Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (ESD)

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Don’t be a victim of cybercrime when you have Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus installed on your system. Protect your devices from the worst digital threats and safeguard your privacy without interruptions and performance issues.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus Product Highlights:

  • Advanced privacy features to secure your browsing and webcam.
  • Antivirus intelligence keeps the worst digital threats at bay.
  • Comprehensive protection without any performance issues.
  • This software purchase is a digital license
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android devices.
  • This purchase is a 1-year subscription.

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Webroot SecureAnywhere brings you complete multi-device security as you’ve never had before. With Webroot, protect your devices anytime and anywhere you connect around the world.

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Comprehensive Security Suite

When installed, Webroot is a complete security package. Protect your system against all kinds of digital threats while securing your online activities and personal data.

Secure Your Privacy

Keep your browsing habits and personal information secure against keyloggers and spyware. Prevent hackers from acquiring your location and financial information using Webroot’s advanced security features.

Protected Browsing

Scan websites to confirm their authenticity before sharing important personal details. Don’t get fooled by scams and phishing sites with Webroot.

Control Webcam Access

Stop snoops and hackers from hijacking your webcam. Ensure your privacy against malicious software designed to invade your personal space.

Quick & Silent

Webroot protects and monitors your system at lightning-fast speeds without negatively affecting performance. Focus on your tasks while being assured that your digital safety is in good hands.

Light Fast Scanning

Within 20 seconds Webroot can scan for threats. Furthermore, it provides superior protection and always keep your internet security updated.

Password Management

With Lastpass you can secure all your passwords in one place. It is the most trusted password manager software known worldwide. Furthermore, it is equipped with technology that can encrypt all usernames, passwords, and credit card information. Hence, you have a safe place to protect your personal and sensitive information.

Detects Phishing Attacks in Real-time

Phishing is the primary cause of breaches in most businesses, so it is important to protect your business from it. Webroot makes sure that it can detect links and websites that are safe or unsafe. You can now be sure if a website you log into is legitimate or not.



Year Subscriptions

37 reviews for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (ESD)

  1. Carl Jennings

    Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Plus – This is my third purchase/renewal of Webroot for various computers in my family. It alerts me of threats and cautions about questionable websites. I really like the fact that it runs so “silently” in the background!

  2. Kennedy Webster

    I have no complaints. Webroot performs its job without interfering with what I’m doing like other internet security.  Webroot does it. Overall, it a pretty excellent Internet Security.

  3. Harvey-Lee Driscoll

    I tried this software, and I was delighted with the security it provided to my laptop. I didn’t have to think about intruders who might disrupt or hack my computer. I’m sure I’ll keep them rolling. Keep protecting me, then! Thank you.

  4. Whitley Blair

    I am highly impressed with the product and protection it provides for all (3) of my widely used devices. Simply Wonderful!!!

  5. Katherine Moyer

    I am highly impressed with the product and protection it provides for all of my widely used devices. Simply Wonderful!!!

  6. Miyah Hampton

    I adore this anti-virus! It was simple to set up and did not slow down my computer when performing a complete system check. I used to hate Norton Anti-virus. It constantly displayed alerts and slowed down my PC. I’ve never had a problem with Webroot and have never had to contact their customer support.

  7. Patricia Guellermo

    Fast scanning on devices and detection of unsafe websites. It has some security features like a password manager and webcam safety. It has no negative impact on my computer even though I’m running a daily scan.

  8. Gurdeep Haynes

    I have only had Webroot for a few months, but it seems to be working great. I have had no issues so far. Check back with me after a few more months to have more experience with your product.

  9. Bethany Arnold

    A lightweight program that does not hog my resources. It is cloud-based so it works real-time when protecting my device.

  10. Greg Guy

    I like this product now though at first, I’m a bit suspicious of its ability. When I used this, it provides a good virus and internet security protection. I would be comfortable recommending this to my friends and other users with older hardware.

  11. Julia Banks

    I can’t say anything negative about this antivirus software. I am so happy that I’ve discovered it last year. Now using it for more than a year, my devices get enough protection as always. Maybe it’s me or whatever, but I’m not familiar with this antivirus software but I still gave it a go, and now, I’m not looking back. Best antivirus software ever!

