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Watchdog Online Security Pro (ESD)

(22 customer reviews)

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Secure your system from all kinds of digital threats using Watchdog Online Security Pro. Keep your data safe and private while turning your PC into a fortress using Watchdog’s advanced security features.

Watchdog Online Security Pro Product Highlights:

  • Protect your personal information with advanced technology.
  • Eliminate keyloggers before they can steal your data.
  • Monitor and stop illegal intrusions to your system.
  • Scan for threats at lightning-fast speeds.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports up to one Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Watchdog Online Security Pro (ESD) provides world-class digital protection at an affordable price. Protect against viruses, ransomware, malware, and other digital threats using lightning-fast scans that the only Watchdog can provide.

Get Watchdog Online Security software at the best prices from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts, you’ll have no trouble protecting your system against the worst digital threats using Watchdog.

Up-to-date Protection on the Dot

Get the latest digital security updates as soon as they come out. Your system will never have a vulnerable window when you have Watchdog active.

Keystroke Logging Protection

Detect keylogging software and eliminate it before it can capture sensitive data. Don’t let malicious software steal your private information with Watchdog on the prowl. Whether the threat is a new piece of spyware, trojan, or financial malware, Watchdog Online Security Pro can detect and prompt you of any threat.

Lightning-fast Security

Scour your system for lurking threats at amazingly fast speeds. In addition, you can schedule your system scans during downtime to achieve even faster results.

Multi-engine Malware Scanner

Installing multiple antivirus scanners can conflict with each other and slow down your system. But with Online Security you don’t have to install another security software at all. It comes with several anti-virus scanners that can catch malware threats that other security software might miss.

System Intrusion Protection

The system defense of Watchdog protects your PC by detecting malicious attempts. It becomes aware of threats based on the behavior.

Ransomware Protection

Watchdog offers one of the best ransomware protection software in the market. So it can easily detect and block ransomware attacks to avoid gaining access and encrypt the files.



Year Subscriptions


22 reviews for Watchdog Online Security Pro (ESD)

  1. Sierra Wheeler

    I have been using WATCHDOG for years! It is far better than any other you will find on the market! The customer service is excellent!

  2. Simon Mogan

    I started using Watchdog 4 years ago. Upgraded my software with the 2019 version last May and i love the features especially the multi-engine scanning, removing of unwanted apps, toolbars and add-ons, fast and deep scanning. Also, this software is very easy to use and best of all, it doesn’t slow down your PC.

  3. Jocelyn Garcia

    It always updates, but I like the fast scan.

  4. Hannah Weaver

    What an affordable offer for less than $35 for a one-year subscription.

  5. Uriel Hodgson

    Watchdog sends out updates to keep my device protected and secured. It provides really fast scans.

  6. Elizabeth Stone

    It’s good but not what I’ve expected. Can be enough for internet security protection but lacks that of a complete software protection

  7. Rakeshkumar Prajapati

    I am satisfied with this security pro because it adds an essential security layer to protect my computer from online banking fraud and identity theft.

  8. Jenna Bates

    Secures my online activities like online banking and others. Sometimes though my computer slows down.

  9. Marshal Craig

    Such excellent software. It protects my device the way I want it.

  10. Alisson Murphy

    Keeps me protected from identity theft and trackers online. Works well in the background and immediately blocks any threat trying to invade my device. I also like that I have the option to subscribe monthly or get a lifetime license.

  11. Belinda Arnolds

    It’s affordable and better than other online security software. It runs smoothly in the background preventing me from opening links that are unsafe or downloading malicious files

  12. Sharon Fox

    It scans threats and provides real-time protection but it doesn’t have much to offer, there is no VPN nor a password manager. It only protects your email or keeps you safe from malicious websites.

  13. Doris Burns

    It scans for threats online and on my device but it doesn’t offer other security measures.

  14. Faye Manson

    I think this is the same as other internet security software so you get online protection from phishing sites. I show a warning if a website is safe to enter, but you do have the option to remove the site from the blacklist. It also manages to protect my email accounts and there is a scan for the entire device which sometimes takes time.

  15. Anthony Croft

    Safely scans all online activities including social media, email, and websites.

  16. Joy Goodman

    It immediately blocks any threat whenever I click on a click or visit a website. Recommend this software when you need to keep your identity safe online, especially when you have to input valuable data.

  17. Aida Owens

    A great alternative to other antivirus software with a lifetime version. Can protect my device from multiple issues, I wished they offer multiple devices too.

  18. Maria Bellamy

    Best online protection software I’ve tried. Like that, once you go online it starts to scan for websites that are malicious and stop you from entering your login credentials.

  19. Leonardo Mckenzie

    Really like the online protection it provides but I feel like it’s not doing well when catching malware or viruses on my device. I often have to scan with another antivirus.

  20. Mateo Franklin

    It updates all extensions and software automatically. It doesn’t affect my computer as I scan my device.

  21. Selma Shelton

    runs in the background and fast on detecting threats without the need of scanning

  22. Christopher Wood

    Very fast when detecting threats.

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