Movavi Photo Focus (ESD)

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Movavi Photo Focus is a software program designed to create stunning bokeh effects, miniature looks, and solve blurry images.

Movavi Photo Focus Product Highlights:

  • Add blur and bokeh effects.
  • Fixes complete blurred images.
  • Supports various formats such as JPEG and PNG.
  • Motion blur.
  • Basic editing parameters like brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Enhance portrait photograph.
  • This is a digital license product.
  • Supports up to 1 license per Windows or Mac device.

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Disclaimer: This is a Digital License product. No physical component is included.

Movavi Photo Focus is a software program designed to imitate the effect of a shallow depth of field giving the image more refined and stunning effects. Now you can edit your work and turn them into beautiful images by blurring the background to convey a feeling, create miniature effects, and also fix your images that are captured blurry.

Photo Focus can be downloaded into your Windows or Mac device, giving users more freedom to create on any OS they own.

Blur Images

Blur out parts of your image that are distracting and add a standout effect to make your images more appealing. Furthermore, adding blur effects to photos can convey a feeling when one looks at such an image.

Miniature Effect

Use your panoramic shots and turn them into photos that look like miniatures using the Macro Blur tool that can stimulate the shallow depth-of-field on your image.

Highlight a Part

With the blur effects, you can blur the background and emphasize the most important part of your image.

Add Bokeh Effects

Bokeh is a common effect used in images as it brings such a warm and inviting feeling. That’s why Movavi Photo Focus also includes it on their software. You can choose from classic, heart, or star bokeh effects.

Motion Blur

Add a dynamic or movement effect to your shot using the motion blur effects.

Basic Editing Tools

Besides stunning effects for your photos, Movavi Photo Focus also allows editing of images with parameters such as brightness, contrast, crop, and more.

Improve the Composition

Resize, crop, or rotate your images to improve the composition.

Popular Formats

Save your files and export them to popular formats such as PNG or JPEG. You can also adjust the quality of your JPEG images.

Other Features

  • Enhance portrait photographs with soft radial blur
  • Nature and Architecture tools using horizontal and vertical blur
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4 reviews for Movavi Photo Focus (ESD)

  1. Frances Nelson

    Using the Macro Blur method, I use my panoramic shots and make them into images that look like miniatures that will stimulate any image’s shallow depth of field. I will blur the backdrop with the blur effects to highlight the most significant aspect of my images.

  2. Laia Powell

    I can use blur as a creative graphic tool to make my images dynamic in a whole new way with Movavi’s photo blur editor. To draw focus to the core elements, highlight important faces in group portraits, or add a vignette at the edges of my frame.

  3. Kathleen Floyd

    Extra software to add beautiful bokeh effects on my images. It gives a pleasing aesthetic to my photos.

  4. Donna Cross

    You can add a variety of effects to a boring image. It’s so simple to use. I really like the bokeh effects.

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