Norton 360 Standard

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Norton 360 Standard is a simple yet effective antivirus protection for your devices. You can browse online with no more worries. It has everything you need to protect against digital threats. Subscribe now and enjoy the digital protection you and your device can need.

Norton 360 Standard Physical Product Highlights:

  • Protect your system against multiple online threats.
  • Cloud backup up to 10 GB.
  • Enhanced firewall protection.
  • Password manager.
  • Secure webcam from unauthorized access.
  • Monitor the dark web for stolen information.
  • This is a physical product.
  • 1-year subscription.
  • Supports up to 1 Windows/ Mac/ iOS/ Androice device.
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Are you looking for comprehensive security software to protect your device? Norton 360 Standard brings secure and improved tools that can protect any of your devices – PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Get multiple layered protection and online safety.

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Digital Threat Protection

Keep your devices safe from spyware, ransomware, malware, and other threats with Norton 360 Standard. With the built-in artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, every threat would be caught in no time. The 24-hour Security Technology and Response (STAR) will monitor online threats around the globe to protect your device’s private information online.

Cloud Backup

Besides detecting and removing threats Norton makes sure that your device’s content is safe from ransomware attacks. It provides a 10 GB cloud backup space for your files’ safety. Get the protection in case your PC fails or a ransomware attack happens.

Enhanced Firewall Protection

Norton Smart Firewall will secure traffic that goes in and out of your network and computer. Therefore, once you are online and suspicious traffic or activities are present, it would immediately block this traffic. Securing your network from prying eyes makes sure that files and data are protected.

Secure Your Passwords

Strong passwords are vital for the protection of your accounts. However, they are quite long and intricate, making it difficult to remember. Norton Password Manager will handle all your password for you. It serves as a vault where you can store your passwords, bank details, and other sensitive information. In addition, it will inform you to create a complex and strong password when it detects that you have weak passwords.

Webcam Protection

There are some software or applications that cybercriminals can access to take pictures with your webcam without you noticing it. These photos taken will be used to blackmail or extort the users. But with Norton’s SafeCam technology, blocks any apps or unauthorized person who’s trying to access your device’s webcam.

Secure Connection with VPN

Make sure that your devices are safe when connecting to any network, even those protected with a password. Virtual Private Network or VPN will encrypt your online activities, giving the online privacy you need.

LifeLock for Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is where cybercriminals sell information such as email addresses and more. But to avoid your personal information spreading online, LifeLock searches the dark web market for any of your information and will notify you if it finds anything.



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7 reviews for Norton 360 Standard

  1. Vanessa Roberts

    Norton 360 is a powerful, effective, all-in-one cybersecurity bundle that can buy the best online safety money. It has the most amazing features I have ever used for Storage Device, Cloud Storage, and Parental Control, and it has a 100 percent safety score against all forms of malware.

  2. Jez Mellor

    I am very pleased with the Smart Firewall functionality of Norton 360 Standard that safe traffic enters and flows from my device and network. It will then block this traffic automatically if I am online and suspicious traffic or events occur.

  3. Wyatt Cooley

    Norton 360 is most likely the greatest antivirus program we’ve tried. It provides complete protection against all sorts of malware. It also comes with a slew of amazing security features, including parental controls, cloud backup, and access to Norton Secure VPN.

  4. Angelina Faine

    The sales team was very helpful in tracking my order. The software came in well-packaged and the content is great. It’s an excellent protection software and you can even backup your files.

  5. Linette Dudley

    I have been using Norton for 2 years and can’t say I’ve had any complaints about the product or service. Desktop and mobile, I surf the web, trusting that Norton has my back, and if there’s a threat, I’m alerted and can take action, or I’m alerted that action has already been taken.

  6. Jean Blair

    Although it’s a basic software, it provides enough protection to my device. Scanning takes a bit of time when I first used it, but as I constantly scan my device for viruses it got used to my device and scan it faster, except when using a full scan that takes time, of course, Also, thanks to the support team for helping me install my device and the smooth transaction up until I got my item.

  7. Jean Camille Doyle

    I like how comprehensive Norton is when it comes to providing protection. This version of their security software line is amazing, it has everything like a VPN (not sure if it’s unlimited), a password manager, a firewall system, and even monitoring for the Dark web.

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