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Movavi Photo Editor is designed to edit and enhance images on your PC or Mac devices. It has powerful and advanced tools to restore vintages photos and colorized them. It’s not only used for preserving memories but you can also enhance your current images by editing it with tools such as detail enhancer, removal of excess stuff, basic photo editing tools, and so on.

Movavi Photo Editor For Windows and Mac Product Features:

  • AI adjustment for color in a single click.
  • Enhance details.
  • Customizable frames.
  • Remove unimportant objects on photos.
  • Restore vintage images.
  • 17 retouching tools.
  • Digital license product.
  • For Windows and Mac devices.

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Disclaimer: This is a Digital License product. No physical component is included.

Movavi Photo Editor is compact and the perfect photo editing software designed to preserve special moments, whether it’s your wedding day, a great adventure, or so on. Bring your old printed photographs to the digital world and work on some retouches to it. In addition, it has all the tools you need to edit your images, with less time required to learn the software program.

The new Movavi Photo Editor for Windows and Mac has released its latest version with new updates.

  • AI Adjustment: With the incorporation of AI into the software get quick color optimization of images in a single click.
  • Detail Enhancement: Edit and enrich your image by focusing on a particular part and also add color to an object. Improves a low-quality image.
  • Frame: Customizable frames to make your images stand out.

Remove Unimportant Objects

Easily get rid of excess stuff on the background of your image with powerful tools in Movavi Photo Editor. So now, there are no more objects to ruin the perfect image you tried to capture.

Image Restoration

Preserve vintage photos you have with expert and high-quality tools built-in Movavi’s photo editor. Turn your old photographs like its brand new. Furthermore, remove visual noise, color black-and-white photos, and erase cracks. Start preserving those delicate and precious photographs of the past with just a touch of a button.

Change Appearances

Want to change your look? With Movavi Photo Editor, you can experiment on your appearance using 17 retouching tools in the software. You can also change the color of your hair, lips, clear your skin, apply makeup, and so on. Get professional results in just a single click.

Powerful Tools 

Movavi Photo Editor is the perfect application for beginners and professionals. With basic to advanced tools design to enhance images in just a simple click and an intuitive user interface, there is nothing more you can ask for a photo editor software. From removing scratches from all photos to enhancing even the smallest detail, Movavi Photo Editor got your back.

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10 reviews for Movavi Photo Editor

  1. Zackary McKern

    The best tool for beginners and pros is Movavi Photo Editor. Basic creation of specialized software to boost photos with only a simple click. The user interface is simple to use and intuitive.

  2. Madelaine White

    The very best and super simple, zero curves for learning. Some projects like this aim to do more than is required. Therefore, adding a lot of needless functionality that does nothing but confuse matters too much. One thing the Photo Editor does is edit photos.

  3. Gertrude Barnes

    I have been looking for a software product like this for years. It’s intuitive to use, inexpensive and will save my files in the same format as the original. I highly recommend Movavi Photo Editor if you want a simple photo editor and object remover.

  4. Julia Alexander

    It is effortless to use and has a short learning curve, even for people who don’t have the expertise to manipulate photos. The greatest thing about the Movavi Photo Editor Review is that you can use the program easily and have to click or merely change the sliders in most basic editing procedures.

  5. Camilla Edge

    With this great and easy-to-use app, you can make your photos look their best. Adjust the image quality by clicking a mouse or tweaking the image parameters manually.

  6. Rosanne Chapman

    With Movavi Photo Editor, you can play on your appearance using 17 software retouching methods. You can also change the color of your hair, lips, clean your face, add lipstick, and so on. Get expert results in only one click.

  7. Kaif Sheridan

    I can test my appearance with Movavi Photo Editor by using software retouching tools. Also, I can change my hair’s color, lashes, clear my eyes, make up, and so on. With just one click, I can achieve expert results.

  8. Harpreet Jordan

    The interface is simple to the point of being minimalist. It’s still very gloomy, which does not appeal to everyone. It is straightforward to use – you will be able to learn and use the software’s different elements in no time.

  9. Meghan Smith

    It’s not a professional photo editing software like Photoshop but it’s good enough to provide you with excellent tools. I can edit my images in a single click. I also enjoy the effects available and the retouching tool. It’s just not enough features for me.

  10. Christopher Jacobs

    It’s so easy to do retouches with this software. I don’t have to spend hours getting to know the tools. If you’re into simple editing software, this is for you. I think beginners like me will like how Movavi Photo Editor makes editing details fast and easy.

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