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Iolo Search & Recover (ESD)

(27 customer reviews)

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Let Search & Recover saves your deleted important files! This reliable recovery software retrieves everything on your drives including photos, videos, email messages, and complicated programs. Perform a one-click recovery!

Search & Recover (ESD) Product Highlights:

  • Mirrors the whole drives to prevent future data loss.
  • Quick and easy recovery of email messages from Microsoft Outlook and more.
  • Recover files from any devices and drives.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PCs.
  • License is renewable after 1 year.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Iolo’s Search and Recover is a file recovery software used for instances when the user needs to rescue critical work and files that have been lost or deleted accidentally. It allows the retrieval of content like documents, music, photos, emails, video, or even the entire folder. Furthermore, you can even rescue damaged or destroyed files too.

You can also retrieve email messages from Eudora, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Netscape.

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Trusted Back-up

Search & Recover serves as your ultimate backup for your essential files such as videos, photos, programs, and documents. It replicates the full copy of your drives to prevent file loss. Plus, your misplaced data or files are now recoverable. With Search& Backup, you can find your misplaced files or data.

Massive Scan

This powerful software executes an advanced quick scan to recover even your damaged deleted files.

Simplified Recovery

Easy to use recovery software, a single click will do – retrieve your deleted files -destroyed or accidentally deleted and set up a full backup for it.

Recover Files from Devices, Drives, and More

You can recover files and other digital media from devices such as cameras, music players, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, and more. You can also recover your files on different drives such as USB, FireWire, and more. Even emails from popular email providers and data from malfunctioning or damaged drives and devices can be recovered.


The SmartScan searches lost files or data so you can retrieve files immediately and start working.


Locate deleted files even if it has been removed for years.

Safe Storage and Backup

You can store and backup your files safely with Iolo.

27 reviews for Iolo Search & Recover (ESD)

  1. Winifred Davies

    Awesome software! I like the speedy data recovery from this product.

  2. Kevin Chen

    I am very pleased with the results. For instance, I run a regular SmartScan search for images and videos intended to extract most of the data and filter out unnecessary files.

  3. Gustava Bell

    So far it’s performing as advertised. Fairly quiet in the back, but the need for an additional charge after the first year may be a concern for others. I’ve got three units to cover so getting them all secured at the same price is a huge bonus.

  4. Abigail McFarland

    Searches your files and other folders quickly. It can retrieve even deleted documents

  5. Rachelle Duncan

    Very helpful in tight spots where I need to recover a deleted file. I can also help recover deleted Outlook email messages if needed.

  6. Georgina Cobb

    I like the speedy data recovery from this product.

  7. Bernadette Bayer

    This tool is so easy to use. All you do is point, click, and your lost files are recovered. Overall, worth the investment.

  8. Stacy Underwood

    Very useful tool. I use it to recover emails I’ve accidentally deleted. Also, I can use it to backup files and media.

  9. John Craig

    Use for locating missing or deleted files and it works.

  10. Zaniah Collier

    I use this to back up my files in case of unwanted issues. But it’s also used for locating missing documents or deleted emails. It’s very simple to use Iolo, just type the name of the document and it will easily scan your device for its location.

  11. Aimee Blackwell

    You can use Iolo Search and Recover if you can’t find your files. I often use them so I don’t have to check on individual folders anymore.

  12. Mandy Davenport

    It recovers lost files, even those that are not on your folders, and it even scans for deleted emails too. it’s even a great tool to backup your files.

  13. Queenie Anderson

    I really trust this software to help me with my missing file. It can search for it in places you’ll never imagine your file to be. Also, it works for accidentally deleted emails, but I haven’t tried it on my emails, but I recommend this for files your need.

  14. Albert Bailey

    simple to begin with, you can search files that are even those deleted from the recycle bin.

  15. Sonney Casey

    Proven effective. I accidentally need to recover my deleted files from the recycle bin, but it was permanently deleted. When I ran Iolo Search and Recover, it was able to retrieve the files from I don’t know what driver. It’s amazing!

  16. Jeremiah Phelps

    No matter what email provider I use, I can rely on Iolo whenever I accidentally deleted an email. Also, an excellent software for searching files I’ve deleted a long time ago and need them now.

  17. Lily Sampson

    Useful when you work on multiple files and you might lose some of them. Search and recover can retrieve it anywhere, even when removed from your computer.

  18. Jason Vega

    It really searches for files you have already deleted from your computer and recycle bin. It says that it can retrieve deleted emails but I haven’t given that a try though.

  19. Patrick Barnett

    When you accidentally delete a file or miss them, Iolo can search for them for you. It even searches for missing emails too. What a handy tool.

  20. Rhett Dobson

    it’s not much but it really comes in handy when you lost a file on your device, especially if you have a lot of documents on your device

  21. Tyler Kelley

    Great software! It was able to detect some of my deleted files.

  22. Kimberly Frye

    I got to retrieve the files that I need long ago that have been deleted. It works as it is described.

  23. Pippa Chapman

    lost, deleted, or misplaced Iolo can take care of everything. It even works on my emails too.

  24. Devine McDorritt

    If anything’s gone missing you must really use Iolo Search and Recover. It can locate your files anywhere on your device.

  25. Tobias Pollard

    A great backup software. You can easily find what you need including your deleted emails.

  26. Colette Howell

    What an amazing tool! It really can find documents I have long deleted from my computer and the recycle bin. Really amazing.

  27. Sydney Hanes

    Pretty useful when you handle a lot of documents and can find some of them. It goes beyond searching common folders. Even if you have erased your recycle bin, Iolo can still locate the file.

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