successful tips to improve small business productivity

Successful Tips to Improve Small Business Productivity

small business productivity
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Small business productivity is vital to the success of a business. Every minute, resource, and process counts and shouldn’t be wasted. Small business owners need to keep on track with everything. They should be able to improve the business while avoiding exhausting their limited staff and money.

Unlike large enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses have finite resources, and they must make the best out of it.

Productivity can bring success to a business when work, tasks, and resources are delegated equally.

What is Productivity?

Productivity measures the efficiency of the input. There should be an equal output and input volume. Everything is measured in small business productivity, from the capital to the labor. But now, productivity in current times is more than the output that businesses get. Instead, productivity can also mean working smarter. It’s about making use of resources or input at its best to create better results without depleting labor, capital, materials, and more.

Why Does Small Business Productivity Matter?

If you haven’t made some effort to improve your small business productivity, it’s about time. Productivity is more than about making money. It’s more than about creating results. Productivity influences multiple aspects of a business, and here’s how it does.

Lower Operational Costs

There are multiple measures to lower operational costs. Individual workers can produce more in less time or the number of hours they need to labor to attain the same result if they manage their workflow. Furthermore, operating expenses can typically be decreased by investing in technology, and improved procedures can eventually lead to lower labor costs. Even changing employees’ work time can boost productivity by making them feel more valued and engaged. 

Improves Resource Management

Managing resources to their best potential can help employees, time, and cost. It distributes roles and tasks equally to improve the workflow without overlapping roles.

Improves Competitiveness

You can produce output faster and efficiently that can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, productivity can produce results quickly and at a lower cost, which means you can offer a cheaper alternative than your competitors. 

Better Engagement

Productive workers are more invested in their jobs. The quality of leadership, the level of autonomy an individual feels, and the degree to which they feel in control of their job and workload are all elements that influence engagement. You’ll be more focused and engaged if the effort you put into your work makes a difference and you’re not merely treading water. Employees who take charge of their work lives experience enhanced attention, commitment, and engagement, or they will move on to a job role they believe is more suited to them.

Reduces Stress Level

Employees who are burnt out can affect their work. Productivity can reduce time and process but produces a better outcome. When roles and responsibilities are distributed equally, an employee can work better, produce results faster, and experience less stress. 

Therefore, relaxed employees can focus on their daily tasks and accomplish them with better results.

Benefits Customers

Besides helping employees, improving production time, and being one step ahead of your competitors, productivity can benefit your customers. It can provide more attention to them, which can help them feel better. 

Happy customers benefit a company in many ways.

So, if you want to achieve this, here’s how you can improve your small business productivity.

How to Improve Your Small Business Productivity

Leverage the Power of Technology and Productivity Tools

We are lucky enough to have technologies to aid us in almost everything we need. If you want to manage PDF files, you can buy Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you want to communicate with your team, you can install Zoom or Skype.

There are plenty of tools you can buy or use for free in the market. In fact, almost all departments have specific tools to improve overall productivity.

Technology makes communication even easier. It reduces the time to send a letter or even email, which takes time. Sometimes these forms of communication can even cause delays. With communication tools, teams can easily manage a project, see changes, and collaborate better. It simplifies the process and helps accomplish a task faster.

In addition, there are tools that allow teams to work on a project at once. Real-time changes and collaboration can even be possible. There is no need to wait for changes before one can approve of it. Instead, you get to see them immediately and approve of them at the moment.

Tracking tools can help managers check on the progress of a project. Analytical tools show live updates and performance of campaigns that they can work on to improve if needed.

Technology boosts how employees communicate to accomplish tasks faster and get better results. It automates the work process too and allows your team to work on more valuable projects.

Have Realistic Goals or Plan

One reason why employees get exhausted and business owners feel like they are unable to achieve their goals is because they are impossible in the first place. Asking employees to work more than their shift to reach a goal can only affect the results. Moreover, deploying multiple tasks to one employee will only end worse. 

If you want to get results faster and better, create realistic goals. They should be something that can be achieved through careful planning. 

Set goals that can be broken down into sub-goals. Then, include outcomes that you expect your employees should achieve. With a careful and achievable goal, you can break down tasks equally and measure results daily.

Create a Better Working Condition for Happy Employees

Small business productivity can also be achieved by providing a friendly, comfortable, and relaxing work environment.

Business owners need to make their employees happy. If your employees are satisfied and stress-free, they’ll be able to work on their tasks and have better results.

First, create a comfortable physical environment. Provide a resting place, make temperature better, reduce noise, improve the lighting, and more. Make the workplace feel like home.

Second, you can reward your employees for their work or appreciate them. So, it could motivate them to perform well or do better. 

You can divide work or assign tasks to each employee without exhausting them. You don’t have to make them work the whole day when they can achieve results for half a day. It’s better to keep your employees in good spirits than asking them to constantly work as it will affect the outcome of a project.

Focus on What Matters

If you want you and your employees to stay focused and concentrate on the task, find ways to minimize distractions. 

Even the most engaged and hardworking employee can be distracted. Your employees can scroll through social media or chat with their workmates. So, to avoid these unnecessary interruptions, you can set time for working hours. 

You can request your employees to turn their phones off for a certain hour and concentrate on their tasks. When they can do so, they can accomplish it on time or even earlier. Hence, it gives them more free time to do what they want.

Reduce Meetings

Meetings are vital to discuss necessary goals, issues, or projects. You can keep track of your employees’ progress and clients’ satisfaction. However, meetings can be unproductive and a waste of time.

Some meetings can interrupt an employee’s workflow. It can take away valuable time from a task and affect the process. Whether an in-person or online meeting, if it has nothing to contribute to the employees’ work, do it through email or message them.

If you plan on conducting a meeting, make sure to be clear with the meeting’s agenda. It should have a valuable purpose. Hence, set a schedule and outline what should be discussed.

Ask Your Employees

Some tasks may take time, but you might not know why. If you want to understand why some projects are delayed despite continuous workflow and less distraction, you need to know about it.

Ask your employees about their tasks, what problems they encountered that can cause the delay, and so on. By learning from your employees, you can find ways to provide better solutions. Furthermore, you can help them reduce the work process and make things simple.

You can ask them individually or gather a survey anonymously for your employees to be honest with their critique or issue.

By improving or focusing on your small business productivity, you can help your employees and business.

Bonus: Best Small Business Productivity Tools

Here are some productivity tools you can use for your business. But remember, you need to invest in one that works in your industry.

Communication Tools

Get real-time messages, voice calls, or video call your team wherever they are. Also, communication tools can even reduce distractions by allowing users to create groups specific to a particular project. It is also possible to share files. 

Some well-known communication software: Slack, Zoom, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

Time Management Tools

You can reduce distractions and let your employees use their time wisely with time management tools. It monitors the activity of your employees by taking screenshots and the time they work.

Toggl, RescueTime, and Time Doctor

Project Management Software

If you want to monitor the progress of a task or a project, productivity software is critical to meet deadlines and get updates. There are plenty of productivity software programs to help teams with their assignments. You can check if your design team is ready with their work or if the marketing department has launched the campaign. in addition, some project management software even offers a communication tool within the software.

Asana, Zoho Projects, Wrike, and more.

Collaboration Tools

Work with your team in real-time to finish tasks immediately. You can open a file, view them with your team, add a comment, and get live changes. 

Google docs, Adobe Acrobat Pro,, and more.


Small business productivity can help focus on their goals with less time and resources utilized. It benefits the business and employees. The more you focus on your business’s productivity, the more success you’ll achieve.

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