Punch! Home & Landscape Design Professional v21 (ESD)

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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Professional version 21 is an excellent software that enables your blueprint in the digital world! Design a landscape, home renovation, and remodel your home in 2D or 3D. Let your detailed layout be appreciated in 2D or 3D.

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Professional v21 Product Highlights:

  • Excellent quality and performance for 2d Geometry and text.
  • Planning your design in the digital world made easy.
  • Advance customizable Draw styles.
  • Intuitive full-featured tools.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

A comprehensive software tool for DIY fanatic and professionals, Punch Home and Landscape Design Professional version 20. Meet deadlines for your home remodeling, renovation, landscape, and other projects. Punch Home and Landscape Design Professional version 20 offers full-featured tools with landscape tools. Present your floorplan in 2D or 3D. Your layout details will be more attractive in 3D.

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Quality Performance for 2D Geometry and Text

Everyone will be astonished as you present the finished design of your home project in 2D. As you make a blueprint of your imagination, this software will assist you with its new 2D engine that results in excellent quality 2D text and Geometry. The layout result is photorealistic.

Customizable Draw Styles

Customize your drawing styles to any draw styles you are comfortable with. In fact, you have a selection of draw styles to choose from. This home and landscape design software will literally make your architect life convenient.

DWG/DXF Import and Export 

Transfer drawing files to different applications with ease and take control of the exact floating-point of the DXF format up to 16 decimal places and save the drawing in either ASCII or binary format. So, you could convert into a smaller file which is easy and quick to work with.

Home and Landscape Design by Punch makes transferring drawing files easy. It supports DWG and DXF format file. Input the exact floating-point of a DXF format for up to 16 decimal place. Then, save the drawing on an ASCII or binary format. With that being said, you could convert layout into a smaller file which made it easy to work with.

Full-featured Tools

Organize your toolbar according to your convenience. Modification of toolbar is simpler than Geometry – edit, align and distribute element.

New Features of Version 21

  • Handles larger files and enhanced performance with a 64-bit version.
  • New callout tools, line styles, and level lines.
  • Add titles or labels on plans, windows, and doors. In addition, it’s customizable.
  • Get new fill patterns and rotate the fill pattern for 2D objects.
  • Over 90 CAD tools for 2D drafting, 3D modeling, editing, and data sharing.
  • New lighting and rendering option using LightWorks Custome Object, Area, and Skylight lightings.

7 reviews for Punch! Home & Landscape Design Professional v21 (ESD)

  1. Janette Rivas

    This is nice software with a lot of options. I purchased it for my dad’s small business.

  2. James Hicks

    Got a great purchase with this design software. Punch translates your designs into splendid 2D and 3D compositions.

  3. Blanche Elliot

    Despite being a pro tool I can guarantee that it can be used by amateurs too. The quickstart allows users to immediately create their designs drag and drop items and finish a project in no time. I use this when I have plenty of projects.

  4. Felix Miller

    Punch! Home & Landscape Design Premium is an excellent program for its price. If you are not looking to use this for your business, this will supersede your expectations.

  5. Gloria Mae Jenson

    It has everything you need when you want to create a floor plan for your clients. You can even share the designs with them to see if they’ll like them. If you need to make changes, it’s so easy, you can drag and drop the item.

  6. Cecil Reynolds

    Highly recommended software. Although it’s made for professionals, amateurs can still get to create impressive 3D floor plans.

  7. Peter Benington

    Allows the import of design from other software. Editing is easy. Doesn’t need much to learn the software. Plenty of 3D and 2D drawing and designing tools.

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