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Website X5 Pro (ESD)

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Do not let your web visitor wait. Get a responsive and fast-loading website and enjoy all the website privileges.

WebSite X5 pro has more than 1,000 professional templates that cover almost every site type and niches such as online stores, web portals, blogs, animals, food, movies, and more.

Website X5 PRO Product Highlights:

  • Custom Template
  • Built-in Graphic Editors
  • Automatic Backup
  • Close-ups and Landscape Pictures
  • Photo/video galleries
  • E-mail Forms
  • Product Catalogs
  • Custom HTML Code
  • Multi-Language Websites
  • Built-in FTP Engine
  • SEO Optimization
  • Online Administrator Panel
  • This product is a digital license.
  • It supports up to 1 Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components.

WebSite X5 only delivers attainable and timely solutions for all types of digital marketers.

With WebSite X5 PRO, website creation, configuration, and publishing are quick and as simple as a mouse-driven process. WebSite X5 PRO has a clean interface and a simple navigation system. Beginners can conveniently explore the software without being stuck to one feature. Configure general settings with ease such as content language, author, website title, keyword, description, icon, and URL.

Get your copy at Softvire NZ, so that in no time, you can be a pro!

Over 1,00 Graphic Templates

Professionally-design website is not that difficult to achieve because you have graphic-ready templates of over 1,000. You can also create your own template from scratch. Choose the template that tailors to your needs and personality.

Publish Blogs and RSS Feeds

To gain more audience and promote customer or audience interaction, why don’t you utilize WebSite X5 Evolution properly? Tell your audience about your product and services include an image or videos to make it more appealing to them. In this blog or RSS feeds, you can answer queries, comments, you can create discussion from the online control panel.

Build an E-commerce Shop 

Prepare your product, and price list including your enticing product description with photos, of course. Entrust your online business to WebSite X5 PRO. Build your online store and set up the delivery methods, do not forget the payment terms and credit card management. This software is perfect with your products on it.

Access Multimedia Objects

The best websites are supposedly content-rich, offers solutions, and informative at the same time. Cognizant, WebSite X5 allows you to upload images, email forms, maps, social network buttons, etc hassle-free. Furthermore, an optional object library is accessible but to access special content, you have to install apps.

Variety of Web Fonts

There are integrated web fonts and a new text editor which suffice your website’s demand.

Responsive and Fast Loading Time Websites

A slow-motion website loses an audience hence, it loses a possible customer. With that being said, WebSite X5 ensures a responsive and fast loading website on any device you choose to appear. Expect an increase in website visitors or customers navigating your website.

21 reviews for Website X5 Pro (ESD)

  1. Shaunna Winters

    The software is very user-friendly and can be customized with code programming expertise. The team behind the program is constantly improving the software to make it more user-friendly. You also have hundreds of templates to choose from, many of which already have a full site professionally built for you. Moreover, there is a large international community to share ideas, resources, and assistance from other clients or the website team.

  2. Loui Vickers

    I love the ease of use and its robustness and regular updating.

  3. Camille Davenport

    Coding is not required so I like that I have the freedom to make any design I want with the templates they offer. Editing the templates is also easy and there are instructions on how to do them.

  4. Adriel Howe

    Thank you for the offer. The discount made my decision easier. I’m just happy that I have the proper tools needed for building my website.

  5. Lee Maude

    An excellent web design tool let down by interface inconsistencies and an inability to preview your work as you’re editing it.

  6. Ben Arnold

    Helps me create fast-loading and mobile-friendly websites. Templates are also much appreciated to finish designing my projects quickly.

  7. Janice Dunn

    time-consuming with the tools and features I have to learn, but it has no issue with the performance of the software.

  8. Allen Ortega

    Need a pro website builder? I do recommend trying Web X5 Pro. Despite it has professional tools, it doesn’t complicate things. I can easily start building and designing my website with beautiful templates. Also, you can choose one that is mobile-friendly and with a fast loading speed.

  9. Lance Welch

    A tool that allows you to create attractive websites for online shops, blogs, and more. It has professional tools, but they are easy to use even by amateurs. 

  10. Merlin Mcnally

    It has everything you need when creating your website. You can choose a template and there’s a lot of it. It also includes professional email and backup for your website. I enjoy building websites with this software and I can create for my clients too. I have the freedom to change codes or not.

  11. Courtney Long

    You can create responsive websites without the need to spend much time on the designing process. Also, it is made for beginners so the need for coding skills is not common.

  12. Aliya Dolle

    A great website builder. Even if it is designed with pro tools, there is no need for skills in coding. Choose a template and you can easily make changes to what you need.

  13. Grace Tanner

    The price is good enough if you do want to start making your website and it’s easy to use with templates to choose from and you don’t need any coding knowledge at all. However, if you want to add some effects of features on your website, you’ll be needing a pro or someone with coding skills to do so.

  14. Arabella Masey

    If you need to create a website for your business, Website X5 can help you with it. It’s so easy to get the hand of this software. there are guidelines on how to use it and you don’t even need coding experience. there are so many beautiful templates and you can change the designs on them and customize them the way you want.

  15. Michelle O’brien

    Building websites is not easy. It takes time. I’ve been doing it for almost three years. I’ve tried different pro tools. They’re great but I’m not satisfied. But using Website X5 Pro is different. It has pro tools but it’s not complicated and I get to find the tools I need without having to spend time looking for them. What great software. I’ve actually built a few websites already with it.

  16. Kaia Cantrell

    It is made for pro website builders. You can create your website with no coding skills but you’ll still need one because there are some elements to add to the design making. Other than that you can design using the ready-made templates available.

  17. Ezekiel Whitney

    A very professional-looking website will do come out with this software. You get plenty of templates you can choose from and edit them as necessary. There are even lots of editing that’s so easy

  18. Romeo Burnett

    Professional-looking websites with no hassle. That’s how you’ll feel when using X5 Pro.

  19. Kassandra Moore

    affordable website builder without the need to do coding,

  20. Gemma Blake

    really great software when building a professional-looking website with templates

  21. Colton Barerra

    A detailed website builder that can help you easily make your website in less than an hour. It has multiple templates that can be edited without coding knowledge.

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