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Iolo Malware Killer (ESD)

(31 customer reviews)

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Malware Killer is the weapon for existing treacherous malware. This software provides instant protection against undetected malware. With modern technology, threatening malware, newbies such as ransomware are scanned and killed even they infect your computer.

Malware Killer Product Highlights:

  • Cloud-based malware analysis and remediation
  • Eradicates newest types of malware
  • Fast detection time for latest threat outbreaks
  • Features a carefully developed heuristics algorithm
  • Continually adds to a vast “reputation database”
  • Can even detect previously unknown threats
  • One-year subscription plan.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • It is compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Iolo Malware Killer is a leading-edge in detecting malware and diminishing it from an already infected computer. Considered unique, this malware detecting software performs a cloud-based analysis and scanning. Malware killer performs through its heuristic algorithm that leads to the elimination of detection time from a new breakout of malware.

It has features such as Scan Cloud, a cloud-based scanning and analysis tool to detect suspicious files and send to the Scan Cloud Sandbox where it is analyzed.

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Scan and Kill Existing Malware

Malware Killer scans and kills treacherous malware from infected computers. Even “catch me if you can” types of malware can never hide with this malware detection engine.

Find and Diminish Treacherous Malware 

As Iolo Malware Killer discover doubtful files, these files are analyzed in the Scan Cloud Sandbox. After the process, this eccentric malware detection engine progresses into a more robust software.

Secure Surfing Experience

Let Malware killer solve your browser problems. Just get ready for alerts when phishing URLs are present, so, you can avoid clicking on it.

Reduces Detection Time

When a threat is present, your scanning tool doesn’t need to take time. Malware Killer reduces the time to detect threats in the system. Iolo uses a heuristic algorithm for faster scanning as compared to traditional antivirus scanning engines. The heuristic algorithm uses a signature-based algorithm.

31 reviews for Iolo Malware Killer (ESD)

  1. Eloise King

    We are looking for software products that fit well with others and have an improved security level with minimal local resource demand and, of course, at a competitive cost. Thank that I found Iolo.

  2. Marco Wood

    I love how Malware Killer easily locates and destroys viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other malware on my devices using heuristic malware detection methods.

  3. Kelia Baker

    I got this app to help make things run better, and I was very pleased with the results. To my surprise, and the price was good.

  4. Raife Atherton

    This software includes all firewalls, antivirus, ransomware killers, defragmentation. More than a cleaner of the registry. This software is important even though you have a new P.C or Laptop.

  5. Allie Sloan

    My update and installation of the software purchased were done successfully and as soon as possible.

  6. Darrel Koepp

    It’s truly working. It scans and blocks malware on my computer. I don’t have to be worried about viruses and malware on my device anymore.

  7. Samara Miller

    Scanning is fast and doesn’t affect the performance of the computer. It detects threats that are missed by some software that’s why I use it.

  8. Lewis Gill

    I’m happy that this software provides malware analysis and detection for my system.

  9. Justin White

    This excellent tune-up utility defragged the hard drive, deleted junk files, tweaked CPU and ram usage in real-time, and executed other computer enhancing tasks. It is one of the best pc tune-up utilities packed with features and ease of use that makes it worth the money.

  10. Chris Popova

    Gets rid of malware instantly. I have never experienced any attacks then. Not only that, it scans websites and emails too.

  11. Margaret Rose

    Getting rid of threats like viruses is easier and really effective with Iolo. it’s even so simple to manage the tool. Even when you are using your device it runs behind without you noticing its presence. Even blocks threats while in the background.

  12. Gwendolyn Grimes

    when it comes to getting rid of malware threats, I always trust Iolo products, they get to scan your device better than most antivirus. Easy to use, just click on the scan button, then viola! there you have threats you thought weren’t there.

  13. Robyn Mayer

    It’s best to use Iolo alongside other antivirus software because it can get rid of threats that have slipped the scanning of other security software. Simple and easy to navigate and the protection level is even better than other antivirus software.

  14. Karolina Berger

    Use this software along with other antivirus tools. It’s a secondary security software to remove threats that are left by another antivirus. but it’s not good to work on its own.

  15. April Francis

    Gets rid of malware and is even proactive in securing your device

  16. Ava Conroy

    Nothing can hide from Iolo Malware Killer. It’s a great software you must add with other of your antivirus software as it detects malware that wasn’t detected previously. Don’t worry about your computer’s performance because iolo doesn’t take much space from the system, so you don’t experience any slowing down.

  17. Geoffrey Fletcher

    A great tool for removing malware alongside other antivirus software. Quick in detecting the presence of threats.

  18. Maximus Haynes

    It’s good as a companion software, not much when working alone. doesn’t have many features unlike other Iolo software or security software

  19. Max Fisher

    A great companion for your other security software. It’s best when working with another antivirus as it catches threats that aren’t detected by others.

  20. Franklin Lee

    Gets rid of malware in just a single scan. The interface has simple tools and can be easily understood. Even malware missed by other security software can be caught by Iolo Malware Killer

  21. Maxine Chase

    A highly effective malware software that detects threats instantly. It even has a sandbox option for your to run new software you want to install on your PC. The scanning runs smoothly and really detects threats unable to be scanned by some of my antivirus software.

  22. Jill Goodman

    It works with other antivirus software. It’s additional protection if you want to really get rid of the malware.

  23. Kevin Davidson

    Even the latest malware threat can be detected by Iolo. I like that it is simple with features that you don’t have to spend time learning.

  24. Vincent Cole

    Good enough to provide me with the security I need. Really blocks malware of any kind.

  25. Bree Partridge

    Really does remove malware left by other antivirus software, Very dedicated to its function and doesn’t take much of my devices resources

  26. Fred Benson

    effectively detects malware. Easy to use, just install and hit scan. I use it together with another antivirus software to make sure that my PC is scanned well.

  27. Persephone Ridley

    Perfectly gets rid of malware that goes undetected. software is straightforward, scan button is present. Just click on it and you’ll have results instantly.

  28. Alfred Summers

    Perfect for dealing with malware. The scanning immediately picks up if a threat is present. Even when you are online and searching the web, the software manages to protect you from opening or downloading a site with malware.

  29. Mabel Pearson

    I have been using this software for months and it works best alongside other antivirus software. The scanning features are fast and its ability to detect malware that is left undetected by other security software.

  30. Alexandra Weeks

    Iolo malware is an effective malware detection software. The scanning is fast, so when your antivirus software missed a threat, Iolo catches it.

  31. Dylan Gentry

    it removes malware instant or quarantines suspicious folders. Very effective and work in the background without affecting the performance of your device. You can also run a complete scan if you want.

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