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Privacy Guardian (ESD)

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What you do online isn’t private and can be used against you. Trackers use cookies, fingerprints, and IP’s to monitor everything you do online. However, Privacy Guardian for PC provides maximum privacy protection for everyday users.

Privacy Guardian Product Overview:

  • Secure data from spies and advertisers.
  • Prevents the collection of your private data and online activities.
  • Superior protection.
  • One-year subscription plan.
  • This is a digital license product.
  • It is compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Privacy Guardian by Iolo is an online protection software that detects and removes the data that invasive browser fingerprinting scripts rely on to spy on users’ searches, videos watched, websites, and more. It can stop spies from browsing and seeing other personal information like what users purchase, information about their family, and more. Privacy Guardian is everything you need to protect yourself online.

Stop Online Ads Following You

Online entities and advertisers can spy on your browsing activities or habits. Once they have gathered your data they use this to place annoying ads on websites you visit. Furthermore, it also gives Merchants the power to send spam or annoying emails to promote their business or brands.

Secure Reputation

Some companies collect your data secretly, and sometimes they can deny credit due to the data they have gathered about your activity. But with Privacy Guardian, it protects all your data from online trackers. Unlike digital fingerprinting, cookie-based tracking blockers, and VPNs.

Superior to VPN

VPN encrypts your traffic by making it appear like it’s coming from another IP address. However, once your data flows out of the VPN encryption, you can still be tracked. Privacy Guardian uses the method of scrambling your data before hackers can see it. Hence, making it far more superior to a VPN.

Protects Internet Data

With Iolo’s Privacy Guardian, it secures all your online activities, online purchases, financial data, and personal information.

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23 reviews for Privacy Guardian (ESD)

  1. Todd Kennedy

    I bought this for peace of mind and so far so good! Happy with this purchase.

  2. Paula Brownne

    Privacy Guardian alerts me when it has stopped an attempt to collect my data.

  3. Connor Dean

    The Iolo Privacy Guardian for PC (ESD) is guaranteed to keep you safe from online surveillance. This is helpful especially when doing online purchases or booking hotel rooms and flights.

  4. Nessa Price

    Iolo Privacy Guardian, especially for PC novices, is an excellent privacy suite. Privacy Guardian will satisfy most users’ wishes and desires with a tidy, easy-to-use menu structure and many completely functioning privacy tools.

  5. Kalei Jax

    The Privacy Guardian software is tidy, quick, and extremely easy to use. The main menu shows different types of privacy tools that are widely used. It can be configured to a certain level, but it is impossible to switch further from the default settings. This simple approach to privacy-protection is ideal for beginner users.

  6. Delia Newman

    one year subscription is affordable, to be honest, and you get safe online browsing with no more annoying pop-ups and ads.

  7. Franklin Kennedy

    What a useful tool to secure my privacy by using an advanced and secure data deletion method to protect your digital fingerprint.

  8. Naomi Zavala

    I’m not 100% sure if it keeps my device safe, but so far I haven’t experienced any malware on my device or annoying pop-up ads.

  9. Chloe Mejia

    I like the speedy data recovery from this product, and the permanently deletes internet histories from all major browsers. Also, it erases passwords, cookies, download logs. It works well with chat programs, emails, and media players.

  10. Holly Austin

    It works best when used along with other security software. It’s sort of online protection so you don’t open links that are unsafe or you can browse without getting tracked by annoying ad trackers.

  11. Billy McCoy

    Easy-to-use security software that works on almost any browser to keep my data safe from third parties and spies. I can easily log in to my accounts and feel secure.

  12. Glen Chambers

    It takes up a little part of your device’s resources I guess because I don’t notice the software running in the background while I do my thing. It keeps my identity and my activities online safe by blocking ads or tracking cookies. All is simply achieved by a single click.

  13. Tom Smith

    Friendly and works in all browsers. Easily scans sites and blocks them if it recognizes that it has suspicious traffic or malicious threat.

  14. Deborah Davis

    It definitely secures my online activities from trackers. No more annoying ads and I’m sure there is no one spying on my activities.

  15. Olivia Burgess

    it has every features you’ll need for your device. there’s even a VPN so you can watch any content you want outside your country.

  16. Reagan Wells

    Unlimited VPN security. Great protection when shopping online.

  17. Earnest Tate

    It blocks any websites or even apps that track your location and activities. It even secures my privacy by deleting cookies and history on my computer. Sometimes it disables some features of my device but I can easily able them when needed.

  18. Collen Waters

    it’s easy to install and when I scanned my device, it shows the number of unprotected files then proceed to secure them. It also has a VPN, but I haven’t tried it

  19. Cordell Summers

    Security is great. Plenty of options to protect your device and data.

  20. Orlando Hayes

    I enjoy using Privacy Guardian. It keeps me safe and maintains the peace of mind I need whenever I’m online.

  21. Miriam Palmer

    A security tool I’ve been using for 3 years now. It keeps guard of all my online activities, so I worry less when handling sensitive information online.

  22. Tony Broughton

    It’s one of the security software I have installed on my device for a couple of years. I like that it goes to protect all my online activities especially when I perform some online transactions. There are no more annoying ads and that can be also dangerous. I like the VPN included on the package. My only complaint is that I wished there was a version for one-time payment only instead of paying yearly which I think is much more expensive.

  23. Alfonso Stuart

    if you want safe online browsing, this privacy guardian can keep all your data and activities secured. It blocks ads that keep popping, so when you visit another site, it won’t trace your activities at all. It even includes a VPN if you need one.

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