Reasons Why You Should Use Automated Transcription for Meetings

Whether you enjoy them or not, meetings are a crucial part of the success of your organisation. Automated transcription, such as Nuance Dragon Home, in meetings helps ensure that those who participate and those unable to attend get the most out of each event.


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The proceedings of meetings are only sometimes pleasant. Some are so dull that you must keep poking yourself under the table to stay awake. 


The others are so worthless that it makes you want to curse and rush out of the room. Meetings can harm productivity, morale, and cooperation when they are not well run.


Other conferences are a pleasure to take part in. You know, the ones that get your blood pumping and ready to produce the best job you’ve ever done. They are the ones that give your work (and even your life) meaning.


Having a meeting transcript ensures that everyone is, quite literally, on the same page. However, obtaining these records can prove to be complicated. 


If you have someone else take minutes, there is a possibility that important points will be overlooked or misinterpreted. There is always the option to record your meetings, as most people do these days, but you may need to transcribe the audio into text.


There are many reasons to justify automating the transcription process for meetings. We’ll go through a dozen of them below:


1. An Increase in Overall Productivity


Nuance Dragon Home assists in the transformation of low-level roles with minimal responsibility into value-creating functions while simultaneously taking on the role of the meeting’s note-taker. Interns, administrative assistants, and junior employees no longer need to take notes when recordings and transcripts are available. 


This guarantees they receive more from the meetings they attend, enabling them to produce more value for your organisation while also working on their professional development.


It would be great if you didn’t have to sit through a meeting that lasts for hours to acquire roughly 15 minutes’ worth of helpful material. You can look through the transcripts when you have free time to find the required information.


Automatic transcription will allow you to access the text copy of your resources, which can then be easily reproduced, regardless of the type of audio or video content you have. This allows you to copy and paste your material quickly and effectively from one usage to another while enhancing existing scripts.


2. Improved Sales Tactics


Monitoring and analysing sales calls can be an effective tool in assisting your sales team in reaching its goals. They can examine recordings and transcripts using Nuance Dragon Home, which gives them a more precise comprehension of the strategies that result in achievements and the strategies that require modification or elimination.


Because you can share recordings and transcripts from Nuance Dragon Home, salespeople and management may collaborate on making continuous improvements to their performance. When there is a requirement for extra input, you can even include other teams, such as those responsible for product development, customer service, and marketing.


You might use successful or unsuccessful calls to teach new sales representatives or develop innovative sales strategies. You will be able to underline essential parts of each transcript with the help of Nuance Dragon, with its naturally speaking transcripts, which will further assist you in improving your sales efforts.


3. Additional Insights From Valuable Customers


Feedback from customers is vital to expanding your business because it enables you to enhance product development and better match your marketing activities with the wants and needs of customers. In addition, having conversations with your clients can help you generate testimonials, which can help drive interest in, and sales of your goods or services.


When you have Nuance Dragon Home set up to transcribe client interviews, you will be able to disseminate the transcriptions to other members of your team as well as to departments outside of your own. You can also directly put observations and recommendations into transcripts, allowing you to keep insights centralised in one location rather than dispersed over several different applications. Your company should track its performance depending on the input it receives from customers and alter its offer based on the insights it gleans from transcriptions of the comments.


Make sure that your clients are aware that they are being filmed and that the information gleaned from their interviews will be used to enhance the quality of products and services. Your consumers will also profit from Nuance Dragon Home and its automatic transcriptions in this aspect!


4. Increased Transparency and Honesty


More and more organisations are concluding that openness is essential to the expansion and success of their businesses. They will only be effective in implementing this strategy if they make sure everybody takes responsibility for it.


It is possible to employ automatic transcribing for meetings to guarantee that every workforce member knows everything discussed during meetings. This provides individuals with a feeling of inclusion, which not only encourages loyalty but also engages them in a way that drives them to take ownership of their work.


You can empower lower-level employees to contribute valuable ideas to improve products, services, and procedures if they can access talks held by executives and upper-level management. Members of your staff closer to your consumers can evaluate these conversations, build on the ideas they contain, or add fresh ideas that may have been neglected during meetings.


You can also prevent conflicts from escalating by using transcripts. Because everything is recorded and transcribed, arguments about who was at fault for neglecting their obligations, missing deadlines, or putting the wrong things first are a thing of the past.


5. Saves Time


During the frantic heart of your workday, the farthest thing you want to do is get dragged into a lengthy meeting that only accomplishes something worthwhile. This is particularly aggravating when it is unannounced and occurs while you are in the middle of something productive — unplanned meetings are the worst!


