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Movavi Photo Manager (ESD)

(31 customer reviews)

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Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizer that can manage all your multimedia like a pro. It compiles images based on tags and can detect duplicate files to delete and free up more space on your hard drive.

Movavi Photo Manager Product Features:

  • New facial recognition feature.
  • Easy navigation with tags.
  • Geolocation.
  • Detects duplicate images.
  • Backup and restore files.
  • Basic editing tools: Crop, straighten, flip, and so on.
  • Digital license copy.
  • Compatible with macOS or Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital license product. No physical component is included.

Do you want to manage all your media but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry with Movavi Photo Manager you can organize all your files into a folder and remove unwanted or duplicated files you might have missed out. Get you a copy for your Windows or Mac device to start managing your photos such as RAW, JPEG, PNG, and other formats. You can collect and store images while valuing your time with this essential tool for photo management.

New Facial Recognition

The new facial recognition features can detect faces in images and automatically creates an individual album for each person.

Add Tags

For easy navigation and file search, add tags on images.

Add Geolocation

Add geolocation on your photo albums like country or city to filter images for easy search.

Detects Similar Photos

With advanced technology, it can detect similar images for you to edit, compile, or delete.

Look for Duplicates

It searches duplicate photos from your hard drive and deletes the file to free up space.

Basic Editing Tools

With the basic editing tools, you can crop, rotate, flip, straighten, and do more to your images before storing and organizing them.

Backup Copies

Back up your files such as the images, albums, tags, and places. In case of data loss, easily restore the files including all its content and tags.

Create Albums Automatically

Organize photos into albums by sorting it based on its date and GPS coordinates.

View Photos in any Format

You can view photos in full-screen and in any format.

Use for Easy Filing and Organizing of Images

Whether you need to compile travel photos, tag family from your recent events, or manage your professional images everything is possible with Movavi Photo Manager.

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31 reviews for Movavi Photo Manager (ESD)

  1. Mischa Walmsley

    Movavi’s photo organizer is helped me to save time managing my digital photo collection. It automatically sorts pictures by date and location. Helpful for my needs for my small business.

  2. Anika Dudley

    This picture organizing program has saved me a lot of time when it comes to maintaining my digital picture collection. It’s no longer necessary to search through photographs. Sort photographs automatically by date and place. Tag your images for your favorites or add them to them. View picture files any time you wish. For everyone who values their time as much as their picture collection, a Movavi picture organizer is an important tool.

  3. Brad Cullen

    I love how it organizes images into folders automatically by grouping them according to their date and GPS coordinates.

  4. Lexi Collins

    This program will help you manage my entire photo collection, including images in RAW, JPEG, PNG, and many other formats. Movavi’s photo organizer will be an essential tool for me and anyone who values their time as much as their photo collection.

  5. Leland Fulton

    Excellent. Excellent. Easy and fast to manage all my photos. I’m surprised how easy it is to get a glimpse of long-lost memories. Thank you!

  6. Hoorain Lambert

    It’s pretty to use and affordable. Thanks for the 30% discount, Softvire.

  7. Haley Ingram

    Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizing software designed to help you organize and manage your digital photo collections in a timely fashion.

  8. Beth Fields

    Really keeps all my photos organize. It even auto-tags pictures.

  9. Terry Travis

    I can now sort and manage my photo libraries quickly and efficiently—a big help for me to organize and manage my digital photo collections in a timely fashion.

  10. Matthew Doyle

    Thankfully I don’t have to worry about all my media at all. I used to store them in digital folders but it’s not enough for me to sort out the files I need. Movavi Photo Manager gives me access to my files by adding tags on them, so when I search an image using keywords is enough. Also, it shows me if there are duplicate images for me to remove and add more space for storage.

  11. Mattie Vargas

    I love this photo arranging app. It lets me organize my images based on the content or subject. I can add tags for that and lets me do some minor editing if needed.

  12. Sydney Rosembaum

    It really arranges all my photos and keeps all files safe. Also, you can add tags, that’s why it’s easy to search for an image that you need.

  13. Erika Franklin

    If you have plenty of photos and need a place to securely store them, Movavi Photo Manager is much effective. You can do quick edits if needed, add tags and create albums to arrange the photos. Sadly there is no access to your mobile device.

  14. Areli Wood

    arranges my pics appropriately. No more cluttered folders. I may even search by tags or keywords to find a file quickly.

  15. Eddy Rankin

    Affordable. easy to use. Really lets you have organized photos. You can add tags to make them searchable. It even frees up space by checking on duplicate photos to be removed.

  16. Jackie Cantrell

    It’s a decent photo managing app. Got nothing bad to say about it, as it really does the work. You can store, add tags, and easily search for the image you need. It even detects duplicate photos for your to remove.

  17. Trisha Clayton

    What an excellent software to organize my photos, remove duplicate images, and easily access the files I need using tags.

  18. Elizabeth Chapman

    I can easily retrieve my photos when needed and they are arranged depending on your preferences. I can just use a keyword or tag when looking for a media I need. It saves space also by removing duplicate photos.

  19. Lou Galvin

    It is a great software to handle all my digital media. I can easily locate any file I need as you can add tags to it faster.

  20. Colin Tran

    Keep all my multimedia files organized and help me easily locate them by adding tags or keywords.

  21. Lila Kenneth

    I keep my photos organized with Movavi. It helps me locate the image I need easily by using tags

  22. Becky Sherman

    I’ve been using Movavi products ever since, I like how affordable and simple they are. They have different tools that have a specific purpose instead of putting on a single software and lack the features you need. Their Photo Manager is great for storing and managing my photos. I can find my images by using their tags. The editing tool though can only do simple edits.

  23. Larry Jimenez

    Storing files and other multimedia has never been easier, It keeps things organized. I can add tags so I can look for the file I need. No need to scroll through hundreds of images and videos anymore.

  24. Zachary Price

    In my profession, Movavi Photo manager is a big help. I use it to store and arrange my photos. I can easily find the image I need because they are sorted into albums based on their tags. If I move a file into the folder, it can detect the image and can sort it into its appropriate album.

  25. Peggy Boyle

    organizes my photos accordingly. no more messy files. I can even at tags or keywords to easily locate a file.

  26. Roxie Stanley

    I’ve been using this photo manager for a couple of months. It’s really an excellent way to store photos and even make edits if you need it. I like that you can easily search for an image by just typing a keyword

  27. Sheryl Dunham

    If you work with images, storing them and looking for them takes time. So, you’ll need software that can store and arrange them easily. This Movavi software can keep your photos secure and you can add tags to easily find the image you need instantly. Also, it can detect the presence of a duplicate image so you can get rid of it,

  28. Felicity Jordan

    Keeps all my photos and videos in one place and organized. I love the tagging features which help me locate my image quickly.

  29. Jeremy Schimmel

    It’s equipped with advanced technology to automate some processes like if it recognizes a face or a person or an element in a photo and creates an album for it. You can easily scan through your folders of images because all you have to do is just type a keyword and you get what you’re looking for that fast. It’s great if you have lots of photos and need to organize them.

  30. Nimra Kaur

    A great place to store and easily manage my files.

  31. Reagan Knapp

    What great software for storing lots of media. It can even be organized and remove duplicates. You can easily find the image you need because you can add tags to them.

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