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social media aggreagation: what is it & why business are using it

Social Media Aggregation: What Is It and Why Do Businesses Use It

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Social media has been the nervous system of every marketing and engagement campaign by most brands and businesses globally.

The growing influence of social media platforms is staggering. It is now used by 3.8 billion daily active users of different social media platforms. People use social media for browsing, exploring, sharing, and engaging with content along with communication and shopping.

This reason makes social media the biggest marketplace for brands with unlimited opportunities. Digital marketers can optimize social media for businesses to leverage the market and opportunities beyond social media. Through Social Media Aggregation, this is possible.

Social Media Aggregation: What Does It Mean?

Social media aggregation is the process of collecting and curating content from diverse social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and other social media channels into a feed and display social media feed across different marketing channels.

You can collect content using hashtags, handles, profiles, tags, mentions, business IDs, channels, pages, and more. It often depends on the social media platform. The social media feed is also known as the social wall, social media wall, or social UGC wall.

Social media aggregator tools help you to be aggregate and display these social media feeds across channels like virtual or live events, websites, social ads, digital outdoor advertising, emails, and signages.

Social media platforms are all about engaging, diverse, and creative content shared by different audiences from various demographics. It helps you combine the power of content from diverse social platforms and unify it for your brand’s growth and success.

Social Media Aggregation: Why Do Businesses Use It?

Here are some of the key reasons why businesses are using social media walls in their marketing and promotional campaigns.


  1. Social Reach & Awareness Magnification

Content on social media helps you grow your social media profile reach and awareness. Brand awareness increases when you expose your brand to other marketing channels. Using social media aggregation and displaying it leads to more and more people interacting with your valuable and premium content. This will help you create more brand awareness for new audiences. It magnifies the reach of your social media content with extensive exposure. It can bring in higher traffic and greater possibilities, along with strengthening your social media & digital presence.


  1. A Hub Of Valuable & Creative Content

The times have changed where marketing has become more interactive, engaging, and consumer-centric, so that has enhanced the importance of content in marketing. Social media aggregation helps you with collecting and curating the best and more compelling content that relates to your brand & campaigns. You can create a hub of such original, unique, fresh, and valuable content. This strategy will help you make and deliver more engaging and exciting digital marketing campaigns along with high cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to invest immense amounts of resources and time into content creation. The hub of content will be hugely beneficial to your website performance, attracting visitors through signages.


  1. Brand Trust-Building & Credibility Enhancement With UGC

User-generated content, as we all know, is the purest and valuable content for any brand or business shared by real customers based on their actual experiences. So, this makes the content highly trustworthy, reliable, and authentic about the brand, and aggregating & showcasing this UGC in your marketing campaigns will help you build brand trust & credibility. Social media platforms are the best place to find the most relevant and trustable user-generated content. It’s where your target audience continuously creates and shares content on these platforms.


  1. Engagement & Interaction Enhancement

Audience engagement is significant in present-day marketing and promotion campaigns as it substantially defines whether the audience will become your customers or not. The best way to attract the audience and engage them is to use engaging, informative, and compelling content that you can get quickly using social media aggregation. It helps boost your audience engagement, and enhance your brand-user interaction. You will even increase your website’s organic traffic through search engines & other crucial KPIs.


  1. Boost Your Conversions & Revenue

As we discussed earlier, social media content will help you attract the audience, build brand trust & credibility, increase brand awareness, and enhance user engagement. All of these will lead to more revenue possibilities. These mentioned benefits collectively contribute to delivering the necessary information to the users about the brand & its products/services, showcase customer experiences, and highlight offers. Social media aggregation and the display of content across marketing channels allow you to increase your conversions. With more conversion, comes more customers. You are getting higher results through valuable content with cost-effectiveness.


Social media aggregation is an emerging trend among brands & businesses as they have realized the power social media holds for brand magnification & success.

There are many more benefits associated with social media aggregation. Some of these benefits are a boost in brand image, the merging of campaigns across channels, and increasing organic performance.

Get started with your social media aggregation strategy. Build a strong brand presence and drive higher revenues for your business today.

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