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Nero Burning (ESD)

(26 customer reviews)

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Part Number: NERO20B

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If you are looking for more than a burning software program, Nero Burning 2020 software must be on top of your list. This product will let you rip music tracks or audio CDs as an audio file on your PC or smartphones. You can burn, duplicate a copy of your music track or playlist, secure it with a password, and create its album cover.

This product is the best buy for your money!

NERO Burning (ESD) Product Overview:

  • Rip, copy, and burn your videos or multimedia files.
  • Protect your most loved audio files and videos.
  • Create disc images and ISO images.
  • Enhanced security with digital password and signature.
  • Support file formats such as MP3, APE, MP3 Pro, FLAC, and more
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
  • This purchase is for a lifetime license.
  • This product is a digital license and does not include physical components.
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MPN: NERO20B SKU: N20-B1 Category:

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Nero Burning enables you to convert music tracks and audio CDs as files in your smartphones and PC in any format necessary. This product supports format files such as MP3, APE, MP3 Pro, FLAC, and more with the song information and title. Because of the technology emerges, it is now possible to integrate audio files into the original album covers. So, that you can browse and play music anytime smoothly.

Rip music from an Audio CD in a Media Player

Nero Burning 2020 made music tracks and audio CDs accessible to any of your devices (mobile or PC). It can support almost any format type of audio.

Duplicate your Best-Loved Playlist

After organizing your playlist, the last thing you need is losing them or someone accidentally deletes them. So, it is suggested to secure them by making a copy. Don’t worry about losing the Blu-ray Disc quality of your CDs because Nero will keep the exact quality of your music tracks.  Along with the original album information and cover, you can make a copy of them seamlessly.

Burn with Fiery Quality 

Because of the advanced technology of Nero Burning 2020, you can create disc images and ISO images or convert video disc into a new data structure. Nero allows you to adjust the sound if necessary. This burning software is integrated with Nero CoverDesigner. So, you can create an album cover with your own design. Design your own visual graphic arts for your burned media.

Secure your Playlist

With the powerful technology of SecureDisc 4.0 and 256-bit encryption, your media files are protected. The amazing part is you can implement your own digital password and signature that you can only access. The password often recommends more than 16 characters and you can also add a digital signature to protect your disc.

Furthermore, Nero works with Check Point Endpoint Security Media Encryption to protect your CD-ROM and DVD-ROM with 256-bit encryption.

Easy to Use

The interface is easy to work and tweak as it is created not only for professionals by for amateurs too. Try it out even with no experience.

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26 reviews for Nero Burning (ESD)

  1. Dave Merrill

    Nero is a wonderful tool. It is essential, it has been an advantage in my activities, and with it, I have been able to store and organize essential files, both at work and in the home.

  2. Jayce Morse

    It is simple to use, practical, and secure applications for burning CDs and DVDs. It also helps you to copy and remove photographs and videos quickly. This program has the ability to record in high resolution. Ideal for keeping some files. It runs on Windows, Linux, and iOS.

  3. Henrietta Morris

    Nero is easy to use, and Nero 9 interface is straightforward. Nero is speedy to record, and it is a very effective software. The most valuable feature in Nero is how easy it is to copy video and music.

  4. Harry Grant

    Great quality on Windows PC, easy-to-create images, presentations and cleaning files is fast, convenient and stable.

  5. Bane Misser

    Was on sale when I bought it from Softvire, while Nero is no longer at the top of the CD/DVD disc burning world, it was a good deal I didn’t want to pass up. A lot has changed with the software, but for the most part, the burning side of things remains relatively the same, and works as indented. The extra software it came with, I might not use. So, for the price, it was worth it for the burning side of things.

  6. Lannie Tan

    Even though burning CDs and DVDs are not a thing that much I still enjoy doing it. I use NERO to do the job. I can even protect the content of my CDs and DVDs if necessary.

  7. Joe Heath

    If you like burning CDs and DVDs, Nero is one of the greatest burning software to try. It’s very easy to use and can let you arrange your content and keep the encrypted.

  8. Jax Kay

    I’m old school and I like to burn my data onto DVDs. Pictures, videos, and family memories are immortalized by using Nero.

  9. Ryan Haynes

    The best software I’ve ever had. A very comprehensive disc burning package that offers seamless and easy management of all your disc media needs. Easy to install and work.

  10. West Cline

    Best burning software. Get to save music that I love and even create a great playlist with great album covers.

  11. Liam Stracke

    I can easily burn, organize, and back up my media in any format. It’s hands down the best burning tool I tried. Most are just a ripoff.

  12. Jackie Mackey

    This is the best burning software I have tried. It’s so easy to use the features. I can burn a copy and edit them with simple tools. No need to spend time learning about the software.

  13. Kelly Barnes

    My favorite burning software. It supports multiple formats and is straightforward.

  14. Rose Potter

    It’s a powerful burning software with options to create and secure playlists. So when I want to burn files on a CD I can add a password to keep the content safe.

  15. Marvy Goodwin

    a great and perfect burning software for multiple formats.

  16. Matias Bradley

    Burn music, audio, or video, it’s possible with this software. It’s all high quality too.

  17. Margarette Berry

    If you still like creating CDs and DVDs I recommend Nero Burning. It burns music and audio with amazing sound quality. Also, You can create a playlist after burning your songs and add a protection password or signature.

  18. Taryn Heath

    Easily burn and make copies of audios or music, and you can arrange them too

  19. Aliah Horne

    If you are old school like me and like burning music and audios on CDs Nero burning is the perfect software for you. You can easily convert music to the desired format, maintain the quality of the music and add passwords to protect the content,

  20. Tamara Folley

    very fast when burning DVDs and CDs and I can erase and rewrite too.

  21. Carroll Huff

    If you like music, I highly recommend Nero Burning. Even though burning music into CDs or DVDs isn’t a thing anymore, it still comes in handy.

  22. Stein Correa

    you can easily rip or copy audio. There is also an encryption technology, I haven’t used it yet.

  23. Lavern Johnson

    It’s the best burning software I’ve ever had for years. Very easy to install and getting to learn the software is uncomplicated too.

  24. Emily Wang

    It’s very intuitive. Every tool is easy to find. You can easily burn CDs and DVDs, arrange the content and create chapters on each.

  25. Cheryl Snyder

    It’s an old-school tool for burning CDs and DVDs but I’m really enjoying it. Even though it’s not common to do so, I like that Nero still makes their software updates with a clean interface.

  26. Damion Graves

    It’s still the greatest burning software I have tried. Complete features to easily rip and burn music and audio, you can even arrange your playlist, and create a cover album.

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