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McAfee LiveSafe

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McAfee LiveSafe is the complete digital security package that keeps you and your family’s devices safe against the worst digital threats. With LiveSafe, never worry about data breaches and invasions of privacy.

McAfee LiveSafe Product Highlights:

  • Keep your data safe using file encryption.
  • Manage your passwords for multiple devices.
  • Get warned about dangerous websites using safe browsing mode.
  • Supports one Windows, macOS, or Android device.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Protect your system using award-winning digital defense software with McAfee Livesafe. With comprehensive protection for PCs, macOS, and mobile devices, Livesafe has everything and more that digital security reviews look for in software.

Get McAfee Livesafe download keys from Softvire NZ at the best prices. Our great deals and discounts bring world-class multi-device protection from McAfee closer to you and your family.

Award-winning Protection

McAfee’s award-winning antivirus system blocks unwanted software and digital threats before they can do damage to your system.

Data and Identity Protection

Surf and shop online without any worries as McAfee keeps your data private using advanced information security. In addition, McAfee prevents keyloggers and phishers from acquiring your personal information no matter how they do it.

Safe Browsing Online

Get warned about suspicious downloads and websites when you surf online with McAfee.

Advanced Password Manager

Manage your passwords using Livesafe to get secure one-click log-ins across multiple devices. In addition, you can store multiple passwords, credit card numbers, and more.

Powerful File Encryption

Make sure that important files are kept under lock and key using McAfee Livesafe File Encryption. So, never have vulnerable data assets with McAfee Livesafe installed.

Unlimited Protection

Get all the protection you need to protect all your devices. Hence, you can secure devices from PC to iOS. 

Parental Control

Worrying about your kid’s safety online? Now, you don’t have to! McAfee Livesafe 2019 has a parental control feature to keep your children safe from websites that contain inappropriate content. In addition, you can limit their screen time block search results that are not kid-friendly.

Minimal Effect on the Performance

Some antivirus affects the performance of PCs while running in the background. But Livesafe runs in the background without you noticing it. It has no impact on the system of your device, not slowing down or affecting the performance at all.

Get your McAfee Livesafe key today and see what McAfee Livesafe reviews are raving about.

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23 reviews for McAfee LiveSafe

  1. Erin Thomson

    McAfee keeps my data private using advanced information security. It also prevents keyloggers and phishers from acquiring my personal information no matter how they do it. And I can surf and shop online.

  2. Elisse Sutherland

    McAfee came with my laptop and it offers a good amount of services. Also, it’s well known so it feels like a safe option. It was easy to set up and scan for viruses, it had a password manager which is helpful, and it had protection from sketchy websites. However, I didn’t like all the pop up reminders and it was a little annoying being told to renew when I couldn’t because it costs too much. Nevertheless, I liked having McAfee, it worked smoothly. It’s a solid protection for my computer.

  3. Admiana Schwartz

    McAfee LiveSafe is the best product in McAfee’s sizable security portfolio. Its suite offers protection for an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Macs, and Android. Best product for our devices at home. That even my kids’ devices can also secure with the help of McAfee.

  4. Aidan Brooks

    McAfee LiveSafe is intuitive, easy to understand, and efficient. The one drawback is it is a bit on the expensive side.

  5. Caralyn Parker

    McAfee is one of the best antivirus available in the market today that offers excellent protection across all platforms and includes a huge of powerful bonus features. McAfee has been my favorite software that I used for many years.

  6. Sancha Bond

    I love its features that offer excellent protection across all platforms includes a range of powerful additional features.

  7. Cassie Alvarado

    This was very helpful when I lived abroad. I could still access my favorite sites back home. Customer support is always quick. Currently upgrading my work from home setup. Ordering products from them, too. Appreciate the fast delivery.

  8. Kash Farell

    Cheaper. Very effective.

  9. Theo Lewis

    McAfee Live Safe provides excellent service in providing security for my the computers we use at home.

  10. Courtney Mann

    Live Safe is amazing. It provides security for me when I am online and I don’t need to worry about managing my passwords.

  11. Ellis Harvey

    Almost perfect. Great product. It does not make my computer glitch out, and it works well on all our devices at home.

  12. Matthew Porter

    Perfect antivirus software for me and my family. I can make sure that my kids are browsing the internet safely.

  13. Leonardo Maddox

    The best security software I have ever tried. I’m never going back to others. I try to scan for threats after using another security software and McAfee was able to detect them while my previous software was not.

  14. Arthur Bowman

    Support team was helpful when I need to install the device. The software is true to the description stated. I can easily scan my computer to check for viruses. I’m just not sure if it also detects new or unrecognizable threats.

  15. Sunny West

    My account was once hacked, and my personal information was stolen. I was scared when I found out about it. Now, I take security seriously. I’ve been using McAfee LiveSafe for some time, and I have no complaints. I can store my passwords, scan my device for any threats, and even keep my accounts safe online so I don’t have to have the same experience.

  16. Elise Mora

    A great security tool for keeping multiple of my devices safe when I surf online.

  17. Richard Rich

    Like other McAfee products, the LiveSafe is also a trusted version. I use this with other McAfee products to strengthen the security of my devices.

  18. David Ogley

    Installed and started scanning my device for possible threats. It showed a list of threats and even blocks them immediately. Even when I go online, McAfee warns me if a website is safe to enter or not.

  19. Talia Cardenas

    It provides multiple options for protection and I like that unlike other antivirus software where it on provides scanning and blocking of threats, Livesafe comes with more protection from unsafe websites and emails to safe banking and online shopping

  20. Dakota Middleton

    I’m not sure what’s the difference with its internet security version, they do offer similar features. You get the same protection when you go online, it’s working but I wish it has something special about it. So, next time I’ll just get the internet security.

  21. Allison Pugh

    Excellent data and threat protection. It scans my computer and even my internet activities. It even has a password manager where I can store a lot of my complicated passwords and log in to accounts immediately.

  22. Velma Watson

    Gives you every protection you need whether it’s offline or online. It can even secure your cloud storage and the password manager gives you the option for multiple accounts

  23. Andrea McKnight

    Great protection. Detect insecure sites and files you don’t know you have…

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