Roxio Toast 19 Titanium

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Roxio Toast 19 Titanium is the perfect and complete software you can use to manage your digital files for your Mac devices. Convert, edit, share, or save any files you desired.

Roxio Toast 19 Titanium Product Highlights

  • Authorized DVDs with menus.
  • Burn and copy CDs and DVDs.
  • Convert files to popular formats.
  • Transform images into stunning paintings.
  • Improved file browsing, interface, and with customizable quick access panel.
  • Edit audio with tools to adjust and enhance the sound.
  • Painter Essential 7 for AI painting, layer control, and rendering.
  • WinZip 8 to add, move, and update zip files.
  • Restore your files from a damaged disc.
  • Archive HD videos.
  • Convert media into the preferred format.
  • Convert CDs and audiobooks to digital format.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • For Mac users only.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

With the latest Toast Titanium 19 for Mac devices, you can manage your digital projects easily. Furthermore, capture, edit, secure, share, and convert your work to disc, popular formats, and online.

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  • Authorized DVDs with menus
  • Burn and copy CDs and DVDs
  • Convert files to popular formats
  • Transform images into stunning paintings

New Features

  • Improved file browsing, interface, and with customizable quick access panel.
  • Dark mode.
  • Edit audio with tools to adjust and enhance the sound.
  • Painter Essential 7 for AI painting, layer control, and rendering.
  • WinZip 8 to add, move, and update zip files.
  • Find, preview, and drag and drop files easily.
  • Searchable help guide.

Burn and Copy Files

  • Burn and copy your media into your preferred DVD and CD burner.
  • Supports any media – music, video, photos, and data.
  • Protects your files when on disc or USB.
  • Customize menus and chapters on DVDs.

Recover Files from Damaged Disc

Restore your files from the damaged disc and copy it to a new disc.

Archive Data

Archive your HD videos into a disc and it also includes a preview version on it to browse your files easily.


Convert your media into any of your preferred formats. In addition, you can automatically schedule conversion from your device even when you are away.

Organize Files

DiscCatalogMaker allows users to automatically catalog the discs for easy browsing and it can be searched by file name or folder name.

Transform Images to Paintings

With Roxio Akrilic, you can turn your pictures into stunning and effortless painting effects. Furthermore, get to emphasize on features of your photos that are captivating and adjust certain settings. Toast Titanium 19 uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technologies to do the work.

Works on Audio 

Import, enhance, burn, and save audio files easily with Toast Titanium. Get to add audio from the music library and save it in your desired format.

Convert to Digital

Convert CDs or audiobooks to digital format and edit the content or files like add the name of the artist and so on. It also allows customization of tracks and mixing of music using Audio Disc Spanning.

32 reviews for Roxio Toast 19 Titanium

  1. Lee Farrington

    Toast is a great piece of software to have on hand when the need to create a DVD or Bluray comes up. It’s a simplified process that anyone can learn with ease. I have certainly saved myself a lot of time when duplicating discs by loading disc images.

  2. Robert Ansell

    It is a simplified method that can be learned with ease by anyone. By loading disk files, I have definitely saved myself a lot of time while duplicating disks. When the need to make a DVD or Bluray comes up, Toast is a fantastic piece of software to have on hand.

  3. Kaeden Miller

    This is the market’s best disk burning, file transfer, digital suite! It has a nice and fully intuitive user interface. The bad feedback, I can’t grasp. In all respects, I have had a great experience with it, and I give it my highest recommendation.

  4. Kory Mcfarlane

    Roxio’s toast keeps improving with a few changes here and there. The screen live capture is a good thing for making tutorials or grabbing what’s on-screen. Audio from the monitor’s speakers suddenly shifts back to the Mac Pro’s box and stays there.

  5. Earl Wolfe

    I like burning multimedia files on CDs and DVDs. This toast titanium software is so handy. I easily move my files and do some edits and can create wonderful and memorable collections on CDs to gift or share with my family or even keep it myself. Luckily haven’t experienced something negative as some of the reviews I’ve read online. hoping it works for a long time.

  6. Matthew Medina

    Burning CDs and DVD copies is my thing. Thanks to Roxio they do have a mac copy, I like compiling videos, photos, and other media. The editing tools are also creative and simple to use.

