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Trend Micro Maximum Security

(28 customer reviews)

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With over 30 years of innovation in the digital security industry, Trend Micro Maximum Security should be your multi-device protection software of choice. Shop, surf, and socialize online without worrying about being vulnerable when you have Trend Micro installed.

Trend Micro Maximum Security Product Highlights:

  • Advanced privacy and parental control settings.
  • Bank and shop online safely.
  • Advanced ransomware protection.
  • This software purchase is a digital license
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android devices.
  • We offer ESD and Physical (1 Year 2 Devices) formats.
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Trend Micro Maximum Security is the ultimate protection package from one of the top digital security firms in the world. With Trend Micro, your PC is definitely assured. So, protect your system against all manners of digital threats and intruders using protection software that Trend Micro Maximum Security reviews love.

Get your Trend Micro Maximum Security download keys at the best prices from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts, ultimate protection is just a download away with Maximum Security by Trend Micro.

True Online Privacy

Detect malicious emails and websites that try to trick you into providing sensitive personal information. In addition, it keeps you protected even when you’re using social media on any device.

Bank, Shop, and Surf Safely

Trend Micro double checks the security of each website you visit. Shop, bank, and surf without worries when you install Trend Micro.

Ultimate Password Security

With Maximum Security, installed log into your accounts with a click of a button. In addition, Trend Micro’s password manager encrypts your details making sure no one can steal your information.

Family Protection Online and Offline

Manage how much time your kids spend online using advanced parental controls. In addition, keep your children safe from online predators using Trend Micro safeguards.

Complete Protection

Secure your device from all kinds of digital threats – ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, and more. It also has a Folder Shield that protects files located locally and on cloud-synced folders – Dropbox and Google Drive.

Even Unknown Threats can be Detected

The power of AI technology in Trend Micro allows the protection of devices from unknown threats. It proactively detects malware that is familiar and never-been-seen-before. So, no need to wait until it completely damages or enters the system. The moment it detects the threat, it blocks it immediately.

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28 reviews for Trend Micro Maximum Security

  1. Conal Dillard

    I like Trend Micro because it detects malicious emails and websites that try to make me aware of it. It also protects me even though I use social networks on some device.

  2. Stephen Mullins

    I was skeptical about this purchase when I first started installing, because the download did not appear to be coming directly from Trend Micro, but I took the chance and it does not appear to be malicious. I even scanned the files with Trend Micro housecall, and the results said it was clean. Pretty accurate!

  3. Lynne Greene

    I feel safe and have not had a problem using Trend Micro. I have used it for over three years. I like they help direct me away from potentially harmful sites.

  4. Sylvester Estrada

    It has a clean GUI, simple functionality to monitor devices in your environment quickly, and flexibility to scale.

  5. Zina Martin

    Trend Micro provides online privacy for my transactions.

  6. Anabelle Bruce

    It’s the best and ultimate protection for all your online protection needs.

  7. Zachary Robinson

    I’ve been hunting for an antivirus package. As a treat, I find that also has an advanced parental control feature. For less than $60, a one-year subscription is a superb deal! I get to protect my computer, as well as my other computer for my kids.

  8. Steve Humphrey

    complete protection and you can secure multiple devices at once.

  9. Brandon Sinclair

    The ultimate protection that has everything your need. You can scan, save passwords, hide your identity online, and even access content that’s geo-restricted.

  10. Joel Morran

    Thankful for the software and for customer service that helps me choose the right offer for my business.

  11. Jonathan Collier

    It’s a complete antivirus program. You can scan, protect your email, protect your online privacy, and even run in the background without interrupting you during gaming mode.

  12. Cecile Honor

    It has all the tools you need to protect your device instead of using multiple antivirus software, It saves my passwords, protects my online activities, secures my emails, and scans my devices for threats present.

  13. Salma Berg

    A complete security suite. It has a password manager, firewall, and other features you can’t find in ordinary antivirus software, but it’s more expensive than usual.

  14. Darren Bravo

    The software is so easy to set up and I enjoy the safe online banking ad shopping features, it allows me to conduct such transactions without worrying that my credit card number will be stolen.

  15. Franklin Gillespie

    Perfect. It’s the best security software that ever existed. I have loads of protection aside from just scanning for viruses.

  16. Raul Gordon

    Complete protection. Fast scanning and blocking of threats. Best if you need to protect multiple devices.

  17. Bobby Baker

    It’s total protection for my device. I can browse online without thinking about having to worry about my personal information being stolen. It runs in the background without me noticing it. When I scan my computer it was slow at times, maybe because there’s too much in it, I’m not sure. But after the scanning process, everything went smoothly.

  18. Paul Stuart

    It’s true to its promise. I’ve no issue using Trend Micro. I’m satisfied with this software.

  19. Rowan Boyd

    complete protection, from one to multiple devices. Effective parental control security that I use to keep my kids safe whenever they browse or watch online.

  20. Jimmy Keller

    I like the multi-layer of protection it offers. It doesn’t just let you scan your computer but you can also protect your email, social media accounts, and even cloud storage if you have one. The complete scanning process takes time on my first try, but it eventually scans faster when it gets used to my device.

  21. Abigail Prosacco

    Very helpful. It detects threats even those that are quite difficult to scan. Also, it doesn’t have any impact on my computer’s resources, so doesn’t slow down my computer.

  22. Cody McKinney

    Leading antivirus software that I highly recommend. It includes multiple features I enjoy such as securing my login credentials, blocking suspicious websites, and more. The scanning process can take time especially when you have plenty of files. The product does have a feature for family protection but sadly the website only offers only 2 device protection, wish they offer more or unlimited especially that Trend micro comes with a family control feature.

  23. Hillary Wallis

    Finally, all-in-one protection I’ve needed for my device. It’s so easy to use, just install and it’s ready to protect your files.

  24. Anna McGuire

    It’s the best security software I have ever tried especially that I mostly do online transactions often.

  25. Gerard Chapman

    Over the top security software. I’m glad I’ve tried it. It’s so versatile and it has security tools that are more than scanning a device.

  26. Kennedy Drake

    Secures all my accounts and passwords. I can create complicated passwords because the password manager will just automatically sign in to my account.

  27. Manuel Hensley

    I’ve been using it for years. Best protection ever. Like that it gives me multiple scanning options and doesn’t even take much of my device’s space. Scans very fast.

  28. Douglas Rollins

    I trust this software. Every time I conduct online transactions with my sensitive data, it always keeps things safe.

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