Kaspersky I Premium

From $24.67

Protect your digital life with our most comprehensive plan, which includes award-winning antivirus, privacy and identity protection, performance optimization, and essential premium features:


  • Fast, unlimited VPN (annual value of $62.95)
  • Secure Password Manager and Vault (annually valued at $18.99)
  • Premium 24/7 remote IT support (annual value of $50.86)


Compatible with: Windows®, macOS®, Android™, iOS®

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.


Protect your digital life with our ultimate plan, which includes award-winning antivirus, privacy and identity protection, performance optimization, and other essential premium features!


The Softvire online store provides the most affordable Kaspersky Premium downloads and activation keys. There is no better place to obtain the most effective protection for you and your system than with our exceptional deals and discounts on Kaspersky products.


Malicious Link Detector

Uses data from the Kaspersky Security Network to analyze connections on the websites you visit, alerting you to malicious web addresses and color-coding URLs according to their threat level.


Network Attack Blocker

Detects suspicious activity and prevents direct attacks, preventing cybercriminals from endangering your computer’s performance or compromising your security.


Emergency Recovery

You can save your device from existing viruses by downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk onto a USB flash drive and launching it on the infected computer to recover the operating system and data.


Application Vulnerability Scan

Scan and identify vulnerabilities in pre-installed applications to help prevent infections.


Hard Drive Health Monitor

Notifies you if your hard drive is about to fail, allowing you to back up your images, files, and data.


App and Software Updater

Reminds you to install software updates so that your PC runs as quickly and easily as possible and you always have the latest security.


Entertainment Mode

Ensures zero interruptions while gaming or using an app in full-screen mode, while protecting invisibly in the background. It detects full-screen mode automatically and ceases running scans and displaying security alerts, with the exception of critical alerts.


Smart Home Monitor

Monitors your smart home system, displays the security of your home Wi-Fi, and notifies you immediately if a new device wishes to connect.


Online Payment Protection

Directs you to a bank-grade protected browser when you conduct an online transaction, preventing hackers from accessing your credit card and financial information. Facilitates safer cryptocurrency investment.


Data Leak Checker

Notifies you if your private account information is leaked on the internet or dark web, and provides guidance on how to prevent future breaches.


Protect your device and data from online hazards in order to feel secure. Buy Kaspersky Plus from our online store at Softvire!


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