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Protect your home and business devices with Trend Micro Internet Security– the best digital defense software on the market. Shop, surf, and socialize online without leaving yourself vulnerable to all kinds of digital threats.

Trend Micro Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Advanced ransomware protection.
  • Email filtering and spam protection.
  • Improved privacy shield lets you bank and shop safely.
  • Performance optimizer keeps your PC running at peak condition.
  • This software purchase is a digital license and physical product.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows devices.

Turn your system into a digital fortress using Trend Micro Internet Security. With software backed by over three decades of experience, protect against all manner of digital threats with Trend Micro Internet Security’s features that reviews love.

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The Best Online Protection

Secure your digital life when you install Trend Micro. Block phishing attempts and other digital attacks and eliminate ransomware threats before they can hurt your system.

Make Social Media Safe

Keep your social media interactions safe. Chat, share, and post online without giving away important information for hackers and scammers.

Get Real-time Protection

Get continuous defense from digital threats with Internet Security’s real-time detection of ransomware, viruses, threats that invades privacy, and scams. With real-time protection, it makes it easy to see threats immediately and act to block or remove them from the system.

Only a Minimal Impact on the Overall Performance

Unlike other security software, Internet Security by Trend Micro makes sure that it will not only provide the protection you need but keep your device’s performance at its best. There would be minimal impact on the performance of your PC. In addition, it will also fix some common issues with your computer’s speed.

Parental Control

Let your kids enjoy online browsing and gaming without you worrying about online content. You get full control over what your kids can see online. Easily block sites that are inappropriate and even limit the screen time of your kids.

Secure Email

You don’t have to worry about receiving scammed email. Internet Security will scan your emails to detect if the content is harmful. You don’t have to think about clicking on scammed links at all.

Operating System

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Year Subscriptions

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21 reviews for Trend Micro Internet Security

  1. Cristal Moss

    This was the only one of the three internet security softwares my school would allow for free. Norton came pre-installed for 60 days on my laptop, and I just used it temporarily to postpone the setup of TrendMicro, so my subscription would last a little longer. It has been a huge performance booster. Thankfully, I don’t have to do a full system scan every 4 days like I had to do with Norton.

  2. Kirsty Laraci

    Been using Trend Micro for 4 years already and it delivers what it says it can offer. Easy to use, easy to install. I’ve always felt like they are really keeping track of the bad stuff out there. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set up the auto scan function.

  3. Matt Dean

    I have used Trend for almost 1 year. It is effortless to install on your cell and laptop. We have it downloaded on 3 of our devices at home, and this is also our internet security on our devices at work.

  4. Blaine Allen

    Overall I’ve been happy with the software. Useful reports across multiple devices, and effectively has caught and notified me when malicious happenings occur. Sometimes installing valid software is NOT a problem, too [false positive], which I was able to override.

  5. Rupert Hicks

    This is a fantastic antivirus, very inexpensive for the price and can be mounted with one disc on 3 machines. With quick scans, it is also very easy to use and gives regular product alerts. Overall, I highly recommend a very good PC antivirus, especially if you are on a budget.

  6. Desirae Ward

    The GUI is straightforward to use, which helps average users search, set, or adjust their setup easily.

  7. Esme Jones

    Great package for internet security.

  8. Trent Wilkerson

    Best in online protection. Very quick on determining phishing sites.

  9. Gregory Giggins

    I am amazed by this software. It seems observant of keeping bad things on my computer. It ever blocked me when I go to sites that have misspelled.

  10. Jamie Jimenez

    Useful antivirus software. It detected some viruses in my computer the moment I’ve installed the program. It took a while to scan but maybe because it’s new to my device.

  11. Eric Holmes

    Everything I need to keep my browsing and other online activities safe.

  12. Tasha Bowers

    overall it doesn’t have much issues. there is no slowing down of my device, as it runs in the background. But when I hit the full scan option, my computer slows down.

  13. Rocky Hill

    all-in-one protection for Mac or windows. Your accounts, device, and online activities are monitored carefully and encrypted. If threats are detected it will block the threat and inform you.

  14. Clarissa Haynes

    It’s a great alternative for expensive business security software. It can handle emails and filter spam, it secures accounts like your bank account and more. I use this when I am managing my website or any orders from it.

  15. Ysabeau Dame

    Immediately scan my computer and even block all sites that it finds suspicious. It can even scan social media and email links before you can click on them.

  16. Ruby Ann Hills

    Scanning is fast. Even when I don’t run the software, it protects my device while in the background by blocking emails and websites that are unsafe.

  17. Ingrid Mckenna

    It’s absolutely a top-notch antivirus. It protects you when you are offline, browsing, reading emails, and even your social media accounts. It stops you from entering phishing sites.

  18. Theodore Pollard

    It offers more than scanning of threats but protects even social media accounts. So, if anyone sends a link to you via your social media, trend micro can detect if it is safe or not.

  19. Miley Knapp

    Online protection at its best. Fast scanning, and provides protection for my online accounts.

  20. Abbie Thomas

    fast and reliable security software.

  21. Charlie Young

    Real-time protection as you can view threats it has blocked even though you didn’t perform a scan. Furthermore, it doesn’t slow down my device whenever I ran a scan.

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