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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is a fun detective game with educational benefits to ages 8 and above. Learn about history and world culture while finding the clues to where Carmen Sandiego and the treasure is.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Product Highlight:

  • Challenging detective game.
  • Learn about social studies, history, world culture, research and data gathering, and reading.
  • 8 challenging missions around the globe.
  • Multiple puzzles and mind-challenging games.
  • Get clues or detailed help is available.
  • Continue your game where you left off.
  • This product is compatible with Windows PC only.
  • This is a digital license product.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Challenge your kids age 8-12 with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund. Let them enjoy this interactive and detective game to search for Carmen Sandiego, the clever and worldly thief. Together with fun challenges, it also provides an educational purpose by developing their knowledge in geography, history, and world culture.

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Fun Detective Game

Carmen Sandiego is a clever thief who up to her game again. This time she runs of with a precious and rare Travelos of Marco Polo treasure that’s worth millions. Help find the treasure and bring it back while looking for the mastermind behind it, Carmen Sandiego.

Join agents Hawkins and Jules on locating the treasure all around the world by interacting with locals and gathering facts of her whereabouts. The more you learn about different countries, the closer you get to Carmen!

  • Go through 8 challenging missions around the globe.
  • 15 high-tech virtual gadgets to help find vital information, decode clues, and solve the mystery.
  • Multiple puzzles and mind-challenging games.
  • Get clues or detailed help is available.
  • Continue your game where you left off.

It’s More than a Fun Game

Aside from solving a mystery and tracking Carmen, kids will get to learn a lot of things from the game. While traveling around the world, they will get to learn or enhance their knowledge in History, World Culture, and Geography. Get to improve skills in Social Studies, reading maps, data collection and research, reading, and gather key facts from 50 countries around the world.

20 reviews for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

  1. Misbah Glenn

    You have to play it all in one go because it doesn’t seem to load up the save option. Even though I’m well above the target audience age, I still found the game engaging and fun and even learned a thing or two.

  2. Penelope Leslie

    I love how it also provides an educational purpose by developing my son’s knowledge in geography, history, and world culture.

  3. Vivian Cobb

    A detective game with a promising ability to teach kids about history, culture, and even geography.

  4. David Freath

    A fun game to play. Your child will really learn from the game. You’ll need to guide them through at first then they’ll soon get the hang of it.

  5. Suzanne Wagner

    My child’s absolute favorite game. She told me to give it five stars because she likes playing with it. I eve find it helpful because she learns from the game. Also, it’s not difficult to use the software. My kid can easily navigate through it and there are hints whenever she gets stuck on her game.

  6. Lynn Armstrong

    A fun game that teaches your child to learn history, culture, and geography, But it’s limited, so my kid wants more.

  7. Dottie Eastwood

    If you want your child to enjoy while learning this software is the perfect educational tool. It provides different levels and hints if they get stuck on a game. They’ll learn about history, culture, and geography while having fun. I like that I also show some tutorials on how to play the game.

  8. Saul Benson

    quick to learn by kids, very educational and at the same time fun.

  9. Gerard Olsen

    Fun and educational game. Easy to use, and setting up doesn’t take much time. Kids will really love it.

  10. Shane Pugh

    I easily installed the software and now my children are having fun with it. At first, I have to assist them. Now they play it on their own. They’re really having fun with this classic game.

  11. Heidi Gamble

    it has plenty of educational content. My kids are enjoying the game but they are not learning, that’s fine, but they really like it.

  12. Israel Felton

    Absolute helpful gaming software for children. It really teaches kids to improve their geography, history, and more. Easy to install and navigate through its interface.

  13. Rob Wells

    What a great game for kids to learn while having fun.

  14. Emmanuelle Mueller

    It’s a great learning/ gaming software for kids. Aside from making it fun and interesting, it’s even educational. Navigation through the game is simple, there are hints if needed, and has wonderful graphics too.

  15. Daniella Latimar

    Fun educational software that your child will enjoy and learn. It comes with clues that can help your kids move forward and not get frustrated and stuck.

  16. Micah Ashlee

    It has incredible challenging tasks, but not so difficult that your kids will not enjoy it. There are plenty of things to learn while playing the game. My kids do enjoy it.

  17. Gilbert Clinton

    It was a short game. Wished they have more challenges, although it took some time for my kids to play with the software, they need more so it will be more fun.

  18. Ryan Klein

    Educational software with a fun detective game that really enhances your child’s capability to solve puzzles and learn at the same time. At first, I have to guide my child, but soon he started playing it on his own.

  19. William Llyod

    My kids and I enjoy this game so much. There are so many things they learn and whenever they get stuck there are guides to help them.

  20. Allison Cochran

    Fun software that your kids and even you would enjoy. I like how easy it is to install and manage the game. It’s not only made for playing but very educational too for the kids.

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