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Norton Security Premium 3.0

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With the new and improved Norton Security Premium 3.0, you can protect your devices and secure PC backup, family safety, and get an additional 25GB of online storage. Purchase this product in Sofvire, Australia’s leading online software market. And get the best deals and offers available today.

Norton Security Premium 3.0 Product Highlights:

  • One solution for protecting your devices
  • Allows you to move the protection covered from one device to another
  • Keeps your privacy irrespective of which system you use
  • Remove unreliable downloads and avoid not secured web sites.
  • Offers security from computer viruses, spyware, malware and other cyber threats online
  • Can provide you with additional protection as more devices are available
  • Smartphones and tablets are easily located if lost or stolen

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

The new Norton Security gives you the best Norton product. You get robust security to safeguard your favorite devices— PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, so you can safely communicate anywhere. And with robust internet security, mobile device monitoring, and sophisticated surveillance technologies, you can keep your devices secure.

Get your copy of Norton Security premium at Softvire NZ at the best price to start securing your device.

Excellent Protection for Windows

Using cumulative input from over 175 million users, the Norton Security Premium recognizes files and software protected or hazardous to detect and proactively avoid incoming threats. Discovers the signs that a document is unsafe to defend you from new threats proactively. It is also searching the Wall and Newsfeed of your Facebook for connections to safe places. Stay updated on important product or feature changes even while your device is not being used.

This also prohibits you from downloading files from websites that have a poor reputation rating. Optimized file copy, for the acceleration of scanning times by identifying safe and unknown files only. It gathers anonymous information from millions of Norton users to quickly identify new threats and provide better security.

Spam Blocking is also one of the features that help you prevent your inbox from dangerous, malicious, or unwanted emails from stealing your identity. In Identity Safe features, it allows you to remember to save and automatically enter your usernames and passwords to prevent them from being lost or stolen.

Internet Protection System scours sites and social media sites for malicious links and content to classify them as scams. In addition, it stops anyone from entering your home network. Meanwhile, Automatic Backup allows you to back up images, films and files to the online storage of Symantec.

Best Protection for Your Mac

Essential Online Protection helps to protect the Mac from malware, spyware, and other cyber threats without slowing down your device. Vulnerability Security upgrades regularly to protect against vulnerabilities that may affect the Mac due to system holes or outdated software.

You can change the level of protection in Location Awareness based on where you use your Mac at home, at the workplace, at the local coffee shop, or on the street. While Mac Application Controls enable you to monitor how your Mac applications connect to the Internet and who can connect on it.

Daily Protection Updates are running in the background to protect your Mac against new threats.

Another feature is the antiphishing software that blocks fake phishing websites that may steal your identity and assets. Through blocking incoming traffic that is dangerous, Smart Two-Way Firewall stops visitors from entering your home network.

Smartphones and Tablets Protection

Protects numerous Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads from mobile device support. Norton Mobile Insight-enabled App Advisor-automatically scans and lets you uninstall Android apps and app updates with possible security threats, disruptive behavior, and heavy battery and data usage.

A great feature such as Anti-Malware Mobile Insight can scan for malicious apps automatically and let you remove them. While Remote Locate can identify your Android or iOS phone or tablet lost or stolen on a map to help you find it quickly.


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3 reviews for Norton Security Premium 3.0

  1. Marceline Gallagher

    Love Norton’s anti-virus. I have been using it since I got my first computer and have never had a virus issue. They are now adding LifeLock to their available products, so they are going to be even better. The cost is very reasonable through Softvire.

  2. Freddie Lim

    It adds a tremendous sense of confidence, ensuring that our files and computers are protected from ransomware or cyber threats that could be costly to our business and/or our personal lives.

  3. Jotham Anderson

    I have been worrying about internet protection for a while now. I spoke to their helpful customer service and got one for myself.

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