Kaspersky Internet Security

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Get the exact digital protection you and your system needs from Kaspersky Internet Security. Stop ransomware and other malicious files while maintaining your system’s performance with efficient antivirus software from Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Easily save your system from critical states.
  • Control access to sensitive files and applications using a Password shield.
  • Never sacrifice your PC’s performance.
  • Protects against new and emerging threats.
  • Keep your private information secure when online.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • This product is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Kaspersky Internet Security NZ goes beyond being a simple antivirus package. Secure your devices from all manners of online threats to ensure your online privacy with Kaspersky’s strong system protection features.

Kaspersky Internet Security download and activation keys at the best prices from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts for Kaspersky NZ products, there’s no other place to get the best protection for you and your system.

Strong Basic Protection

Never settle for less than perfection. Protect yourself from the latest emerging digital threats with Kaspersky Internet Security.

Advanced Security in the Right Places

Block any harmful connection and files from accessing your system. Kaspersky’s advanced firewall and ad-blocking technology lockdown any malicious threats to your system before they can do damage. In addition, prevent network and spam attacks just by having Kaspersky installed.

Unbeatable Privacy Protection

Stop keyloggers and screen capturers from stealing your important information. Never be vulnerable again when you shop, surf, and bank online with Kaspersky.

Three-layered Protection

Nothing can pass Kapersky, since it is secured with three layers of protection. It will guard your device and data from common threats like viruses and ransomware to complicated ones like cryptolockers.

It proactively scans or searches for threats hiding on your device. Once it detects threats, in real-time, it will block them immediately. Furthermore, before allowing files of software to install it isolates and checks for threats. If a threat is present, it will be removed immediately.

Filter Emails for Scammers

You don’t have to worry about accidentally opening a phishing link. Internet Security by Kaspersky’s Anti-phishing feature searches for suspicious links whenever you open an email. It will warn users of links that are unsafe. Now, you can protect your bank details and passwords from scammers.

Scan for Safe Wi-Fi Connect

Make sure that your network is safe from hackers. Scan them to search for suspicious activities or hackers disguising as a Wi-Fi network. 

PC Privacy Cleaner

Get rid of all records, files, passwords, bank details, and so on using the Privacy Cleaner. It will permanently remove all your computer’s content, so no one can retrieve or access them when they use your device.

Two-way Firewall Protection

The built-in two-way firewall monitors your Wi-Fi connection and at the same time informs you if the network is unsecured. It helps you stay away from an unsafe network connection, so hackers won’t gain access to your device.

Safe Money

Wanting to pay online or transfer some money? With Kaspersky, you can safely shop or manage your bank account. The Safe Money feature will automatically switch to a bank-grade browser that is strongly encrypted. Here you can log into your account or pay without hackers watching over your details or personal information.

Start protecting your device and data from online threats and get the peace of mind you need. Buy Kaspersky Internet security or get the ultimate protection Kaspersky Total Security NZ at Softvire!



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21 reviews for Kaspersky Internet Security

  1. Kallum Huerta

    Kaspersky is one of the best software out there. It comes with some cool extra features, and it’s effortless to use. But before you use this product, there are a few important things you need to know about Kaspersky’s “Cloud Protection” functionality.

  2. Marlow Tayten

    It’s been a perfect security program for us to use. Grateful for the service and help earned from the consumer, simple to use and follow. Upgrades are also simple to use.

  3. Breanna Torres

    I have used it for at least three years and never had a problem. Friends have experienced virus’s on their PC’s, and I always recommend Kaspersky! Afterward, they tell me they are also happy with it! I will never use a different one!

  4. Ross Ericson

    When it comes to malware and virus protection, I will always choose Kaspersky. It has extra features that very useful for me. I am a Kaspersky user since then, and since then, I don’t encounter any problem.

  5. Dysis Gomez

    It’s easy to install on our devices such as PC, laptop, and android phones. It guarantees me that it works every day. Has nice features like a secure wireless connection. Does a nice dashboard that displays in a convenient position all relative Kaspersky results.

  6. Henry Torres

    It’s well done to secure the PC. Just the time required for the scan is the issue I knew. It will be easier to search the whole computer in less time.

  7. Natalia Bird

    The customer support team was very helpful. Thank you so much.

  8. Alesha Watts

    We had to transfer a lot of our operations online because of the pandemic. Thank you Softvire for being helpful in that process until our next order.

  9. Agnes Hamond

    I spend a lot of time online and I realized early on, as you spend more and more time online, that protection must be a priority. Thankful for this software.

  10. Keira Reyes

    Excellent protection against all kinds of malware, just like viruses, and I like how it ads support for my Mac and mobile plus the extra protection from credit theft and phishing scams.

  11. Julia Garner

    Superior online protection I’ve ever tried. Can’t get enough of it. It’s the best protection I’ve ever made. It even protects your emails and scans links or files attached to them.

  12. Callan Frost

    It worked very well on my PC. Performance has been maintained, and usability has been excellent. I felt secure every time I used my PC. However, Kaspersky has a decent reputation, a bit on the pricey side, and this software lives up to it.

  13. Cheyenne Klee

    All my online activities are safe. It scans every part of my device including my emails and prevents me from opening spam.

  14. Daniel Conner

    Every online activity is secured so that no hackers and trackers can have a chance to see your private information or send you pesky and annoying ads. It includes firewall protection to monitor the traffic on your server.

  15. Matthew Cortez

    The best online security software I have tried so far. It secures my online activities by blocking websites that are infected and stores my password for me to use complex and strong passwords. Scanning of the device is fast, particularly if it gets used to your computer.

  16. Lennon Fletcher

    Multiple protection or layers of security.

  17. Joselyn May

    Online protection, email filter, device scanner, and there are lots of helpful security features.

  18. Douglas Lawrence

    It’s the best security software I have used for years. It gives me the best protection whenever I go online. First, it runs in the background so when threats are present it stops it immediately. Second, spam messages are blocked, and when I read my email, it scans the content attached to it before I can download it. I have no problem with my device too, as it runs smoothly even if Kaspersky is active.

  19. Jeff Emmerich

    I really like how effective this software is. Every time I do some online research it runs in the background and immediately blocks sites that are malicious. It comes with a password manager so I save all my passwords and I can easily log in to my accounts when needed with a single click.

  20. Elizabeth Molina

    Fast scan. Protects websites I try to open, and secure every time I log in to my accounts

  21. Daphne Armstrong

    advance online security. I’ve been using it for a while now and it has improved the security of my computer.

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