Kaspersky Small Office Security

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Kaspersky Small Office Security gives your business world class protection without all the hassle. Protect your organization’s digital infrastructure against online attacks, financial fraud, ransomware, and data loss when you have Kaspersky installed.

Kaspersky Small Office Security Product Highlights:

  • The web-based portal has everything you need.
  • Protects laptops. desktops, mobile devices, and file servers.
  • Easy to install.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports up to 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 users on Windows, macOS, and Android devices for 1 year.

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Protect yourself and your organization with Kaspersky Small Office Security – the digital security package designed for small businesses. Enjoy a variety of protection options that cover the needs of organizations no matter the size and structure.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Give your IT professionals more time to focus on other tasks without worrying about your organization’s digital security. Kaspersky Small Office Security is so easy to set up that it lets you “set and forget” your settings with no danger to your digital infrastructure.

Full Coverage Protection

Keep your laptops, mobile devices, desktops, and sensitive information secure from malicious software with Kaspersky Small Office Security. With just one package, your whole organization can enjoy world-class digital protection. It also keeps your business safe from threats like ransomware, phishing attacks, and more.

File Server Safe

In addition to standard device protection, fortify organization’s digital infrastructure from all manner of digital threats by securing your file servers.

Manage with Just One Portal

Enjoy Kaspersky’s easy-to-use web portal containing all the settings you would ever need to modify. In addition, you won’t fiddle around without unfamiliar settings and controls with a straightforward interface.

Keeps You Focus on Your Business

Kaspersky doesn’t demand much of your attention. You don’t have to worry about threats or any issue that much, as it is designed to manage the problems. Therefore, letting users focus on their business.

Secure Passwords in a Single Place

The built-in password manager of Kaspersky allows you to secure all of your passwords and credit card information in one place. So, all you need to remember is a single, master password. Furthermore, you’ll get a notification if your password is considered weak or needs to be changed.


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29 reviews for Kaspersky Small Office Security

  1. Pete Bartholomeusz

    Solid security software. You would purchase this specifically for the server protection. Otherwise, there is no point in buying this version. The user interface is relatively streamlined. It does include a Safe Money app and it essentially wants you access and payment related websites on the app for more protection. They also offer a data encryption app.

  2. Amaan Harrison

    Kaspersky gives protection to all our devices at home. My wife and I are both working at home, also my kids. So, we need antivirus for all our devices. To keep protected from malware and virus that may attack our devices. I am mainly working at a bank, and it’s essential to protect our clients’ personal information.

  3. Beverly Knapp

    It is what I’ve been using for years to protect many small businesses. I can manage my small team with this protection software. It even strengthens the protection of our admin accounts. I have less worry since using this.

  4. Deborah Wilson

    We are a small company that takes security seriously. Kaspersky gives us assurance about our security in the office and when we work remotely.

  5. Paula Henderson

    Thank you, Softvire, for your quick response.

  6. Jose Martinez

    Customer service was exceptional. They gave us a great offer for the service.

  7. Tina Green

    Great offer and thankful for the software. Customer service was very helpful in choosing the right offer for our needs.

  8. Jake Moore

    We are a small team of remote workers and needed to protect our work and company from cyberattacks. Customer service gave the recommendation and we are happy with the software.

  9. Stacey Webster

    Kaspersky provides a fine service that fits what I need. We are a small company that is fast becoming mobile and working remotely. The types of devices we use are diverse that is why Kaspersky fits our needs. We take advantage of the web portal that has all that we need.

  10. Camden Peters

    This antivirus has protected me from destructive viruses. When I bought a new laptop, it was almost 5 years ago that I first learned of this brand. I have asked Softvire support which antivirus was the best, and Kaspersky has been suggested. I’m extremely pleased.

  11. Dru Sharp

    We are happy to get reassurance regarding local and online protection for the few computers we have in the office.

  12. Sarah Baldwin

    This security package is just right for our needs as a company.

  13. Aliyah Grant

    This program helps my business. It delivers everything I need from the security server and PC plus the unique Management Center that allows us to manage our entire office’s security in one computer easily.

  14. Alishia Morgan

    I have used it for at least three years and never had a problem. Friends have experienced virus’s on their PC’s, and I always recommend Kaspersky! Afterward, they tell me they are also happy with it! I will never use a different one!

  15. Zach Hibbert

    As a business owner, securing my data and my customers is my number one priority, but antivirus software out there is incompetent or expensive. When I’ve found Kaspersky Small Office, I’m glad that it provides the best quality of protection and security my devices and data need. Particularly my email, Kaspersky keeps guard of it so as to avoid the dreadful phishing emails on my inbox.

  16. Mac Hanes

    Absolute protection for multiple of my devices. I don’t have to worry of any attack as I can monitor how small business devices are being used.

  17. Frannie Quail

    It’s all-in-one protection for multiple devices for many small businesses. It updates automatically and even encrypts data. Scanning can be full or quick.

  18. Nicholas Herring

    It’s the perfect protection for my small business.

  19. Noel Banner

    Good protective software that I can control and manage for my small team. It protects my files, passwords, server, online activities, and more. Since I can protect up to 10 users, I keep other mobile devices protected too.

  20. Conner Houston

    Since it’s made for businesses, it has a single admin control where you can secure all the devices on one site. I like that it has dedicated security protection by protecting the files server from different threats.

  21. Leonora Shaffer

    If you need protection for multiple devices and one for your small business, Small Office Security by Kaspersky is worth the investment. It protects multiple devices, up to 25 I think. The advanced scanning feature makes sure that no threats like ransomware get the chance to enter your computer. It even proactively blocks phishing emails.

  22. Evelyn Tucker

    I was once a victim of a data breach, and it almost shut down my business. Now, I take security seriously to the point that I invest only in the best software that can provide me with what I need. I find that Kaspersky can help secure my devices and my employees from online threats. It even blocks phishing emails and sites, which can lead to exposure of information.

  23. Dillan Randall

    There are a lot of protection features in this software and you can even use it on more than five devices. You can choose how many devices you want to protect, and it’s really a great option for small businesses. It’s even much more affordable than other security software.

  24. Nigel Ritter

    Give you complete control over the security of your business and devices connected to it.

  25. Vance Callahan

    It’s a great security protection for multiple devices. The features are high-end with one of the best protection and much more affordable than other antivirus for your business.

  26. Baldwin Collins

    Kaspersky gets to secure my small business’s devices. It’s exactly what I need. I can control the settings and when it scans devices for threats or updates. The best part, I don’t have to worry my employees will click on any phishing emails. That’s one thing I don’t want to happen.

  27. Melania Dennis

    If you run a small business and need affordable security software, this Kaspersky line is much recommended. Aside from keeping multiple devices safe, it even protects from those dreadful phishing emails.

  28. Ezekial Hershel

    If you run a small business, I highly recommend this product. I have been using it for years. I have 5 employees and this software manages and monitors the devices they use. We have avoided phishing links from our emails, and our accounts are all safe up until today.

  29. Rob Sweeney

    You can easily set up how you want your devices to get protected and then it runs in the background with not much attention needed.

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