social media video ideas for small businesses

Social Media Video Ideas for Small Businesses

social media video ideas
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Not so long ago, text and images were the top media consumed by people online. But now, the rise in video content has immensely changed the marketing game.

People spend 16 hours a week watching videos online, which prompted marketing professionals to adapt to this consumer habit. It shows that video helps in brand awareness and conversion rate. About 86% of people like watching a video from a brand, and 64% will purchase after watching.

With the increasing demand for videos, marketing professionals rush to create as much video content for a business. What even contributed to the surge in video content is the use of social media.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are social media platforms with millions of active users. Their presence has given video and other media a channel to be seen. 

TikTok is one of the latest social media platforms that has gained traction during the 2020 pandemic. It is a social media channel that allows users to post short videos. It even contributed to the demand for video content online.

That being said, most marketing professionals and businesses are adopting video for their strategies. They have created different videos to attract customers to their website or online shop. 

However, it is good to know that not all video content on social media works. Some businesses create a video, but they don’t show any return or produce low engagement. That’s why it is necessary to take time to plan for the best and right video content.

In this article, we have created a list of video ideas for your next social media post. Check out what video content you should make.

Social Media Video Ideas that Sells

How-to Videos

People use the internet to answer their questions. Among the top questions frequently asked are “How,” “What,” and “Why.”

Creating how-to videos or tutorial videos can help you not only be on top of Google’s search engine. YouTube, the second largest search engine, will also push your videos on top. Furthermore, people are more likely to engage in this type of video.

It’s easy to create how-to videos. You can use it to feature your products or services.

Show Behind-the-scene Content 

Show the Behind-the-scene content of your products, services, and company. You can showcase what happens behind your company. You can show how employees interact, how products are made, and so on.

Using behind the scene content helps connect to your audience. It shows the story and human side of your business. Consumers like to connect to a brand before they decide to make a purchase. These videos will help your brand establish a good relationship with your audience.

Go Live

If you have the confidence, go live. Create your video content live by covering events, interviewing an influencer, reviewing a product, answering questions, and so on.

On Facebook, live videos have a higher engagement rate as compared to pre-recorded content. People like connecting with their favorite brands in real-time. It makes it more authentic, and the connection between the audience and business is better.

Although live videos may be nerve-racking, you can rock live content by researching, planning, and practicing. However, not everything you have planned may go your way, but at least you’ll know what to do.

Remember, don’t go live without being prepared. Also, make sure that everything has been set up, from the camera, lighting, internet connection, and so on. Make an announcement days before you go live. So people will know about it.

Some social media platforms to go live, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are also live streaming sites where you can share your content, like Twitch.

Launching a New Product

Are you launching a new line or collection? What better way to inform your audience regarding your upcoming collection than by showing a video of it

Plenty of companies use videos to promote their latest product. You can create short videos to spark interest in your followers. Make product launch videos short, exciting, and sweet. 

Videos introducing a new product should be energetic. It should focus on the product alone. 

Product launch videos can excite viewers and will entice them to make a purchase. 

Use User-Generated Content

Nothing makes a genuine video than customers talking about your products.

Most consumers rely on reviews before they buy a product. If you want your audience to purchase from you, sharing a video of former users can increase conversion.

You can ask your customers to leave a comment or make a short video talking about your product. Don’t forget to ask permission from them to share their content and tag them too.

Honest words from customers can be the best type of video to convince someone to buy your product, as compared to other video content.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are highly effective content on social media. 96% of people watch such videos to learn more about the product. 

There are various types of explainer videos that can be applied to your brand. It’s not only about your product. You can capture the interest of your audience with such a video. 


Posting videos of interviews with leaders, influencers, and celebrities can get the attention of your audience. Make sure to choose people with influence that are in line with your business or industry. If you run a fashion brand, interview a fashion influencer on social media.

You can interview executives or people in a position in your company.

Thank You Videos

Create thank you videos that show your appreciation to your customers. This form of video shows how you are happy with your customers. It sends a positive message to your viewers. They’ll know that they are a crucial part of your business.

People will like to engage in businesses that show them they are valued.

You can try the videos mentioned in this article to increase your social media engagement and boost sales of your business.

Best Social Media Platform to Share Videos

Here are social media channels you can post video content you have created.


Facebook has the most active users monthly. The platform encourages its users to share video content particularly, live videos. These videos are working well on their platform. However, users can share text, photos, and links too.

Since most people are active on Facebook, longer videos are best shared on this platform. You can post Q&A videos, live videos, and tutorials.


In the beginning, Instagram was a photo-sharing app. Now, it has evolved to a platform to share more than images. You can go live, share short videos, or use IGTV for longer content.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the platform has become like Facebook. It is also slowly turning into a shopping site, where businesses can post and link their shop to images or videos.

It’s the best platform for sharing user-generated content and promotional videos.


It’s a platform for microblogging but now encourages sharing of videos and live streaming. You get live tweets that are easily searchable with hashtags.

It used to allow only 140 characters, but now it’s 280.

So types of videos work best on Twitter? You can share tutorials or explainer videos. It’s also the platform to share live content like Facebook and Instagram.


Although young among all the social media platforms, TikTok has beat the active number of users of Twitter and Snapchat.

It is a platform for sharing short videos. It used to allow the upload of 15-second videos. But the platform extended to 60 seconds. In July this year, TikTok made the video length three minutes.

With that amount of time, businesses can share short clips like reviews, testimonials, or product teasers.


Businesses that cater to other businesses should never disregard LinkedIn. It is the social media platform of professionals and organizations.

Video posting on LinkedIn happened in 2017. Now it is the most viewed content than other types of post. In fact, even LinkedIn executives prefer video as content to written text.


If you create a lengthy video or vlog for your business, YouTube is the best platform to share such content. It is also considered the second biggest search engine. 

You can share How-to videos on YouTube, and it will show up on search engines when it is optimized.

Choosing the right platform for your video content depends on multiple factors. You need to plan everything, from your goal up to the time the video is published.

Every part of your video-making process should be well-planned. You’ll need to take careful steps to succeed. Furthermore, choosing the right editing tools like Movavi Video Editor or Adobe Premiere Elements, equipment, and others matters. 

You can check out other articles we have regarding video marketing and video editing software.

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