recording to allow your viewers to be completely immersed in your game. You can also save your audio separately and edit it to your game.

Record with the Best Quality

Record your game in 4K quality and up to 120 FPS.

Take Control of Recordings

Have full control by customizing overlays for monitoring the file size, bit count, and other metrics.

Record Videos Faster

With NVIDIA® NVENC and Intel® HD Graphics, you can encode your video 400% faster.

25 reviews for Gecata by Movavi

  1. Sim Collins

    Great software, nice user interface, and good quality recording. I would like us it again and recommend it to my co-gamers.

  2. Isabella Carter

    This is awesome! This is really great for YouTube videos, and I totally think you should use it. It’s rapid to learn and very easy to use.

  3. Kristen Mcnamara

    A great video recorder that would capture large file sizes and footage with a yellow tinge even better than frames. I haven’t used them in heavy games like LoL or ETS2, but I’m going to let you understand what is going.

  4. Coralie Olivier

    Geeta by Movavi has been developed especially for those who want affordable and realistic streaming and game recording program: it takes a little time to set up, is simple to use, and has all the functionality you’re likely to need.

  5. Emerald Hanson

    Best video recorder ever, even better than the fraps that would capture big file sizes and put a yellow tint on video. I haven’t used it on heavy games like LoL or ETS2, but I will let you know what’s going on there.

  6. Tania Penn

    Good recording software. Mine does not lag at all, even though I have a potato PC.

  7. James Williams

    It works well on most of my games, and the application does what I want—easy streaming and recording.

  8. Santino Molina

    When you want to record high-quality videos of your games Gecata is cut for the task. Very easy to use, install the software then set it up, after which your are good to go. You can even lay a webcam recording on your video and voice recording too.

  9. Casey Ellis

    Best video recorder ever, much better than fraps, which will record on massive file sizes AND add a yellow tint to video; I haven’t used it on hard games like LoL or ETS2, but I will let you know how it does there.

  10. Karen Franklin

    records without slowing down your game and PC. you can add sound effects or a voice-over and a small screen of you playing the game. easy to grasp the use of it.

  11. Mark Bower

    I like creating videos when I’m playing. Gecata keeps up with my needs. It’s affordable too.

  12. Mila Villarreal

    It doesn’t affect the speed of your game. You can include a little screen with you playing the game, sound effects, or voice-over. simple to understand how to utilize it

  13. Christie Atkinson

    Recorded my gaming process smoothly without interruptions at all.

  14. Zane Dowell

    very easy to use, you can even add sound effects and your own voice recording that’s amazing.

  15. Kenneth Paley

    Compared to other game recording software, Gecata is just a click and record tool. There is no steep learning curve. You also don’t get interrupted while playing.

  16. Jaelynn Bender

    Besides one-click recording, you can overlay videos with a webcam video and even add sound effects.

  17. Kyla Montgomery

    It’s great recording software with high-quality videos.

  18. Robert Montgomery

    Hit play and you can start recording your game but sometimes the software makes my gaming process slow. So, I have to stop recording and play again. I don’t know what’s wrong as most reviews online haven’t mentioned the same problem.

  19. Heidi Garrette

    Has high-quality video recording like 4k. It’s simple to use, click play, and recording immediately starts. No need to leave the game to start the recording, amazing!

  20. Jada Jacobson

    similar to how simple the software is. straightforward. You have access to any tool you require. Scan with a single click, and it works smoothly in the background as you use your device to browse the internet and carry out other tasks.

  21. Samantha Boone

    You can record good quality videos, and overlay them with a webcam recording. The quality of the webcam depends on your cam of course, but I like that the software is easy to use. Just make some adjustments then hit record and you’re good to go. there’s no interruption in between recordings too.

  22. Glen McClain

    No interruption when recording and the video quality is amazing.

  23. Yasmine Atkinson

    If you love gaming and sharing your experience, I highly recommend this tool. It records my gaming process smoothly. Never have I experienced any issues with my recording and when there are notifications, it stops them so you won’t get interrupted.

  24. Victor Thompson

    The perfect tool when recording games. No interruption. You can hit record and no need to leave the game or screen when you do so.

  25. Maria Herrera

    a lightweight game recording software that doesn’t crash or hang while I record. I can make high-quality videos and even overlay a video of me playing. It’s so easy to use and I’m not even a pro at doing game recording, but I like Gecata.

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