  12. Jason Griffith

    All you need to protect your device, online activities, and emails. Webroot is affordable and gives the best protection for your device, You can scan your computer in various options and even scan your websites to see if it’s safe to browse through it or not. It works silently in the background with no interruption.

  13. Riley Millington

    This online protection is really a must-have. I like that it allows you to choose to unblock websites if you need it. But first, keep your device safe from threats before you are given the option to consider if a threat is suspicious. I like that it is even easy to use and scanning doesn’t take time.

  14. Olivia Simmons

    It secures my browsing activities by blocking websites that are unsecured. I don’t have to worry about phishing sites anymore. But It’s more than online protection, Webroot can even scan your device for the presence of malware or virus.

  15. Roderick Jinkins

    Silently runs in the background and prevents threats. It doesn’t affect the performance of my device and it quickly blocks even websites that are suspicious.

  16. Nadine Cohen

    I’ve been using Webroot for a while. The app scanning slows down my system resources. But it does a great job warning me of any potential threats. Despite the slow scanning, which is my only issue, I’m really thrilled with this antivirus. Maybe my device has a lot of content that’s why the scanning is slow, but at least it gets to detect any threats.

  17. Karen Mejia

    quick scan. secures email.

  18. Justine Duno

    it’s a comprehensive suite so there are plenty of features included, not only the scanning of online threats but also keeping passwords and data safe.

  19. Keira Conrad

    Versatile antivirus software that is compatible with any device. It is a comprehensive software that protects offline and online activities at once. Even when working, it runs smoothly in the background without interrupting any activity at all,

  20. Nicko Coffey

    keeps my device very secure. fast scan. great for keeping emails safe too.

  21. Tulip Harper

    powerful security software with complementary tools that adds to the protection of my device.

  22. James Wayne

    the best security software I have ever invested in, all from advice scanning to email protection, it’s in this app.

  23. Terrence Howe

    Wonderful security software. Best internet security in my opinion.

  24. Franklin Arellon

    Very fast scanning. No lagging of my device. really protect my online activities.

  25. Giovanni Kadence

    Best internet security I’ve tried. It has so many features to protect your online activities and your device too.

  26. Frazer Ahmed

    Such a reliable antivirus software with its fast scanning and action whenever a threat is present. It includes a password manager to store and manage your login credentials and prevent phishing emails and attacks.

  27. Violet Clarkson

    It has all the protection you can find on other antivirus software programs. There’s the scanning feature, passwords management, webcam protection, blocks phishing sites, and more. I just don’t have a VPN, which is disappointing though. Scanning at first took a bit longer, but when I did it for the second time, it was quick.

  28. Jacquelyn DuBois

    Scans fast but really detects if a threat is present. Also, it doesn’t take much space on my device so there is no slowing down. The phishing security works well too.

  29. Elyse Berger

    It detects threats faster and prevents them from even deploying their actions. I like that scanning is also fast even if doing a full scan. My online activities are even safe.

  30. Madelaine McKee

    It keeps your online activities safe. You can list websites that are not safe or even unlist them. It can immediately detect a website if it’s a phishing site so you don’t have to accidentally give your details. Scanning is fair. There are also other security tools but no VPN

  31. Tim Hamilton

    fast and reliable protection software that automatically runs in the background every time I connect to the internet.

  32. Amelia Williamson

    It offers multiple layers and tools for protection. I has a very intelligent detection system, and it’s one of the best internet security software you must have when you do online transactions

  33. Raya Lucas

    Provides excellent privacy for my browsing and also keeps my information safe from ad trackers.

  34. Amy Collins

    Webroot requires very little resources to work, with no slowing down of my computer. I’ve been using webroot for almost 2 years and I’ll continue using it as I’ve never experienced anything bad with the software.

  35. Shawn Gunn

    from offline to online, you get the protection you’ll need. It even includes other security measures like password management, real-time protection from phishing emails, and more.

  36. Tatiana Coleman

    Complete online protection and easy to use.

  37. Memphis Levy

    It’s amazing protection. Very fast scanning and provides fast detection even when you are using your device. There seems to have to interruption or effect on the system

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