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Norton Security Premium

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With Norton Security Premium’s new and improved version, you can protect your computers and secure PC backup, family protection, and get an additional 25 GB of online storage. Buy this product from Sofvire, the leading online software market in New Zealand to get the best deals and offers today.

Norton Security Premium Product Highlights:

  • Disable unsafe downloads and avoid websites that are not safe
  • Keeps your confidentiality and privacy regardless of the system you are using
  • Lets you control and move the protected safety from one device to the next
  • The complete and overall solution to secure your devices
  • Provides digital security against computer viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other cyber threats
  • Offers you a new level of protection as more device is available
  • When lost or stolen, smartphones and tablets are easily located
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The new Norton Security gives you the finest and best Norton has to deliver for the many ways you connect. In one quick approach, you get comprehensive security to protect your favorite devices (Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets) so that you can be secure wherever you communicate. With comprehensive data security, mobile device tracking, and advanced surveillance systems, it will keep you and your devices secure. Norton Security Premium provides protection coverage for up to five devices.

Norton Security Premium has all Norton Deluxe’s features, plus a backup of your personal data, photos, videos, and other information. The Norton Protection Premium provides up to 10 devices with security. Norton Security Standard is an option for those who only need protection for one phone.

Perfect for Windows Protection

The Norton Security Premium uses cumulative input from more than 175 million users to recognize protected or hazardous files and software to detect and proactively avoid incoming threats. Understand the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect you from new threats. It also scans Facebook’s Wall and Newsfeed for links to accessible locations. It allows you to get the latest app downloads and conveniently installs software while not using your phone.

This also forbids you from downloading files from websites with low credibility scores within the Norton user community. Optimized file transfer, only by finding secure or unidentified data to speed up scanning times. It gathers confidential data from millions of Norton users to identify new threats, find secure files, and provide stronger protection.

Data is collected by Norton Community Watch. Additionally, Spam Blocking is one of the apps that help prevent deleted, harmful, fraudulent, and unwanted messages from having your identity stolen. You can easily and instantly enter your usernames and passwords in Identity Safe features to prevent them from being lost or stolen.

The Norton Safe Website warns you about unsafe websites once you visit them. Internet Protection System ranks blogs and social media sites to identify the new social networking schemes for malicious links. On the other hand, Smart 2-Way Firewall helps prevent anyone from entering your home network by blocking dangerous traffic. Automatic Backup helps you to back up images, videos, and files from your device to Symantec’s secure online backup feature.

Great Security for your Mac

Essential Online Protection serves to protect the Mac against malware, spyware, and other security threats without slowing down your PCs. Vulnerability Security regularly upgrades to protect against vulnerabilities due to holes in the operating system or other software.

Through Location Knowledge, you can change the level of security depending on where you are using your Mac at home, at school, at the local coffee shop, or on the street. While Mac Application Controls allows you to track how your Mac apps access the internet, who might connect, and what they can do and see.

Daily Protection Updates are operating behind the scenes to protect your Mac from new, early to tell threats. Norton Safe Web warns you about unsafe websites before you visit them.

Another element is the antiphishing technology that blocks fraudulent phishing websites that steal your identity and property. Smart Two-Way Firewall prevents visitors from accessing your home network by blocking incoming traffic that is dangerous.

Protection of Smartphones and Tablets

Protects various Android phones and tablets from mobile device assistance as well as iPhones and iPads. NortonTM Mobile Insight-enabled App Advisor helps to remove apps and app updates with potential security risks, disruptive behavior, and heavy battery usage.

A key feature like Anti-Malware Mobile Insight will search and let you uninstall Android apps and app updates that have malicious content. Although Remote Locate will mark your lost or stolen Android or iOS phone or tablet on a map to help you quickly find it.




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17 reviews for Norton Security Premium

  1. Joanna Maxwell

    Norton Security Premium also does a fine job of defending your PCs, does not bother you too much, and has an interface that is very easy to use. However, at $110 a year for up to 10 units, Norton security is affordable and not expensive.

  2. Anissa Maxwell

    Norton Security Premium has all Norton Deluxe features, plus a backup of your personal records, images, videos, and other content. The Norton Protection Premium offers coverage for up to 10 computers.

  3. Haydon Dunlop

    My experience was excellent. I really liked to believe that it is one of the best for my computer.

  4. Freddy Kirkland

    This has been my favorite anti-virus app over the years. Mainly due to the ease of functions, various devices, and low marketing costs.

  5. Trinity Frank

    This program lets you customize the security level of your device depending on your location. I am able to tweak my security protocols to suit what I am doing at the moment.

  6. Charles Mcbride

    Easy to use for a security suite, anti-virus, firewall, etc. Norton is essentially the standard that other security software is referred too.

  7. Max Collins

    I’ve been using it for a while, still, no complaints. Norton really does its job. Now, I don’t have to worry about my personal information.

  8. Mike Moss

    Wonderful protection for my PC and it doesn’t bother me as it runs in the background silently.

  9. Corbin Harrison

    Secures any device. High-end security. Complete with password protection and a VPN

  10. Bradley Arnold

    My favorite protection software. I’ve been using it for years. Nothing to complain about it.

  11. Oliver Walker

    It’s great security software that keeps your device safe from threats, It stops me from downloading infected files and even opening harmful websites. Scanning is working well too with options and you can set when you what to scan the device automatically or before it shuts down.

  12. Joey Zimmerman

    Keep me and my family’s devices safe, Scan thoroughly through every part of my device and shows if there’s an issue that is available. It blocks the treat or asks you if you want to delete a file or submit it for quarantine.

  13. Yasmin Hayden

    Norton has never failed my expectation at all times. It really makes your online activities and even offline protected. It blocks unwanted emails and websites and even works on multiple devices. All of this protection at such an affordable price.

  14. Anthony Perez

    It’s a high-end security software in my opinion. I like how it not only protects my computer and websites I visit but also social media sites and when I have to conduct some financial transactions too.

  15. Melania Mercado

    When it comes to protecting my device, I have no issue with it. However, I don’t particularly appreciate that the device slows down whenever I scan for a threat.

  16. Lorelei Bernard

    Best I have ever tried so far. Very affordable and has all the security features you need, including dark web monitoring,

  17. Sharon Hobbs

    manage to protect multiple operating systems. Similar to other security software where it scans your device and blocks online threats. An additional feature, that I haven’t used yet is the ability to track your device once it goes missing, but you have to activate it first for this feature to work.

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