OmniPage Standard (ESD)

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Have more time to focus on actual work when you use OmniPage Standard. With fast and accurate scanning features, convert physical documents into digital form with efficiency and ease.

OmniPage Standard Product Highlights:

  • Archive documents digitally using accurate scanning technology.
  • Convert documents to different formats without formatting loss.
  • Fast and easy on-demand conversion using OmniPage Launchpad.
  • Product is compatible with Windows PC.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

OmniPage Standard is a software that provides a precise and fast way to convert your PDF files and digital photos. With its new and improved features, you get better editing, results, and a software program that provides accuracy.

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Supports Various Applications

It allows various applications like PDF, Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, HTML, Corel, and others to work with. In addition, you can edit scanned files, works with images from any digital camera, receive pictures of documents, and convert documents to its original look.

Works on Any Camera Device

You can take photos on devices like a digital camera, portable scanner, or all-in-one printer and work using OmniPage Standard.

Recreate Documents Quickly

OmniPage Standard allows the editing or recreation of documents without the need to type the whole document. In a few minutes, you get an editable digital file that’s accurate and similar to the original.

Similar to the Original

When converted, the documents are similar to the original form. Even the columns, tables, and graphics are exactly the way it is.

One-click Workflow

With a single click, you can get recurring conversion jobs or you can do it manually.

Work with PDFs

With the use of eDiscovery Assistant, you can keep the original content and process the non-searchable elements. There is also no need to open files one by one anymore.

Covert Email Documents

Receive scanned or PDF documents from your Microsoft Outlook email. Moreover, it will be converted automatically into the format you desire.

120 Languages

It recognizes up to 120 languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and more. Easily process the documents anywhere you are in the world.

Convert Images to Text

Convert images from iPhone, iPad, and digital camera into a readable format.

22 reviews for OmniPage Standard (ESD)

  1. Clara Davis

    I can transform PDFs into Word documents and convert other word processor documents and spreadsheets into Microsoft Word and Excel with this OmniPage.

  2. Latisha Mclean

    The potential to save time by quickly highlighting a digital text block from an image or PDF and then pasting it directly into the text is brilliant-quick and time-effective.

  3. Lisette Taylor

    We can convert PDFs into word documents and convert other documents and spreadsheets from word processors into Microsoft Word and Excel.

  4. Callum Harris

    The potential to save time by quickly highlighting a block of digital text from a picture or PDF and then pasting it directly into the text is excellent and time-effective.

  5. Daniele Hensley

    As a legal document expert, I use OmniPage several times a day in my work every day. It’s a lot longer than OCRing, and it’s a lot more accurate than exporting PDFs by Adobe.

  6. Marietta Brooks

    I was delighted! It was totally worth the price.

  7. Eleonora Sigh

    I like its simplicity with converting documents into other formats.

  8. Bethany Newmann

    I like OmniPage very much. I have been using it for much more than a decade. I have tried other OCR software, but I believe that OmniPage spoils me. I love this!

  9. Alba Schaefer

    Omnipage is an application that converts Pdf to MS Word. The greatest part is that you don’t have to type the whole document manually. The conversion of Pdf documents to.doc or.txt is handy. This program will be able to convert the file in only a few minutes.

  10. Loren Mcgill

    This software worked great and helped me reach deadlines. It was easy to use, and I was able to review the data easier.

  11. Heidi Hill

    The accuracy when scanning and converting files is impressive. And the amount of applications it supports is truly helpful in my business.

  12. Lydia Maxwell

    Keeps scanned documents precisely the way they should be with fewer edits. Even images can be editable and work in other languages.

  13. Abigail Bridges

    It’s a great software if you constantly work on digital files or your business needs lots of paperwork. It has seamless integration with other tools and scanners.

  14. Bermadette Stuart

    Provides accurate conversion of images to files or even fillable forms. Very easy to use and compatible with any scanner.

  15. Kristofer Hyde

    High-quality software and conversion of files and images are exact. No problem with formats due to multiple options. Simple to use and easy to make edits on documents.

  16. Mindy Lee

    It is one of the most accurate, quick, and simple digital document conversion applications I’ve tried. The  OCR technology can effectively reproduce original content in a digital format, and I can easily convert any files I need.

  17. Clyde Harmon

    Converting my physical files to digital copies is amazing. I can edit my files if there is an error, but most of the time it’s exactly the same as the original document.

  18. Jaidyn Cox

    an excellent tool to manage my documents in digital format.

  19. Pamela House

    Conversion is quick and easy to do. documents can be edited and you can turn PDF forms into editable formats.

  20. Peter Lewis

    It does really scan my files and images accurately. Also, I can batch process my file, so I don’t have to work on that individually, which is very time-consuming on my part. But I still find it a bit hard to use the software at first. I need to like research about the features. It lacks some features to me like I can’t keep it secured by adding a password.

  21. Otto Kipling

    It accurately scans documents and minimizes errors so I only have to make minor to no edits at all.

  22. Myles Marshall

    Converts document to any format and accurately transforms a physical document into a digital copy.

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