Social Media Management Tools for All Business Sizes

Social Media Management Tools for All Business Sizes

Maintaining an active social presence without consuming a sizable portion of your time and attention can be difficult. Social networks’ varying peak hours when users are most active provide one of the biggest difficulties. You must post during these busy periods if you want to interact with as many of your customers as possible.

However, software providers have developed solutions to make social media scheduling and posting more manageable. You can design and bulk schedule multiple posts using social media scheduling software platforms at a time that suits you. In addition, use your tool of choice to deliver your posts at the best times. They also give you time to create and push more content.

So, here are tools you can use to help you with your social media management tasks.

Social Media Management Tools


hootsuite social media management tool

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that can cover multiple social channels at once. You can connect them all using the Hootsuite app directory.

This application includes a scheduler for your post, where you can choose the time and date. There is also an AutoScedule feature that will choose the right time to post your content.

When you choose their full plan, you can have access to their analytical tools. It will help you understand social media engagement and performance. You can also export the reports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV files.

It permits marketers to track mentions, new followers, hashtags, etc. There is also an option to assign different levels of access when there are multiple users. You can connect to the cloud to get resources for your posting or try the free stock photos.

It offers 4 plans: Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.



It allows you to connect to multiple social media networks and post directly on them. In addition, it supports posting on blog platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Blogger.

There’s also a geo-targeting feature to reach a specific segment of the audience you want for the content you have created. Meanwhile, the dashboard contains tools for publishing, analytics, CRM, collaboration, etc.

There is also a planner where you can schedule a post, publish directly, insert an image or video, and more. You can also set to repeat content that is performing well on your social media channels.

It is linked with Canva, an editing software tool that you can use to create different social media content. Canva offers ready-made templates depending on what you want to post, such as Facebook banners, Instagram stories, etc.

In addition, the opportunity to add RSS feeds to curate and automatically schedule future content, a shared calendar shows all of your pending updates across all of the networks you have connected.

You may track mentions of your brand, rival brands, or other relevant phrases on social media. Setting up the proper keyword alert is all that is required. You can choose the keywords you wish to target, optional terms to include and exclude, as well as the locations of the articles.

It also has pre-built reports so you can track your campaigns and activities.

Sensible offers 4 plans that you can pay either monthly or yearly. You can try their plans for free for 14 days.


buffer social media management software

You may track mentions of your brand, rival brands, or other relevant phrases on social media. Setting up the proper keyword alert is all that is required. You can choose the keywords you wish to target, optional terms to include and exclude, as well as the locations of the articles.

By default, Buffer offers four slots for scheduling in a day. However, you can edit them and add more slots to allow you to create more content for posting.

You can also use the Buffer browser extension and post or schedule your content. There is also a mobile app available for on-the-go posting, scheduling, and editing.

Buffer offers a free plan with basic publishing tools and a landing page builder. But if you want a more professional approach try Buffer’s paid plans.



SocialPilot allows seamless publishing and scheduling on all major social media platforms. You can customize your post by adding images or videos, writing captions, and so on. You can set a schedule for up to 500 posts.

In addition, you can have a view of your content, strategies, and campaigns in detail or high-level overview. There is also a tool made for analyzing your content for reports and analytics.

Insight is important to help the marketing team decide on their strategies. When you can track the progress of your post it will be easy to understand them.

You can get data or insight into your audience with easy-to-read critical graphs. In addition, you can share reports and customize them depending on your brand. Turn them into PDFs and share them directly with your manager or stakeholders.

Track your audiences and mentions on social media so you can efficiently communicate with your followers and build better relationships with them. In a single place, you can read all comments, messages, replies, etc.

SocialPilot allows users to assign roles with different login access. This will help you track the roles of each member and know when the final approval is made.

You can get a free trial on any of their plans. For a paid plan, the package starts at $30 a month.



A completely functional social media management tool with a very user-friendly interface is called Agorapulse. It has a substantial amount of power, but it also offers a simple user interface, well-designed lessons, and a free certification to help you learn how to convert its features into advantages.

You may collaborate with your social networks using Agorapulse to publish, engage, listen, and report. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are all supported.

All social media profiles may be updated centrally, and a queue or timetable will guarantee that your content is posted at the most effective times. You can re-queue or re-schedule evergreen posts using this tool. You can modify each post using features unique to each social network.

AgoraPulse offers a free plan, but with limited features. It’s best to try one of the paid plans to enjoy tools designed for businesses. You get 15 days free to see if you’ll want to subscribe. Also, they offer 20% off when you pay annually.



With a simple, user-friendly interface, Loomly is a strong platform for managing and scheduling social network posts.

You can easily manage all social media accounts and content in a single dashboard. There you can also receive notifications from your audience, team, and other platforms linked to it.

Running out of inspiration is not a problem anymore. Loomly can suggest ideas, trending topics, and best practices on social media. In addition, you can create updated content that can give your brand more attention from viewers.

But there’s more. You can store and organize media in one place. Instead of going back and forth on your storage, easily access the media you need in one folder.

Scheduling is also easier in Loomly. You can create posts ahead of time and schedule them or publish them right away. You can have automated and manual publishing features for some social media profiles and automated ad posting for Facebook and Instagram.

Like other social media management software, Loomly offers a centralized dashboard to access all mentions, comments, and likes. In addition, it allows businesses to access data and insights into their campaigns and all social media performance.

Social Sprout

social sprout

Social sprout combines multiple social media tools in one platform – scheduling, reporting, tracking, etc. It allows different access to different popular social media platforms.

One of the advantages of using Sprout Social is the customer relationship management feature. The marketing team can understand the complete profile of their customers to create campaigns that will align with the interests of your customers.

Furthermore, you can get well-organized and detailed reports from the software. It is said that data is easy to understand and doesn’t need much editing when shared with clients.



You can plan and schedule your marketing with the help of CoSchedule. This may just entail organizing your blog and social media posts for entrepreneurs or influencers. If you own a company, you might need to organize other marketing initiatives centrally. Even better, it enables agencies to plan out every client’s projects.

To manage many facets of your marketing, it has a strong planner. You may organize and work together with your team using CoSchedule to produce your social media posts, content, events, and projects.

In addition, you can integrate a calendar to keep track of all your content, projects, and posts. There is also an integration of email marketing and business analytics to receive notifications all in one place.

A social campaign can be added to any project or made independent of it. Your team can all be on the same page if your promotion is located in the same place as your planning. Also, posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest can be simply scheduled.

CoSchedule has a free plan you can use to try the interface of the software. However, if you want to enjoy other professional features, try their paid plans.


Social media is one of the most essential tools in promoting your business, building brand awareness, and connecting with customers. However, it is impossible to stay online constantly. Fortunately, the use of social media management tools helps in posting and working on social platforms. You can schedule your post, stay updated with your customers and trends, and get detailed insights on social campaigns.

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