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Kaspersky Total Security

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This license valid in NZ territories only.

Get the latest advanced protection for all your devices with Kaspersky Total Security. Kaspersky’s covers protection for your PC devices with just one subscription at a reasonable price.

Kaspersky Total Security Product Highlights:

  • Secure your passwords, files, and photos with one suite.
  • Bank and shop online without worries.
  • Protect your family whenever they’re online.
  • This software purchase is a digital license or a physical copy.
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Kaspersky Total Security for PC and Mac is the perfect digital security solution for homes and small teams. Get world-class multi-device protection for your devices with just one subscription.

Get your Kaspersky Total Security download and activation keys at the best prices from Softvire NZ. You won’t find better deals and discounts for Kaspersky products anywhere else!

Top-notch Security

Protect your computer using just one subscription. In addition, stay protected with Kaspersky Total Security’s award-winning antivirus package.

Privacy Assured

Make private files unrecoverable even after a deletion with a click of a button. In addition, prevent access to your webcams and stop hackers from spying on you.

Bank & Shop Without Worries

With Kaspersky Safe Money, add an extra layer of security to your online shopping and banking. Prevent hackers from capturing your financial and credit card information whenever you make sensitive online transactions.

The Right Family Protection

Parental Control features give you powerful options to keep your family safe from online predators. Control access to approved websites and require parental authorization when sensitive information is being shared online.

No Interruptions

Kaspersky Total Security works behind the scenes without disturbing your work and play. In addition, experience amazing device performance even when Kaspersky is running in the background.

Protection Against Viruses and More

Online threats are disturbing. It steals your personal information and even destroys devices. Threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, and others should not be allowed to enter your device’s system. Hence, Total Security makes sure to keep you away from it. 

With its artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis, it will scan, detect, and remove cyber threats. Keeping your devices safe.

In addition, it doesn’t interrupt or affect the performance of your PC when it is scanning. So, your PC runs smoothly while being protected

Secure Emails from Phishing Scams

With Total Security’s Anti-phishing checker, no suspicious links or attacked files can get away from it. Once you open your email, it will immediately warn you of the content so you won’t click on the infected link. Now, you don’t have to worry about clicking on spoof sites stealing your personal data.

Protect Multiple Devices

Get to secure not only one but up to 3 devices for one year’s subscription. Install on your Mac or Windows and activate the license, so you can start protecting multiple devices. Stay safe even when you’re on the go.

Block Webcam Spy

Keep safe with the ability to block unauthorized apps from gaining access to your webcam. You’ll create a list of apps and programs that can only access your webcam.

Secure Files 

Lock up your valuable files and data on an encrypted vault provided by Kaspersky. Data Encryption will secure your files with a special cipher and strong password that hackers won’t be able to read your files.

Password Manager

With premium access to Total Security, you’ll get Kaspersky Password Manager for free. It allows you to store passwords, usernames, bank details, and more. It suggests you create strong passwords for your account. In addition, you can auto-login to save time.


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26 reviews for Kaspersky Total Security

  1. Xyrus Markson

    I have used Kaspersky Total Security or Kaspersky Internet Security for a number of years. On the whole I am very happy with the Kaspersky products. One issue that I had with Total Internet Security and with Kaspersky Total Security ESD that I just purchased is that Kaspersky is blocking all secure sites that I try to view with a Firefox browser. I had to tweak the network settings in KTS to be able to view these secure sites. The only other browser that I have tested is Internet Explorer. I have no problems viewing https:// websites with Internet Explorer.

  2. Jorell Walker

    For a few years now, I’ve been using Kaspersky. And never had any virus and other problems. Although you’ll never know when you got stuck with several scams/web viruses in this aged Internet that appears, you’ll never know more security than ever.

  3. Bonnie Dixon

    Awesome software. The company I work for uses it, so I have it on my personal computer. I have never been hacked. It’s great at stopping spyware and malware, as well as viruses.

  4. Frederick Patton

    It does an excellent job of protecting our devices at home against all manner of internet threats. Thank you!

  5. Aviana Paul

    I’ve tried other programs, but Kaspersky always caught and disposed of any “intruders.” The best thing is that when working in the background, the computer does not slow down. On all computers I use Kaspersky, and the cost is very fair.

  6. Chris Phelps

    I’ve been reading about Total Security from blogs and articles. I purchased to get security for my family. I got the subscription for 3 computers to cover the 3 computers we have at home.

  7. Salma Larson

    My husband and I are quite busy. He works online because of the change in the work environment and protocol due to the pandemic. I do homeschool with our children. We have 2 computers and Kaspersky is able to provide local and online protection for the devices used by the family. And the advanced parental control keeps the learning environment for our kids safe and secure.

  8. Vincent Peterson

    I purchased the subscription license for 1 PC. What an affordable offer! I get Kaspersky for less than $20 for 1 year subscription.

  9. Francis Donaldson

    A few months ago, we just experienced a data breach. We didn’t want that to happen again. Softvire was recommended to us. We’re happy with this product. Thank you for the customer service.

  10. Bunny Pope

    It gives me the security I need, and overall protection for multiple devices, It also scans my device without causing it to lag.

  11. Deborah Jones

    I am using Kaspersky for almost two years because it works perfectly for me. I’ve used many antiviruses, but Kaspersky is one of the best. It comes with excellent features and doesn’t slow down my laptop.

  12. Dolores Bradley

    Total protection that keeps my devices safe from all threats.

  13. Karlee Wright

    There’s a lot of protection it offers.

  14. Nicole Ziemann

    I use my Kaspersky on 3 of my devices and all of which get the promised security. I can safely browse online as some dangerous websites are blocked. Also, I can schedule the time when I want my devices to be scanned

  15. Isabel Boyer

    Always the best security software that is affordable and packed with all kinds of tools to keep your device protected. Compatible with any OS and multiple devices

  16. Taylor Daniel

    Kaspersky never lets me down. I like that it has everything I need, from securing my online activities to all my passwords and files. I can even recover files I’ve deleted for a while. Parental control, although I don’t use it is great for those who need to check on their kids’ activities. I wished they’ll offer more than a year subscription.

  17. Eliza Beasley

    It gives you the option to scan automatically or manually. You can also get real-time scanning, which means that it runs in the background without affecting your device’s performance.

  18. Nina Leonard

    It has all the protection you need to secure your device and its content.

  19. Lindsay Noble

    It works on multiple devices. All have the protection I need and I can share the account with my family.

  20. Denise Ewing

    It has everything I need, from VPN to the best password protection for my accounts. Also, I like the parental control to monitor what my kids are surfing and to keep them safe too.

  21. Collin Neenham

    complete. fast. great as it can cover multiple devices at once

  22. Richard Schmeler

    Kaspersky gives my computer and other devices the protection it needs. Also, I have no issue purchasing this item. There was no delay in the transaction, and I get to install the software immediately.

  23. Jeremiah McGuire

    My favorite protection. It has all that I need at the most affordable price. You can even choose to protect multiple or a single device. If you need all security tools get yourself a Kaspersky.

  24. Cary Olson

    I can get peace of mind with total security. It’s reliable at all times. Whenever I accidentally open a website that’s unsafe, it blocks it immediately. Now, I enjoy my time on the internet doing whatever I need without worrying about viruses on my computer.

  25. Jaidon Davison

    All the protection I need and protects multiple devices.

  26. Ralph Cortez

    It has all the security features you’ll need.

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