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Protect your devices and data from the worst digital threats using McAfee Internet Security 2019. Transact online without fear with McAfee’s award-winning device protection installed on your system.

McAfee Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Secure all your devices through a single subscription
  • Defend your data and system with award-winning antivirus technology.
  • Log in securely and easily using the True Key app.
  • Manage all your devices from the Security Management Console.
  • Get warning about potentially harmful websites and email before opening them.
  • This software purchase is a digital license
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android devices.
  • This purchase is for a 1-year subscription.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Guarantee your system’s safety using McAfee Internet Security – the award-winning digital security package. Eliminate malicious software before it can do damage to your family’s devices using the best McAfee protection software.

Get McAfee Internet Security at the best price from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts, you’ll never have to worry about being vulnerable online, especially with Internet Security installed on your device.

Protection Across the Board

From desktop to mobile, protect all your devices using a single subscription.

Login with One-click

Login to your devices, favorite sites, and applications with ease using True Key Identity Manager. Use facial recognition and other customizable attributes unique to you to ensure total security.

Maintain & Protect

Keep your PCs and mobile devices at peak performance using a host of optimization tools that come with McAfee.

Free McAfee Expert Care

Gain access to expert-backed technical support, security advisors, and customer service during your subscription’s lifespan.

Cyberthreat Protection

Cyberthreats are the biggest threat online, so proper protection is needed to keep safe from them. McAfee Internet Security provides one of the best protections online. 

Stay safe from malicious codes that can exploit or steal data from devices. You can also avoid threats that could encrypt your data, fake websites that disguise as a legitimate website and spam email.

Multiple Device Protection

Get the protection you need on all your devices. So now, you don’t have to worry about your other devices at all.

Aside from unlimited device protection, Softvire also offers McAfee Internet Security 1 and 3 devices with 1-year McAfee Internet Security protection.

Parental Control

Keep your kids safe from online content that is inappropriate for their age, Furthermore, you can limit the time online.

Permanent File Removal

Delete your files permanently from your device with the file shredder. 


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17 reviews for McAfee Internet Security

  1. Irvine Sanford

    It is a fundamental component that is essential for every region and area of the association, given its capacities as a content tool to make archives and as information table administration to help bookkeeping.

  2. Roy Huynh

    The antivirus software we have still to this day, seemed to work the best for our family computers. I loved using it and it always keeps our computers safe, without a lot of trouble or effort for me and my children. It warns us when there’s an issue and then it shows me how to fix it in easy detail or it does it itself and tells me.

  3. Mekia Le

    McAfee internet security was one of the best security software that I’ve used since then. It gave me the confidence to access all the sites that I really want to open. It secures my devices well.

  4. Radbert Bryce

    I like McAfee because I can use it on all of my devices, from Desktop to phone. When I purchased my current laptop, it came withMcAfee’sMcAfeeand I have used it since.

  5. Kyrielle Bailey

    McAfee Internet has served me well through the years I have used it. The product was easy to install. Once I had questions and concerns, their customer service department helped offer professional and friendly service.

  6. Mae Santiago

    I bought from Softvire, many many times. I still talk to the same people. Always helpful. Thanks, guys.

  7. Bruce Mejia

    This program is installed in all our devices at home. Kaspersky is a well-known antivirus software that we trust would protect us from malware and viruses.

  8. Victor Davis

    Being online, whether work, entertainment or learning, is a reassuring experience knowing McAfee is on top of keeping my device and my data from intrusion.

  9. Carey Goodwin

    McAfee is one of the most common and popular antiviruses for professionals. The latest versions are very competent for software design and structure. Still, since both of them have their drawbacks, and one of them is that they’re not as fast as other antiviruses, certain viruses escape, and Internet browsing is slowing down.

  10. Barbara Malone

    McAfee is the best option to protect my laptop from viruses and malware. I am pleased and satisfied with all the functions it has and the benefits it provides.

  11. Khloe Hatland

    The greatest online protection I have ever tried

  12. Ellis Hope

    It keeps my computer safe and has more features that are useful and effective than other antivirus but there are some viruses that escape although not that often.

  13. Jordon Brooks

    Ultimate protection for multiple devices. You can even protect your accounts and passwords with a built-in password manager. I haven’t used the parental control feature but I’m sure it’s outstanding as other features. The scanning was easy even when I first run it on my device. Of course, it took time because I fully scanned my PC.

  14. Evalyn Corwin

    Gotta say this is hands down the best internet security software I have tried. I get the protection I need at all times.

  15. Antone Conrad

    Absolute favorite security software of all time. It’s packed with high-end tools like scanning of links, email, and device content,

  16. Michelle Owens

    One-click security. Can protect multiple devices.

  17. Farhaan Howe

    great security for multiple devices. I like that it not only scans your device but also includes websites and email.

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