Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server (ESD)


Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server (ESD)

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Looking for a solution for the premium windows scheme? The function of MultiPoint Services in Windows Server enables various customers to share a single desktop simultaneously, each with their own autonomous and familiar Windows experience. Purchase this product in Softvire New Zealand to get the best solution for your work productivity.

Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server Software Assurance Product Highlights:

  • System technology for MultiPoint Services that supports multiple computer monitors, keyboards, mouse devices, and other devices.
  • The MultiPoint Manager software that allows you to track MultiPoint Services stations and take action.
  • Maintenance and management tools.
  • The MultiPoint Dashboard application that allows you to perform daily tasks, like connecting with other users.
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The Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server Software Assurance is a Windows System option that allows various users to share and use your PC at the same time. Each user is qualified to use their own and independent system configurations. It is an inexpensive solution to traditional alternatives, where every user has their own laptop. The Premium version has allowed you to use 20 stations linked at the same moment. It is possible to place the virtualization in the domain as an operating system or a license model 1 + 1 guest supported. Windows MultiPoint Server is a program designed for installation on a permanent licensed local server infrastructure.

Each station, which has a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, is directly linked to the host computer via video or USB wires. Because MultiPoint Services is a lawful software product released by Microsoft, you are entitled to receive assistance and support from Microsoft or an approved partner when you are properly licensed. This gives you complete Windows capabilities, access to all the latest updates, and confidence that you’re up to date and meeting your expectations.

MultiPoint Services enables various users to share a single laptop, providing a cost-effective strategy to traditional computing situations where each user has his or her own laptop. MultiPoint Services also provides an easy-to-use solution for managing the MultiPoint Services scheme, known as the MultiPoint Manager, and an easy-to-use day-to-day leadership solution, also known as the MultiPoint Dashboard. Grab your Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server Premium in Softvire New Zealand.

Additional information

License Version

, ,

Year Subscriptions


Product Format: Digital License

Product Type: License & Software Insurance


Dual-core processor for each two stations and 1 core or thread

Operating System:



2 GB station memory; 0.5 GB station memory per station

Hard Disk Space

20 GB disk space


Minimum 512 x 768 pixels resolution

Other Requirements:

Per Station: Monitor-attached to corresponding video output), USB hub with attached keyboard and mouse, or thin/zero client

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    4 out of 5

    Windows Server is used in many ways in our company. It is used for file and print services and essential network services like Active Directory. Also, for many enterprise applications, student information, financial systems, and other department services.

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