Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v21 (ESD)

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Punch! Home and Landscape Design Architectural series version 21 offers a global innovation of architectural designs. Whether your project is a home renovation or landscape projects, make your floorplan visible on the digital world. Surely, Architectural series version 21 is user-friendly for professional architects and designers. The best deal for home and landscape design software is only available at Softvire!

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v21 Product Highlights:

  • Excellent quality  2D Geometry and text.
  • Planning your design in the digital world made easy.
  • Customizable Draw styles.
  • Intuitive full-featured tools.
  • Faster performance with 64-bit processing.
  • Add extensive detailing tools.
  • New fill patterns for 2D object detailing and the ability to rotate patterns.
  • Add over 90 professional CAD tools.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

The home and landscape design software program is not only for professionals but also for people who love home designing, renovation, remodeling, and more. Punch Home and Landscape Design Architectural Series version 20 offers an integrated full-featured tool that has a photorealistic or 2D layout. This home design software or architectural design software is suitable for landscape design, remodeling, renovation, interior design, and more.

Floorplans in 2D, is it that amazing? Design your dream house or dream house project with the Architectural Series version 20. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or DIY, you can now plan and design a floorplan in the digital world.

Home and Landscape Design includes outdoor design tools, advanced drawing features, brand name product libraries, a comprehensive interior design suite, and more. So, go get your copy at the best price on Softvire NZ.

Quality Performance for 2D Geometry and Text

Everyone will be astonished as you present the finished design of your home project in 2D. As you make a blueprint of your imagination, this software will assist you with its new 2D engine that results in excellent quality 2D text and Geometry. The layout result is photorealistic.

Customizable Draw Styles

Customize your drawing styles to any draw styles you are comfortable with. In fact, you have a selection of draw styles to choose from. This home and landscape design software will literally make your architect life convenient.

DWG/DXF Import and Export 

Transfer drawing files to different applications with ease and take control of the exact floating-point of the DXF format up to 16 decimal places and save the drawing in either ASCII or binary format. So, you could convert it into a smaller file that is easy and quick to work with.

Home and Landscape Design by Punch makes transferring drawing files easy. It supports DWG and DXF format files. Input the exact floating-point of a DXF format for up to 16 decimal places. Then, save the drawing in an ASCII or binary format. With that being said, you could convert the layout into a smaller file which made it easy to work with.

Full-featured Tools

Organize your toolbar according to your convenience. Modification of toolbar is simpler than Geometry – edit, align, and distribute element.

New Features

  • Faster performance with 64-bit processing.
  • Add extensive detailing tools for annotation, floor plan, elevation views, and details for proper construction and permit.
  • New level lines, line styles, customizable plan labels, customizable windows and door labels, and callout tools.
  • New fill patterns for 2D object detailing and the ability to rotate patterns.
  • Add over 90 professional CAD tools, which consist of 2D drafting, 3D modeling, data sharing, and editing.

16 reviews for Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v21 (ESD)

  1. Andi Clarke

    It’s an easy to use program that doesn’t require a lot of handholds. There are many helpful tutorials to get started—great investment whether you’re planning on remodeling or building a home.

  2. Betsy Lin

    Easy to figure out. Lets you design everything you want.

  3. Codey King

    When I sent a friend pictures of what I had made, she responded that she thought I was sending her real pictures of my apartment. It’s not just a point-and-click program that produces a flawless representation. There are several learning opportunities available. It’s an outstanding buy for the price.

  4. Donald Anderson

    The package was delivered on time, securely, and fair. I don’t have any problem with installing. Quick and easy. And, the product itself is excellent, simple enough for beginners or non-professionals.

  5. Arnold Knowles

    A pro software that includes professional interior designing tools and impressive CAD features. It’s the best option for experienced users.

  6. Rudy Greenway

    complete and comprehensive tools for building houses and buildings that my clients really liked. The result is phenomenal, and the designing process is so smooth I can create my design faster as compared to other design software I’ve tried.

  7. Harvey Harper

    This fully-features software helps me create designs for my clients. We collaborate to visualize their dream home. It’s best for pros than for amateurs as tools are a bit complicated.

  8. Abby Stuart

    Wonderful for professionals to up their game when creating plans and 3D designs for their clients. It’s even faster so it doesn’t lag behind when using the software. You can create 2D drawings and convert them to 3D floor plans for a more realistic view your clients can appreciate.

  9. Charity Carter

    It’s beginner-friendly design software. I can easily change designs when I want and it has thousands of items to choose from. After creating your design, you can even have a walkthrough of it.

  10. Leon Whitmore

    For professionals like me, this comes in handy. I can easily create designs for my clients and present t to them in a couple of hours or days. It can visualize the designs that my clients want so, it’s not difficult to work on the project at all. There are so many tools and furniture to select from, which makes me glad that Punch does that. Give me plenty of options.

  11. Sophie Beckman

    A sleek and detailed software for my architectural projects. It gives me the freedom to create designs on my own or I can use the templates available to get my projects done on time. Everything is so smooth and easy to use. Never encountered any issues with my device with this software. Its 64-bit process compatibility keeps me going with my projects.

  12. Luz Andrews

    Impressive software, expensive but worth every dollar spent.

  13. Georgia Gentry

    It supports a lot of files. so you can import or export. Tools are very great and meet up with my expectations. Excellent output and high-quality graphics.

  14. Clementine Simone

    A professional designing tool that architects and designers will love. It’s easy to use but also includes advanced tools to really build the design that clients want. The 2D to 3D conversion makes it also better to transform design quickly without the need to start all over again.

  15. Alaina Huang

    Plenty of editing tools for 2D or 3D designs. You can create designs quickly with the templates available.

  16. Lucian Parrish

    This professional software is a great addition to other of the applications I used. It has plenty of 2D and 3D tools and it’s so easy to remember how to use them. It can support multiple formats and designs from other software too.

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