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Watchdog Anti-Malware (ESD)

(21 customer reviews)

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Secure all your system’s vulnerabilities using Watchdog Anti-malware’s multi-engine scanner. Eliminate digital threats that your other anti-virus software may have missed and enjoy true digital protection.

Watchdog Anti-Malware Product Highlights:

  • Blazingly-fast performance and scanning.
  • Cloud-based multi-engine malware scanner.
  • This software purchase a digital license
  • This product supports 1 Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Watchdog Anti-malware (ESD) has enough power in it to protect your system for a lifetime. With Watchdog Anti-malware, prevent and eliminate the worst digital threats that can infiltrate your system.

Get Watchdog Anti-malware lifetime or one-year subscription at the best price from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts, you’re one step away from fixing your system’s vulnerabilities with reliable and affordable Watchdog software.

Twice the Protection

Catch malware threats that your current antivirus software may have missed. Never lose sight of a threat before it does damage.

Blazingly Fast Scanning

Watchdog is optimized to be light on your system resources. So, scan your system thoroughly without worrying about performance issues.

Efficient Security

Cloud-based multi-engine scanning gives more power for Watchdog to sniff out any malware on your system. In addition, Watchdog roots out and eliminated malware threats in record time.

Multi-engine Malware Scanner

No need to install various antivirus programs to scan your device for threats or to make sure that it catches malware that has been missed by other software. With Watchdog comes with several scanners that can detect all threats or the ones that your other antivirus program misses.

Real-time Protection

You’ll get all the updates you need and get to protect your device immediately when it detects any threats in your device’s system.



Year Subscriptions


21 reviews for Watchdog Anti-Malware (ESD)

  1. Olivia Bloom

    A respectable addition to the protections that you set up. This is a great commodity. Watchdog Antimalware is a U.S. Rebranded Marketing Agent for Zemana Antimalware. Zemana has maintained a widely respected position within the security community for years to come.

  2. Nabeel Cummings

    Superb Product- A worthy complement to the protections you have built up. This is a really nice commodity.

  3. Teri Hays

    I have used Watchdog for several years and feel that it is the best product to keep me safe.

  4. Damian Armstrong

    This reliable application is a multi-engine scanner, which can detect various malicious files or keys on your computer and cleaning them

  5. Asenat Forrest

    It helps secure my computer if ever there is any detected vulnerabilities.

  6. Zakkai John

    I discovered that this program is cloud-based. And it is offering a lifetime subscription, what a great deal.

  7. Garry McGovern

    A perfect product at a reasonable price, and almost good in condition. It fully protects my PC from malware and other issues. It is the best site to recommend to buy antivirus software online.

  8. Elsa Gonzales

    Gets rid of malware in your device that can destroy computers and steal data. I like that it’s simple to use, with a single click and it scans your computer. But sometimes I do notice that it takes time to scan. not sure why.

  9. Essence Thornton

    quickly detects threats. scanning doesn’t affect the performance of my device. it automatically updates.

  10. Chelsea Patterson

    fast scanning software to detect the presence of malware and other threats that weren’t detected by other antivirus software. Even runs in the background without affecting the system and other security software.

  11. Junior Whittington

    It goes hand-in-hand with my other security software. I read that it’s best to pair it with another antivirus app so I did that and yes it catches any malware not detected by my installed app, although it’s not most of the time, it’s a great tool to make sure your computer is completely safe because you’ll never know.

  12. Dalton Fischer

    It’s very proactive in its approach, so it runs in the background and detects any possible threat. It also blocks phishing sites besides malware.

  13. Leah Fisher

    Protection for malware is very impressive. It catches threats that go undetected by other software. Scanning is fast, but at first, it takes a few minutes to complete.

  14. Penelope Hall

    Works best with other software. It stops malware that other software cannot detect. Also, it’s simple to use. The scan button is present immediately.

  15. Evan Smith

    Just started using it for a couple of weeks, so far all I can say is good things. Scanning is fast and complete. It does detect any malware in the system. I use this alongside Bitdefender, so anything that the latter misses, Watchdog takes care of it.

  16. Cole Hodges

    it scans my device fast. and immediately blocks threats whenever it tries to gain entry to my device.

  17. Lawrence Oliver

    fast scanning and proactively detects threats on my device and on online sites I visited. Despite running in the background or when scanning, it doesn’t slow down my computer at all. I’m also glad they offer options for a lifetime license.

  18. Alexa Nixon

    Protects my computer from malware that is not detected by other antivirus software. Scanning is fast when it gets used to your device.

  19. Norman Tucker

    Good enough to scan my computer for threats. It’s also affordable, although I think it lacks some features seen in other antivirus or anti-malware software.

  20. Manuel Rollins

    Excellent software that keeps my devices off pages and links that has malware. It even scans and protects my email inbox.

  21. Marsha Alvarado

    great. excellent protection. have no issue with it. I use it alongside other antivirus software

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