These issues are a ancient history, thanks to the introduction of automated transcription for meetings. You can extract information that is pertinent to you and your work from the editable transcripts that are provided to you by Nuance Dragon Home in addition to the recordings that are provided to you. The essential thing is that you can do this whenever it’s convenient for you, which frees up more time for you to work on other, more important things.


6. Better Collaboration


Your organisation would benefit tremendously from both brainstorming and seminars. Everyone needs to be present and participate to get the most out of them, which might be challenging if you and your coworkers take notes. Everyone has to be there and participate to get the most out of them.


All attendees can participate in developing new ideas thanks to automated transcribing, which eliminates the need to ask others, “Could you repeat that?” or “Just a sec, let me get this down… Could you repeat that for me?” You and the other participants can work together without being sidetracked by the need to take notes, thanks to the fact that Nuance Dragon Home removes this requirement. You can sustain momentum and exchange ideas, which may lead to breakthroughs that revolutionise the game entirely.


When your brainstorming session or workshop is over, you can give the recording and the transcript to your coworkers who were not present so that they can provide additional insight.


7. Simplification of the Recruitment Process


Automated transcription can also help improve the efficiency of your HR processes. Everyone who has a hand in making the hiring choice can benefit from having a more comprehensive understanding of the job applicants thanks to automated transcribing, regardless of whether or not they attend the interview.


This demonstrates that you can base hiring decisions on more than resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and the expert opinion of your HR professional. The recordings and transcripts of each interview conducted using Nuance Dragon Home can be accessed by managers, team members, and executives who wish to make an informed decision about which applicants are the most qualified. If it is required, they are also able to submit notes and questions for subsequent interviews.


8. Makes the Working Environment More Accessible


During meetings, it might be difficult for some of us to comprehend everything being said fully. This is especially notable to keep in mind for members of the team who either have trouble hearing, are not fluent in English, or are forced to perform their jobs in a boisterous environment (a problem that has become more prevalent for those of us obliged to work at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown).


You can rely on Nuance Dragon Home to make your place of business more accessible to your coworkers. They can go through the transcripts independently and listen to the recordings corresponding to each section as they see fit. A person who has difficulty comprehending the English language or who has difficulty understanding a speaker who babbles can slow the audio down while reading the transcript.


9. Keep Detailed Notes on All Confidential Discussions


Your company will require recordings of meetings and calls to comply with specific regulations or defend itself in court. In situations like these, Nuance Dragon Home will ensure you have access to the necessary transcripts and recordings.


In addition, if you require extensive meeting notes, you can rely on Nuance Dragon Home to provide for your needs. For instance, a company investigating the possibility of a merger or acquisition and having discussions with potential investors needs to be ready for due diligence. The calls that are part of this process are typically difficult to understand and require the participation of several specialists. Again, Nuance Dragon Home ensures that you have access to transcripts that are complete and verifiable for each of these calls.


  1. Better Understanding Into Dark Data


When properly analysed, your firm gathers data from various sources, such as activity in applications and browsers, emails, and text messages are precious. The new insights you obtain can, among other things, assist in enhancing productivity and cutting expenses while also enhancing customer service.


Not all of the information that could be useful to your firm is simple. This information referred to as “black data,” can be found in conference calls, sales calls, customer support calls, one-on-one chats, and interviews. If you can record any of these exchanges, Nuance Dragon Home will allow you to gather hidden facts that will greatly help you in remaining one step ahead of your rivals.


11. The Art of Giving Powerful Presentations


The capability of interacting with a product or service before making a purchase is a critical selling aspect that raises the value of what you are selling to a potential customer. A demo is, without question, the most helpful resource for potential customers. Everyone can watch these movies or listen to these calls if the appropriate captions and other textual materials are included. Text is a significantly more reliable method for ensuring that your content is exposed to the general public in searches optimised for SEO, ultimately leading to customers discovering you. Text ensures that all audiences, whatever their abilities, will be able to engage with the content you provide.


12. Being Aware of the Numerous Finer Details


Have you ever engaged in a conversation with a person who seemed anxious to sign a contract but first posed an overwhelming number of questions? Or a prospective client who needs to read a whole book’s worth of information about your company before they are prepared to schedule a call with you? It’s safe to say that we’ve all been there. Although catering to the requirements of prospective customers is essential, doing so requires time. Use audio transcribed by a machine during your sales calls so that it is easier to keep track of all the minute particulars that your customers require. This will ensure you remember even the most minor information once you have finished speaking with a customer.

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