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Norton AntiVirus Plus

(23 customer reviews)

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Norton AntiVirus Plus gateway to the world of comprehensive digital protection. Secure your system against the worst digital threats using Symantec’s advanced antivirus technology.

Norton AntiVirus Plus Product Highlights:

  • Powered the world’s largest civilian threat monitoring networks.
  • Defend against all manner of digital threats.
  • Updates your security database without interrupting your tasks.
  • Supports up to 1 PC or MAC.
  • This purchase is for a 1-year subscription.
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Norton Antivirus Plus is the most streamlined digital security suite you and your system need. With Norton antivirus software, have access to the most advanced digital protection features that have been informed by decades of cyber-security experience.

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Premium Protection

Norton Antivirus Plus gives you premium protection in its basic package. Keep your system safe against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats no matter the odds.

Privacy Prioritized

Always have confidential information inaccessible to hackers. Norton secures your data both online and offline to ensure total data privacy.

24/7 Cutting Edge Protection

Norton protects your devices using the world’s largest civilian cyber-intelligence network. With that amount of computing power behind it, Norton stops even the latest digital threats.

Automatic Updates

Always get the latest updates to stay protected. Norton makes sure that once an update is available your software gets it immediately, so all your device’s content stays safe from threats.

Detect Even the Latest Threat

With 24/7 monitoring, it can detect threats and destroy even brand-new threats. Making sure that your devices are always ready for any threats.

Multiple Device Protection

You can get the protection you need for any of your devices. Let your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS be protected from threats.



Year Subscriptions


23 reviews for Norton AntiVirus Plus

  1. Cassandra Ferguson

    Norton may be a little more expensive per year compared to some of its competitors but I’ve always leaned towards an anti-virus brand that I trust. I’ve had no issues using Norton AntiVirus Basic for a year and plan to continue doing so since I feel the most comfortable with how it functions in the background compared to other apps which I find to be too intrusive for my tastes.

  2. Troy Byrne

    An excellent suite of personal protection devices and online. Powerful internet interaction tracking. Original costs are outstanding, but the updates are sneaky. Customer service support is exceptional.

  3. Jeff Williams

    During the past three years, Norton Security has included Identity Protection. This is so easy that there is software for most of us. The dark website also tracks Norton.

  4. Hickory Powell

    I have been with Norton for years. I have never had a problem with my security. I am coming to the end of my contract and am afraid they no longer have this deal. I’m hopeful they will work with me, and I can stay with Norton.

  5. Lewis Herrera

    I am delighted with Norton. They keep me informed about any unusual activities on my computer. Their software never slows down my computer like the antivirus that I used before, and I removed them. Norton is excellent.

  6. Keighley Coleman

    I used antivirus from Norton for years, and I was never disappointed. It’s a fantastic software that secures and protects everything—an extremely nice tool to use. I would recommend this to my colleagues.

  7. Agatha Flowers

    An affordable security option that is able to protect you from all digital threats.

  8. Bernice Dixon

    Having Norton installed and running on my device means less stress and worry for me as I work online.

  9. Andre Jimenez

    I like how it offers excellent protection from malware with the most moderate impact on system performance.

  10. Elizabeth Dillon

    It’s compatible with any OS but they only offer one device protection. The software is great and it scans well.

  11. Jennifer Pemberton

    It protects privacy on programs and websites. The protection is great and working.

  12. Ahmed Raymond

    It’s the basic or most affordable plan of Norton but it provides excellent protection and keeps my device at its best.

  13. Tess Andrews

    Although it’s a basic antivirus software, it can scan malicious websites and inform me about them. It keeps my device protected 24/7.

  14. Hugh Carter

    It updates frequently. Scans in the background when using my device, but it doesn’t cause any problem on my computer.

  15. Greyson Briggs

    I wished they offer protection for more than one device and more than a year. Anyway, the software runs smoothly on my device. Scanning is fast and done thoroughly. If you need basic protection Norton plus can keep devices safe.

  16. Gretchen Warner

    Gives continuous protection, scans fast, and updates automatically.

  17. Ryan Seymour

    good enough to protect my device. It’s a basic antivirus but it does the job by scanning my device thoroughly. I can even set a schedule when my device can get a full or quick scan.

  18. Edwin Williams

    Protection is continuous even if you are using your device, but it doesn’t cause any interruption.

  19. Aeryn Massey

    I like this antivirus software, it has all the security features I’m looking for on my computer, from scanning for threats to password and online protection. I just wish there is multi-device protection.

  20. Elaine Waters

    If you are not much into all the privacy matters, Norton Antivirus Plus works well. It protects your device by blocking threats and you can choose for automatic scanning or do it yourself.

  21. Gina Abbott

    Good for scanning and blocking threats but other tools for protection are not available. If you need to protect your device for simple online activities.

  22. Isaac Herman

    I like the 24/7 protection, so even if I don’t run the software it silently plays in the background.

  23. Anton Henson

    It can protect multiple devices. It’s so easy to set up and start using it.

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