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Movavi Video Editor Plus

(17 customer reviews)

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Movavi Video Editor Plus is an alternative video editing software to known professional video-making software. It’s packed with tools from effects, transitions, filters, stabilization of footage, Chroma Key, and so on.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Product Features:

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Multiple filters, effects, and transitions.
  • Chroma Key for changing of background.
  • Video stabilization.
  • Add voiceover.
  • Picture in picture effects.
  • Adjustable parameters.
  • Digital license product.
  • Windows PC or macOS compatible.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license copy. No physical component is included.

If you are looking for alternatives to other professional video software or if you want to use more advanced features of Movavi Video Editor, you can try the new and improved Movavi Vidoe Editor Plus. It’s the professional version of the user-friendly Movavi Vidoe Editor, yet easy to use. It comes with renowned features such as Chroma Key to change backgrounds, special effects, ready-made intros, and so on.

Try Movavi Video Editor Plus to create impressive videos.

Simple and Uncomplicated 

Video Editor Plus is an alternative to professional video editing software but it doesn’t follow along with the complicated keys and menus like others. For Video Editor Plus, you can easily learn the features of this software to start your project immediately. Enjoy uncomplicated features that are ready to be used to enhance your video-making process.

Stunning Effects for a Creative Video

Create videos as you’ve never seen before with specials effects such as transition, filters, and so on.

  • Chroma Key: Transport your subject to a new location with the use of Chroma Key to change background instantly.
  • Vertical Videos: Create vertical videos or change the ratio to fit it on any social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or others.
  • Stabilizer: Worry no more as Video Editor Plus allows you to stabilize shaky videos to allow viewers to have a smooth view of your subject.
  • Picture in picture: Create commentary videos or show multiple angles using the picture in picture effects. You can speed up the video or add slow-motion effects on each.
  • Filters: Add filters to your video to more effects or atmosphere to it.
  • Voiceover: Record and add your voice to your videos.

Adjust Parameters

Improve the quality of your videos by adjusting the parameters of the video such as the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more.

Upload with any Format

Upload your video with any format you desired from  AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA, and many more.

Operating System


17 reviews for Movavi Video Editor Plus

  1. Ramone Atkins

    My editor is included in the Movavi Video Editor package. I tried other editors but found them tough to use; some of them are not as user-friendly as Movavi for beginners like me. The drag and drop functionality helps you arrange anything in the timeline and discover preferred and preset resources to add.

  2. Blake Mair

    The best thing about movavi is the easy, uncombined gui. The second important thing is the visibility of alternatives, such as importing and transitioning files. Even on low-end systems, the size of the video editing program is low. Movavi Video Editor is particularly a game-changer.

  3. Dario Perkins

    Movavi Video Editor was easy to use, and it allowed me to complete my 17-minute video in just a few hours. It was super helpful to have the pictures checked off as I went. Highly recommend.

  4. Lennox Humphries

    Very similar in concept to iMovie, but there are more perks in Movavi Video Editor. You can add filters directly to the audio, which I was pleased with. Parallax effects are funky, and I’ve never used one before, but they added a unique touch to my video. Overall, navigation wasn’t too hard to get a handle on.

  5. Hugo Watkins

    A comprehensive tool with all the video editing features you need. You can make your videos look professional even if you are an amateur. One thing I like about Movavi Video Editor is that, no matter what your skill level is, you can easily create with this software.

  6. Rhianna Carrol

    There are plenty of effects and filters to add to your video. I like that it has a guide so you can easily learn the software. It’s also designed for beginners so I think both amateurs and pros will definitely like this.

  7. Wilfred Doyle

    Like the simplicity of this video software. there’s no need to spend more time learning the tool. You can learn as you start editing. there’s a guide on how to use it. Processing your video takes a bit of time though.

  8. Sarah Moses

    easy to learn and affordable.

  9. Shayna Aguilar

    Wonderful video editing software that both professionals and amateurs can enjoy. For beginners, it keeps things really simple and for professionals like me, I like how I can easily create videos in a few minutes without the need to edit everything precisely. Movavi takes care of everything.

  10. Warren Hartman

    It’s simple to use. Tools are friendly. Even for first-timers, it doesn’t take time to edit your first video.

  11. Gerard Reese

    A simple but wonderful editor that lets me instantly make changes to my videos. I use movavi to edit my short videos to finish the work process faster instead of using pro software. Even detail is phenomenal. Easy change the sound volume, can edit brightness, and make 360 videos too.

  12. Melvin Brooks

    Compact video editing software with rich tools to create high-quality videos. I like that it doesn’t take up much of my software’s resources so I don’t struggle with lagging my software

  13. Shayna Williams

    Impressive. Got tools that are suitable for my editing needs. Not complicated.

  14. Hazel Miles

    Simple, quick, and fun video editing software with multiple effects, templates, and filters to choose from. I can easily add music and it will fit the length of my video. It supports multiple video formats.

  15. Ariana Bennigton

    Simple but completely packed with tools to edit your raw videos fast and professionally.

  16. Stein Moody

    I like the simplicity of this editing tool. Some video tools I used are quite complicated, although I’m a professional, I still like using software that is easy to manage, With plenty of footage to edit, I don’t have time to learn the software when it’s complex. Movavi keeps things simple for everyone to enjoy.

  17. Rogan Reed

    If you want to edit video and not spend much time manipulating the software, then Movavi is the best option you’ll have. It is so easy to edit and add background music to your work.

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