PaperPort Standard (ESD)

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Part Number: ESN-6809Z-W00-14.0

Let PaperPort Standard manage, organize, scan, and share your files to enhance efficiency and productivity. It allows the editing and storing of files like a pro.

PaperPort Standard Product Highlights:

  • Convert documents to digital format.
  • Compatible with all-in-one printers and mobile and desktop scanners.
  • Search documents quickly.
  • Allows editing and viewing of PDF documents.
  • This software is a digital license product.
  • It is compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

PaperPort Standard is the latest software you can use to manage, scan, share, and search documents. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all your files because PaperPort Standard helps you organize it in a digital format. Furthermore, it enhances productivity, allowing you to focus on important tasks.

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Stores Documents Well

Simply your tasks by organizing your files in a way that would be easy for you to search for it. You can also share and scan stored documents all in one place.

Editable Files

All stored files can be viewed, edited, and share easily.

Searchable PDF Documents

Access all your digital documents with an easy search action.

Convert Paper to Text

With a simple and easy step, you can convert paper into text and edit them using either Word or Excel.

Integration of Scanner Devices

Allows you an all-in-one printer and mobile and desktop scanner to work seamlessly with PaperPort Standard.

Organize and Search Quickly

You can now search for your files easily with PaperPort. Organize your documents such as photos, receipts, documents on your desktop. Furthermore, just type the keyword or phrase from a document you need and you’ll get quick results from your digital and scanned documents.

Desktop Enhancers

PaperPort 14 comes with some applications for desktop enhancement.

  • The Cloud Connector allows you to access numerous cloud services. It includes Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Docs,, and others. In addition, you can work in the cloud. You’ll be able to scan, stack and unstack PDF files, and create files directly.
  • Improved Scanner: You can scan color documents with PDF-MRC compression. Furthermore, it has time-saving highlights for scanning, and open documents quickly with a single click.
  • Evernote Send To Connector: You can add, create, or drop files on the Evernote Send To Connector. Furthermore, easily add notes to your PaperPort desktop by clicking on the connector.

15 reviews for PaperPort Standard (ESD)

  1. Frankie Bailey

    In my work career as well as in my personal life, it was beneficial. After all, I almost always managed to keep my data at my hands, functioning more effectively and easily because I just incorporated the Paperport Standard. I had it if I wanted to check for my image files or whatever was necessary.

  2. Peter Taylor

    Super simple and simple to use, not a lot of frills in the way the object works. It still knows the product’s ins and outs, but it operates just as planned for absolute scanning.

  3. Kristyne Miller

    I use it for scanning everything relevant—bills, letters, legal, and financial. I put things in folders that make sense. They are easy to move from one folder to the next.

  4. Jorge Burris

    Paperport makes my life so easy! I can stack and unstack documents to change the first-page order! Can merge documents easily! everything! Instead of needing to print everything, I use the paper port for faxing big papers.

  5. Kamlyn Raymond

    I, too, like this handy product, I like the features, super easy to access, and it hardly ever breaks down on me. I scan multiple documents daily, and it’s super fast.

  6. Jessie Washington

    It scans any file and easily converts it to editable form. It really works the way I expect it to be. Also, it is compatible with any scanner. You can organize your files and make them searchable whenever you are looking for it

  7. Nieve Bowes

    The scanning and editing process is so easy. Really enjoy using this software for all my files.

  8. Talulah Sanchez

    excellent software when your work entails plenty of documentation processing. You can take a picture and convert it to text or editable format. It even works in PDF format and you can create fillable forms if desired, although batch processing is not available in the standard version.

  9. Kenneth Bright

    Easy to use, everything you need is accessible. Images can be converted to editable images and even fillable forms. Very accurate scanning of documents too.

  10. Justin Pickett

    Documents can be scanned and saved in multiple formats, such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, or PCX files. It acts as a central hub for documents. You can organize, edit, email, print, or convert a scan to a fillable form.

  11. Rodney Gibson

    Scanning my files and converting them to digital format is so easy with PaperPort, I don’t have to spend much time learning the tool and I can batch process my documents. It’s made from small businesses, but Softvire does have a pro version or other Kofax software to try, but for my small business, the standard version is enough. I get quite enough formats I can choose from for my conversion.

  12. Frankie Edmunds

    Basic but great software when converting physical files to digital format.

  13. Karley Norton

    If you need to transform physical documents digitally, PaperPort is the be software for that. It is compatible with any scanner, even your phone camera

  14. Arla LeBlanc

    It works on any printer and precisely scans and converts the file to an editable format.

  15. Haley Burns

    I use this for scanning my paper documents and it precisely does it. There are only a few errors but it greatly turns my paperwork into digital format.

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