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SMS Marketing: Tips You Need To Make It Work

SMS Marketing: Tips You Need To Make It Work

The marketing landscape has become greatly influenced by technology. SMS marketing has grown to be massive in the promotional landscape. With  5.5 billion mobile phone users, it has reached even the far corners of the world. It is still the easiest route to connect to anyone.

While digital marketing takes centerstage, SMS is still widely used to promote any product. It has evolved from a mere form of communication to an avenue to grow a business. It has become a clear manifestation of how technology can benefit even a small business.


Things You Need To Keep In Mind In Doing SMS Marketing


In doing this kind of marketing campaign, you need to note how to take advantage of this effective strategy.




1.   Make An Introductory Text


Before you start selling, you need to make sure that your recipients know who you are. You cannot expect people to notice your promotional message when they are not familiar with you. A brief introduction is a must to establish trust with your target audience.


You can send a simple message that contains who you are as a brand. This message should also explain what they can expect from your brand. You should also be clear on how often they can receive a message from your business. To make it more customer-friendly, you can give them an option. Your customers can either receive scheduled messages or not. Your audience should feel that you are not intrusive to their time. Instead, you want to provide valuable resources and references for them.


2.   Personalized Your Message


To make your SMS marketing effective, you should have your audience’s adept idea. Texting usually connects family and friends. It usually has a casual conversational tone, so you need to make sure you sound the same. The more formal style can be saved for other strategies, but it won’t work for SMS marketing.


Your brand needs to have personality in your text messaging campaigns. Having it in a conversational tone will make it more appealing to your recipients. Though this may be a bit hard to do, injecting a personality will pave the way for success, unlike other tactics. You will be able to connect to your audience, making your brand more relatable.


3.   Find the Right Timing


You cannot send a message anytime or as it is convenient for you. You must not send a message in the middle of the night just because it is your available time. It will make people get frustrated with your brand. Moreover, receiving a message on unforgiving hours can make them block you.


Find the best time when your audience is active and most likely on their mobile phones. Finding the right timing can avoid having annoyed customers. Instead, you will have a successful open rate.


4.   Present A Real Value


Some brands commit mistakes by promising too much in their SMS Marketing campaigns. Doing this can frustrate potential customers. Likewise, when they receive a message and open it, they expect it to be worth their time. That is crucial as you need to ensure that the messages you sent contain a value for your audience.


You can offer excellent discounts, exclusive coupons, and other simple promotions. Offering exclusivity towards your target audience will make them feel like VIP. This move will help you establish your relationship with your target audience.


5.   Make Your Message Short


What makes SMS effective in connecting family and friends is how convenient it is to read. Furthermore, adapting it to your promotional activities requires you to keep it short and concise. It should be simple, and the message will be easy to understand.


Unlike social media where you can have crisp and colorful images when you buy the adobe master collection, SMS marketing does not give you that option. It would be best if you sparked the interest of your audience through words.


6.   Have An Attention Grabber


SMS is meant to be short, so you need to use each character wisely. That is why you need to find a word that is powerful  and that will engage your customers. It should get their attention right away. Begin your SMS marketing message with an eye catcher and one or a few words in capitals. For example, you may use the words “SALE”, “LIMITED-EDITION PROMO”, or “SPECIAL OFFER.” Add a powerful yet catchy word including discounts, special deals, and limited-time promotions. You should add any of these messages to your SMS marketing strategy at the onset of your text.


  1. May Your Recipients VIP


To make your SMS marketing effective, you should always ask permissions. Without your target audience’s consent, you are not permitted to message them. The market that allowed you to advertise to them, therefore, expects to get valuable information from you. Moreover, they expect to feel special in your messages. Reward their patronage by letting them feel like they are part of an elite VIP club that gives them value, exclusive deals, unique discounts, and more, that are not available anywhere else.




1.   Don’t Use Slang And Abbreviations


While you can save the more formal format, that doesn’t mean you should include text slang and abbreviations in your message. Everyone doesn’t understand text slang and abbreviations. You risk confusing users if you use them in your SMS marketing. If your consumers have no clue what you’re saying about, they’re going to dismiss your message. Refraining from adding text slang to your messages make it appear professional. It will also add a significant boost to your brand reputation.


2.   Avoid Being To Sales-y


Your SMS marketing is a topic to help you augment sales. However, your message should not be too sales-y. Otherwise, your recipient will ignore your message or block you altogether. No one wants to communicate with any brand that will always try to sell them something. It will not be effective, and you will lose potential customers. You need to make sure that your tone is a conversation, friendly, and relatable.


3.   Limit The Number Of Messages You Send


It might be tempting to send an update and message to your audience continuously. However, this is not a wise move. Your recipients may be overwhelmed with the number of messages you send. When people are bombarded with messages, the more likely they will ignore it. Some will even completely block you to avoid receiving any message from your brand. That can make a negative impact on the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign.


4.   Don’t Forget Your Call To Action


Perhaps the most crucial part of your SMS marketing campaign is your call-to-action or CTA. A strong call-to-action is essential in any marketing campaign. It urges users to take the next step, moving them along in the buyer’s journey.


You should always be clear about what you want your audience to do. Your recipients are not mind-readers, and most will not guess your intention in the message. CTA are simple phrases you can add to your SMS marketing campaigns. These may include:

  • Click on the link to find out!
  • Use this code before checkout for 20% off!
  • Register now for free!
  • Sign up now and get a freebie!
  • Refer a friend and get yourself an exclusive coupon!


  1. Do Not Forget To Introduce Yourself


Like in any other situation in life, whenever you meet a new person, the first thing you do is present yourself. The same logic goes for SMS marketing.


Make sure your subscribers know who is sending them a message. This is of vital significance to add recognition to your brand. When you specifically identify yourself to your audience, your messages will instantly become meaningful and entertaining. Otherwise if you text anonymously, the texts will be considered SPAM and they might block you completely.


  1. Failing To Give Instructions For Opting Out


You should always provide your prospects a way to opt out of receiving texts at the end of each text you send. This option should be visible particularly at the first message you send. This allows every customer the chance to opt out quickly if they signed up mistakenly or for any reason did not know what to sign up for. Letting consumers know that they can opt out at any point will help you from annoying them. It would also mean that your SMS marketing list is packed with users who are genuinely interested in receiving your updates.


Final Thoughts


While technology continues to create influences on marketing campaigns, SMS marketing will still be one of the most powerful tools. SMS marketing is growing in importance as mobile technologies continue to evolve. It has also endured despite the emergence of other modern marketing strategies.  It is an outstanding stand-alone advertising platform.  Furthermore, it can seamlessly compliment the campaigns across other digital channels.


When done correctly, it can add excellent value to your digital marketing strategies. To improve your ROI, keep in mind these do’s and don’ts tips and create a significant impact on your bottom line. Although SMS may appear like a blast from the past, the importance of it has prevailed to this day.  By using SMS marketing you, as a business, can reach, engage, and help your customers in a matter of seconds.

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