Return and Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

If you are incompletely satisfied with the item you purchased, please contact us one day upon receiving the item physically. Email us at info@softvire.co.nz from the time you received your item and were not satisfied, so we can take immediate action to solve the issue.

Our return and refund policy does not apply to items that have been used, damaged, or an attempt has been made to alter the product or if it has been dropped or broken after the delivery. All items must be returned in their original state or condition. Take note that our return policy doesn’t also apply to our electronic, digital, and ESD products. Once you have received your digital keys via email, we considered them “used.” Since there is no way for us to verify if the key has been activated, redeemed, or used by the recipient.

Postages and insurance costs are shouldered by the buyer. We recommend that you return the item via Registered post and pre-pay all postage. Always assume the risk of lost, theft, or damaged goods during transit of the item, and therefore, we advise you to avail of shipment insurance with your postal carrier. Softvire Pty Ltd will not take responsibility for lost and damaged parcels in transit if you choose not to insure your item.

Delivery of Physical Goods

Shortly after ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation from Stripe containing details of your order (if the email address was provided). We normally confirm receipt of the order within the business day. We will try to send your order/s within 2-3 business days. However, the item you’ve ordered is unavailable or delivery is delayed, we advised you of your order’s ETA.

If you have questions about a delivery contact us at info@softvire.co.nz

Delivery of Digital Goods

After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation from Stripe, if you have provided your email, containing the details of your order. We will confirm your order receipt within the business day. Once confirmed, we will attempt to send your software/license/access code via email within 1-3 business days. If the digital item/ license/ access code is unavailable or the delivery is delayed, we advise you of your order’s ETA.

For more queries regarding a delivery contact us at info@softvire.co.nz