  7. Mitchell Lin

    I like it. It does the job. It’s easy, and it has a lot of features. Also, Softvire provides good customer service for their customers.

  8. Caroline Allen

    A great all-in-one multimedia software. You can save, store, edit, burn, and change the format of your files within the software. The editing tools are simple but good enough to make quick edits. Meanwhile, the conversion feature is simple and fast.

  9. Ellenor Mcclure

    You can create and burn CDs and DVDs, or choose to store them using Roxio. There is also an excellent option to edit images and also convert your files to formats that are popular.

  10. Darren Ball

    It’s simple to use Roxio when converting and burning files and media, I can even create chapters on DVDs to break down the content.

  11. Jorge Frederick

    Wonderful. I do enjoy the multiple tools for editing videos, images, and audio. I’m also pleased it has lots of space to store my media.

  12. Elena Barry

    It’s really cool. I like how it’s not only for burning CDs and DVDs but you can edit your photos and audio. It’s even fast to convert your files into popular formats.

  13. Libby Carroll

    sleek, straightforward, and plenty of things to do aside from burning CDs and DVDs. You can even convert your media to popular formats. It converts fast and doesn’t have any issues with the quality. There are also simple tools to edit photos if needed.

  14. Yasmine Greene

    Excellent software if you need to manage your media from photos to audio. There are also some simple editing tools like adding effects to your photos or enhancing audio.

  15. Mared Castillo

    Easy to use, with no issue at all. can edit audio too if needed before burning into a CD or DVD

  16. Paul Long

    A wonderful Mac version for burning media for CDs and DVDs. I like that it gives me plenty of formats I can use for my conversion and got to edit some of my images by adding creative effects.

  17. Jamal Peterson

    A superior burning and editing software, It has great video and photo editing tools that are uncomplicated.

  18. Byron Freeman

    I like that Roxio continues to create burning software like this. You can add effects to your images and create menus on DVDs.

  19. Pauline Lowe

    A multimedia software I’ve been using for a long time. It has everything I need. I can make edits to my photos without the need to leave the app. Also, I can store and look for the media I need by searching using the tags.

  20. Caspar Thatcher

    It has everything you need to manage your media. You can even edit your images with the painting effects available.

  21. Claire Davidson

    It’s not only for burning media to CDs and DVDs. Roxio Toast also has a simple editing option for videos and photos. It doesn’t have that many editing tools just to adjust sound or turn images into paintings. But you can convert files to other formats and burn or share them online.

  22. Tia Ponce

    Multimedia software that handles all my images, videos, and audio

  23. Octavia Preston

    You can work on any file type and edit them as deemed necessary. The editing tools are simple.

  24. Eric Montes

    Easy access to the tools, lots of editing features, conversion is fast and with multiple options. I have encountered no issue with it.

  25. Kelly Walton

    I enjoy organizing my media or videos on CDs or DVDs. Luckily, Roxio does still provide options for burning DVDs and CDs. You can organize your content and even add chapters to easily select them when you need to view a file.

  26. Tom Johnson

    Although burning CDs and DVDs is not much of a thing now, I still like doing it so as a gift to loved ones. Roxio makes it possible by keeping things modern-looking. You can save media to CDs and even create a menu on them, and even convert it to your desired format.

  27. Ciara Carpenter

    You can do almost everything with this software. edit, share, burn, or create. It’s an excellent multimedia tool.

  28. Roger Pace

    copy, burn and save audios and videos while keeping their quality. It’s impressive. You can also enhance the audio if you want or images.

  29. Harold Hampton

    It’s a great burning software with lots of editing tools, simple but they are good enough to make quick edits. It also supports multiple formats of media.

  30. Judah Richards

    Burning music and audio, with lots of editing tools to enhance and edit them.

  31. Keaton Tucker

    Perfect for keeping your multimedia files in it. You can edit your photos, videos, and audio but I haven’t tried it. I use it for keeping my files and organizing them so I can easily find them when needed.

  32. Alexis Maynard

    You can do anything with this software from burning CDs to editing content. The editing tools are simple and are made for quick touch-ups.

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