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Reader Rabbit High Flying Act

(15 customer reviews)

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Create a fun and exciting learning environment for your child. With the help of Reader Rabbit High Flying Act, you can develop and enhance your child’s reading and writing skills withan  interactive storybook and challenging games.

Reader Rabbit High Flying Act Product Overview:

  • Interactive and fun reading game for children.
  • Advance challenges for advanced skills.
  • Progress reports.
  • Develops a child’s vocabulary, phonics, and more.
  • Compatible with Windows PC only.
  • This is a digital license product.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Broderbund’s Reader Rabbit High Flying Act is an exciting and fun way to making learning easy and effective. Develop your child’s reading skills at an early age with fun educational software like Reader Rabbit High Flying Act. With over 50 activities such as learning phonics, vocabulary, alphabets, and more, you can make your kid learn with no difficulty.

Reader Rabbit High Flying Act is an interactive storybook where kids can play and learn. They can spell out words, pronounced them fully, and more. It comes with interactive stories that are educational.

Interactive Features

Develop your child’s reading skills in a lively and interactive manner. Let them enjoy the fun lessons they can be part of, sing along with delightful and educational songs, and games that can help them in their Language Art skills. Furthermore, it guides your child on challenges they are having trouble with, so they won’t get bored and give up on their activities and lessons.

More Developed Skills, More Challenges

Your child won’t feel stuck on repetitive games and challenges, as Reader Rabbit will progress to more challenging games and levels as your child’s skill progresses. You can check on how they are performing over time with progress reports provided.

What Will Developed?

Let your child play in many ways. They can choose how they want to interact with the story’s challenges. Reader Rabbit ensures that your child’s skill in building vocabulary is provided. In addition, they can learn how to read successfully and enjoy the process of it along the way.
So, get your copy today, and teach your child with Reader Rabbit High Flying Act, an interactive game for developing and enhancing Language Art skills. Get it at the best price from Softvire NZ.

15 reviews for Reader Rabbit High Flying Act

  1. Maine Greenwood

    PaintShop Pro 2021 Ultimate is a unique picture processing software option in that it offers workspaces for photographers of all abilities in a single kit. As far as image quality is concerned, the more artificial results, such as similar software, can be hit or missed.

  2. Kaden Booker

    Really suites for your child’s learnings. Develop reading skills for your child in a fun and engaging way. Let them take part in the fun classes, sing and play sports. It guides your child about the challenges they face.

  3. Lionel Ryan

    It’s a fun gaming and educational software that my child use. They can’t get enough of it.

  4. Jane Samson

    A fun educational game that really helps my child to learn. It’s even addicting as my kid wants to play more. You can see if your child progresses with it and you can track them. What makes it fun for kids is that the game is more interactive, so they have to read a word or spell to move forward to the next level which teaches the child.

  5. Macie Wynn

    It’s a fun learning software for kids. Although they didn’t learn to read with this software, they were able to have fun and maybe do some reading.

  6. Max Mann

    Absolutely a delight for my kids. They love playing with it. It surely improves the way they read and pronounce words over time.

  7. Lindsay Higgins

    Fun software that keeps my kids entertained and learn something at the same time, They can navigate through the software so fast because of the instruction provided, and easy to understand for their reading level.

  8. Chloe Knott

    An engaging and educational game that your child will really enjoy. My kid says it’s her favorite game to play.

  9. Tamara King

    fun games and challenges. kids really loved it.

  10. Lane Bourne

    It’s an entertaining software that helped my children learn how to read and say words correctly.

  11. Wilkins Tomay

    Kids will enjoy this game. It teaches them to read, spell, and you can even check on their progress. They won’t get bored easily.

  12. Kendal Bolton

    It enhances my child’s reading skills, not fast but at least they are able to learn, and at the same time they are having fun.

  13. Velma Franks

    Besides being a fun game that can entertain your child, it even improves your kids’ reading comprehension, not unless you help them with it, but if they do it on their own this tool is effective for them

  14. Rex Jennings

    Interactive game that your kids will enjoy. The activities will really push them to think instead of playing unconsciously. Each level offers different challenges but they are not so difficult to understand. My kids can play with this game all the time.

  15. Matilda Reid

    This is great software to entertain your kids. They can enhance their reading skills while enjoying interactive and fun activities.

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